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Rolling Mouse - Hamster Clicker v1.6.1
Brief explanation of Rolling Mouse ▼ Various hamster friendsCollect a total of 15 animals. House mouse, panda mouse, squirrel,roborovskii, golden hamster, mouse, dwarf hamster, guinea pig,hedgehog, gerbil, flying squirrel, rabbit, Rat, Chinchilla andCapybara friends will join you. The more the animals you collect,the more electricity you produce. ▼ Electricity generation - Tap:Make electricity by tap the screen. Tap efficiency increases whenthe treadwheel level increases. - Animal: Electricity generationper second inclines when the animal level goes up. - Part-time job:Available from animal level 50. Your profit increases with theincrease in the number of times you do a part-time job. - Land,landmark: The price rises slowly since you purchase it, and you canmake profit by selling it. ▼ Decorations / Stats of all your itemswill be summed up and reflected in! - Costume: Increases the statsof an animal. - Interior: An animal's stats go up as it moves to abetter house. - Food bowl: Increases the buff duration. ▼ Sunflowerfarm Sunflower seeds are high-value goods. If you raise sunflowersin the sunflower farm, you can harvest seeds after a period oftime. Gather the harvested seeds and purchase various decorations.▼ Secret fun - Tap or drag animals resting on the floor. - If youput a costume on an animal, it will act differently. - Sometimes,hamster friends get scared when a cat comes in. Tap the cat anddrive it out of the house. - A spider that moves without making asound takes hamster friends away. A lucky bag will drop if youtouch the spider and chase it off. ♥ In order to provide in-gameadvertisement and save screen shot, the following rights arerequired. - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ♥Contact us and report bug Facebook : Developer contact :[email protected]
2048 Kitty Cat Island v1.6.0
Connect the same image to catch as many fish as possible. You canexpand the cat island with caught fish. Build a paradise of cutecats with 2048 puzzles! ▼ catch fish - Stir in the sea horizontally/ vertically to assemble the same kind of fish. - Catch fish areused for island expansion, building construction, cat adoption. -If you catch the largest creature(2048, 4096, 8192...), you canmove to the next island. ▼ Cat adoption - Adopt 50 unique catspecies in each island! - Listen to the cats happily in Paradiseyou made with 2048 puzzles. ▼ Island Expansion - Use fish or pearlsto widen the island and build the building. - There are 7 buildingsin each island. ♥ In order to provide in-game advertisement andsave screen shot, the following rights are required. -READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ♥ Contact us andreport bug Facebook : contact : [email protected]
Glutton Bear : Bricks Breaker 1.0.10
Break down the bricks and give the tasty food to Tommy, the hungrybear.♥ How to playBear Tommy expresses the food he wants to eatwith the color of his brick.Match the color of the food with thecolor of the brick Tommy is holding and clear the line!Touch ordrag to move Tommy. ♥ AttentionAll data will be lost when deletinggames!♥ This game does not require any user rights.♥ Contact us andreport bug Developer contact : [email protected] :
Glutton Bear : Birthday Cake 1.0.3
♥ How to playPile up the cake on the tree.When the cake comes tothe desired position, you can stack it by touching it.Make the cakeeven higher and make Tommy's birthday special!♥ AttentionAll datawill be lost when deleting games!♥ Contact us and report bugDeveloper contact : [email protected] :
2048 HamsLAND - Hamster Paradise 1.1.2
Connect the same image to get as much food as possible. You candecorate and extend HamsLAND as food. Build a paradise of cutehamsters with 2048 puzzles! ▼ Food acquisition - Mix 2048 puzzleshorizontally / vertically to combine images of the same kind. -Acquired feed is used for HamsLAND expansion, buildingconstruction, hamster adoption. - There are special rewards eachtime you achieve certain numbers (256,512,1024,2048,4096 ...) with2048 puzzles. ▼ adopt hamster - Adopt the 60 unique hamsters ineach land! - Watch the hamsters happily in Paradise made of 2048puzzles. ▼ Paradise Expansion - Use the food or coin to widen theground and build the building. ♥ Contact us and report bugsFacebook: Developer contact:[email protected] ♥ If you enjoyed '2048 HamsLAND', please giveus a review. Your review is a tremendous force for our developers.