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Flower Garden 1.7.4
Enjoy the serenity of nature wherever you are, and never be latesending flowers again! Whether you have green thumbs or just enjoythe tranquil sights and sounds of the garden, Flower Garden givesyou a soothing, creative experience to be enjoyed over time andshared with your friends and loved ones.Plant different types ofseeds, water them, and watch them bloom in front of your eyes. Someflowers will bloom right away, while others will take a few minutesof care a day for over a week. Visit your garden pot by pot to giveyour seeds and blossoms the attention they need, even touch theflowers and move them around to find the best blooms. Keep ahealthy, vibrant garden right on your phone or tablet!Best of all,the flowers you grow in Flower Garden can be shared! Cut your mostbeautiful flowers to make a bouquet and send it to your loved ones.Flower Garden’s virtual bouquets are delivered with a personalizedcard and a note letting them know you took the time to grow theflowers just for them, making it all the more special.Flower Gardenis enriching and interactive while giving you something beautifulto share with the most special people in your life.Features:- Avirtual garden complete with the serene sights and sounds of theoutdoors- Over 50 types of seeds to unlock.- Create mixed bouquetsof your best blossoms to share with loved ones- Full 3D flowers andbouquets that react to the touch- Unique flowers with realisticgrowth behaviors- A forgiving garden where flowers will wilt butnot die while waiting to be tended- Email bouquets withpersonalized cards and custom backgrounds for the perfectcomposition
Jigsaw Guru Free 1.2
Jigsaw Guru Free is a relaxing jigsawpuzzlegame, with some useful helps for players having a hardtimefinishing a puzzle, or wanting an easier experience. Verycasual,with no time limit, you can save whenever you want, and pickupwhere you left off. Depending on the difficulty level you choose,agame can last between a minute and a whole hour, and you mayhaveto use the zoom functionality to look at different parts ofthepicture. Last but not least, Jigsaw Guru Free allows you toplaywith any photo on your phone, for even more hours of fun.