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Facedrive 1.0.560
Facedrive is the first emissions neutral ride sharing platform.Riders can choose electric, hybrid or gas powered vehicles varyingtheir carbon footprint and the impact made from personaltransportation. Simply, start the app; - Select your pickup anddropoff destinations. - Choose your emissions profile. - Order acar. And away you go... Estimated emissions are calculated for eachjourney and then offset by the journey fare. And we are still thecheapest ride share app on the market today. Other featuresinclude: - CO2 neutral rides through offset or riding electric. -Order vehicle pick-up day or night. - No surge pricing! - Alldrivers vetted with rider safety tracking. - Driver performancerating and commenting. 2016 is seen by many in the climate changecommunity as the hottest year on record in terms of global mediantemperatures and the point beyond which there is no easy way to fixthe irreparable damage already done to our planet. Our view isthat, given the choice, people like us will make sustainabletransportation choices in order to reduce our collective footprinton the environment. We wanted to take something as ubiquitous andcommonplace as hailing a ride, and turn it into a collective forcefor change. And so Facedrive was born.
Facedriver 1.1.341-prod
Facedrive is the sustainable ride sharing app where drivers earnthe highest rates per mile, plus cooperative profit sharing. Driverpartners share the benefits of our collective success and aretreated with compassion, dignity and respect. Drivers on theplatform benefit from: - Earn between 85% - 90% of the ride fare. -Tipping encouraged. - Real-time payments receipts. - 24/7 LiveSupport. - Open and clear rider feedback. - Cashless payments. - Noanonymous riders. Approved drivers also get access to theirpersonal dashboard displaying returning riders, successfulreferrals, ride history, pending payments, HST info and otheruseful data. Remember to apply first on http://www.facedrive.comthen come back to install the Facedriver app once you are approved.We look forward to seeing you on the platform. The people atfacedrive.