Faizyab Pervaiz Apps

Cricket Guess 1.0
This cricket Guess game is really different and is not like anyother in the Market. All you need to do is to Just look at theHints and guess the Cricketer. Its simple, yet highly addictive. Ifyou are a die-hard Cricket Fan than this application is a PerfectApplication for you to Test Your Cricket knowledge.This CricketGuess game will give you lots to cheer about.All you need To do isJust Check the Hints and Give the Answers. Use Minimum Hints to getMaximum Points and Maximum Points will take You to Top ScorerList.Now Lets Get Started and Test Your Cricketing Knowledge.GiveIt a Try and Share Your Experience.
Dp for girls 1.2
Now here a question Comes in mind why this Dp for Social Media App?As our assumption we know every day hundreds of people aresearching for various types of display picture or the Dps for theirSocial media like facebook , WhatsApp , Instagram , or Snapchat.You could find many dps on internet but its hard to crop and filteramong that much of social dp and pick one of them as your displaypicture on social media. So our reason for making this social dpapp is that to provide all of the best dp i.e sad , happy ,romantic , couple at same place , try this app which provides youhundered of dps under different types. Features★ All type of Dps:It contains all the dps of different types at the same place avoidsurfing the internet for your dps now.★ Share photos :Dp for socialmedia will provide you a sharing feature to all the social medialike facebook , whatsapp , instagram and snapchat.★ Download photos
HD Wallpapers 1.0
Wallpapers is a collection of beautiful and cool FREE wallpapersthat you can use to make your smartphone or tablet awesome.Download Wallpapers H to stylize your device's make it unique.>No internet required.>Easy to use> Free HDWallpapers>Support of screens of any resolutionThis Android apponly contains HD wallpapers enjoy beautiful wallpapers on yourAndroid phone today !
Profile Pictures For Girls 3.0
Now here a question comes in mind why this app Profile Pictures ForGirls ? As our assumption we know every day hundreds of people aresearching for various types of profile pictures or the Dps fortheir Social media accounts like facebook , WhatsApp , Insta , orDp for girls, Snapchat etc. You may find many profile pictures oninternet but its hard to crop and filter among that much of profilepictures and pick one of them as your display picture on socialmedia. So our reason for making this app profile pictures for girlsis that to provide all of the best profile pictures i.e sad , happy, romantic , couple at same place , try this app which provides youhundered of profile pictures of different types. Features ★ Alltype of Profile Pictures: It contains all the profile pictures forgirls of different types at the same place avoid surfing theinternet for your dps now. ★ Share photos with friends: ProfilePictures for Girls will provide you a sharing feature to all thesocial media like facebook , whatsapp , instagram and snapchat. ★You will get Profile Picture for Facebook. ★ You will get ProfilePicture for WhatsApp. ★ You will get Profile Picture for Instagram.★ You will get Profile Picture for Snapchat. ★ You will get ProfilePicture for Line. ★ You will get Profile Picture for Twitter. ★ Youwill get Profile Picture for Wechat. ★ You will get Profile Picturefor Viber. ★ Download photos
Mehndi Design 1.0
Key Features Include :-Indian Mehndi Designs-Pakistani MehndiDesigns-Pretty Heart Henna Design-Easy Arabic Mehndi DesignSomeother Features Include :1) Facility to save the images to SDcard.2) Share Image to your friends using Mail, Bluetooth,facebook, whatsapp, hike, twitter, etc.3) Set image as wallpaper ormore.4) Offline gallery images.5) Gallery view of picturesif youare looking for mehndi design latest or all time favorite mehndidesigns than this app is a charm for you.Mehndi design are key forpeople how love mehndi.This app will work offline and its mean youhave alot of mehndi design saved all the time.If you are lookingfor latest Mehndi Designs or you finding best mehndi design? ThenMehndi design is helpfull for you and the best you Mehndi designapp you will find on the Store.
Dress for Girls 1.1
Wedding dress is app that has lots of Wedding dress or Weddingdresses.All you need to just install Wedding dress and explore thelatest and real world of new and latest wedding dress designs.--Features --* View lots of photos* Set image as wallpaper* Save/Viewphotos* Share photos (email, facebook, Whatsapp, MMS , )* Receivenotifications when new photos are uploaded (can be switched off insettings)* Tablet support is also a note able feature of weddingdress designs
Hair Trimmer 1.0
Its a small application will give you the effect of real HairTrimmer and hopefully you will love that
Shoes Design 1.0
Basically to the idea of shoes design is to provide the designershoes variety to the user.No matter from which country or place youbelong you will get the all type shoes design here. From fancyshoes to simple and long heel shoes design all are available inthis application.Wherever you have to move, shoes are the one thingwithout which you can’t go from one place to another. No matter howfancy your dress is, without shoes, your look isn’t complete. Girlsand women love to go shopping and so they didn’t miss buying shoesas well. There are several types of shoes in different colors aswell as sizes. Even the plus size shoes are available in themarket.This app has all types of shoes design including fancyshoes, high heels, block heels, stilettos, low heels, plainsandals, multicolor khussa, pumps, joggers and as well as snickers.All these design are latest, beautiful and attractive. Shoes are anincredible venture, the right shoe can make a women significantlymore lovely as well.Shoes design are changing from time to time,according to the seasons like summer, winter, spring and autumnyour footwear also changes, so you have to be up to date in regardsof shoes design. This app will help you to search out all thelatest design of all seasons. These images of design make thepicture of design clear into your mind, whenever you will go forshopping and buying shoes. This app will be very useful and youwill love it..Apps Features:*Application will work offline aswell.* All Designs are in good quality.*Set Images aswallpaper.*Download designs directly from application.* Shareimages with your Friends on (WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail, etc)* Ifyou like this Apps, please rate and post your comments/opinion forimproving.
Hairstyle for girls 1.0
There are lots of hair styles and every girl want to apply thelatest hair style before someone else.We show different styles ofeasy hairstyles step by step, and that will look great in any eventfrom, whether wedding, party, communion, or a simple dinner withfriends, and best of all, easy to make. You will get zooming infeature as well for having a close view plus you will get hairstyleby professional hair salons and barbers. hair style is actually themost important thing for your looks and especially for girls hairsetting is always a headache but now you can have all thehairstyles on fingertips. you will get all hairstyles in thisapplication like hairstyles with high buns, styles low bows, halfup hairstyles, ponytail, braids root, African braid, braid ear,Dutch braid, waterfall braid, braids for girls, afro braids, sidebraids, hippies braids, braids semirecogidos, headband braid, braid5 caps, wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles, hairstyles foreveryday, hairstyles to go, bohemian hairstyles, hairstyles chic,glamorous hairstyles, hairstyles for girls, hairstyles for school,hairstyles for work ... etc, So use this application for best andlatest trendy hairstyles.
Latest kurti Design 1.0
This app contains more than 100s of high quality amazing designs.All the designs are beautiful and latest.This application shows thelatest trendy collection of all kurti designs.you can find all thelatest fationable designers kurti in this application.Thisapplication is amazing in this regards that it contains all thelatest designs.These all pictures of kurti and kameez collectionare picked from latest designs.This application contains all theawesome collection of kurti designs for women.This is a completekurti designs gallery which contains all the wonderful kurtidesigns.These amazing application has the latest designs HD imageswith zoom facility.This application also contain all the latestneck designs of kurti and kameez.This application includes all thelatest designs of kurti for girls and for women.
Guide for Hajj 1.0
This Applications covers all the steps Muslims perform during Hajjand Umrah .It also has Duas and Pictorial explanations for thesteps.
Nail Art Designs for Girls 1.0
This Nail art designs app has many useful features, i.e. settingwallpaper, social sharing and more. Nail art design is a uniqueskill, that only a few God gifted and talented people can learn.Practice nail art design patterns shown in this app daily to polishyour Nail Art design skill. You can learn about :Nail Art designsare too important for girls.Nails Art will make your hands lookbeautiful.Nail art is really trending now a days and Nail art isreally the need of every women and girls so here are the differentdesigns which will help you in understanding Nail Art designs andthe Sense of using different colors.Hope you will like it.Downloadit now and feel free to share your experience.
Nishan-e-Haider 1.0
Nishan-e-Haider (Urdu: ن‍شان حیدر‎) (abbreviated as "NH") isPakistan's army highest military gallantry award. "Nishan-e-Haider"literally means "Mark of the Lion" in the Urdu language. The word"Haider" is also the epithet of Hazrat Ali(R.A).It is only awardedto team of Armed Forces of Pakistan, without any tendency of rankand cast. All the recipients got this betrayal for bureau againstIndia.Complete Offline App.Background Music
Cheats for Call of Duty 1.3
Call of Duty Cheats: Best and the only application providing thecheats for call of duty. We have put our efforts to gather all thecheats and the purpose of this app Call of Duty Cheats is just tomake it easy for beginers to start with this game and completetheir missions. This app Call of Duty Cheats is just forinformational purpose and dont acquire or ask for any userpermissions. Call of Duty Cheats Feature: Allow user to directlycopy the commands from this application. User interface is madefully dynamic so can easily scroll both ways. Feel free to installthis Call of Duty Cheats and do rate us for our work. hopefully nowwill get more interest in Call of Duty.
Wallpaper for Girls 1.8
Wallpaper for girls is for the purpose As we know every dayhundreds of people are searching for various types of Wallpaper forgirls ,profile pictures or the Dps for their Social media accountslike facebook , WhatsApp , Insta , or Dp for girls, Snapchat etc.You may find many profile pictures on internet but its hard to cropand filter among that much of profile pictures and pick one of themas your display picture on social media. So our reason for makingthis app profile pictures for girls is that to provide all of thebest profile pictures i.e sad , happy , romantic , couple at sameplace , try this app which provides you hundered of profilepictures and Wallpaper for girls of different types. Features ★ Alltype of Profile Pictures: ★ Wallpaper for girls. It contains allthe profile pictures for girls of different types at the same placeavoid surfing the internet for your dps now. ★ Share photos withfriends: Profile Pictures for Girls will provide you a sharingfeature to all the social media like facebook , whatsapp ,instagram and snapchat. ★ You will get Profile Picture forFacebook. ★ You will get Profile Picture for WhatsApp. ★ You willget Profile Picture for Instagram. ★ You will get Profile Picturefor Snapchat. ★ You will get Profile Picture for Line. ★ You willget Profile Picture for Twitter. ★ You will get Profile Picture forWechat. ★ You will get Profile Picture for Viber. ★ Download photos
Goga Photo Editor 1.0
Why Goga Photo Editor?Answer is Simple Goga Photo Editor istheeasiest to add editor effects. Goga Photo Editor has a rangeofGoga Photo Editor effects to make your photos looksgreat.GogaPhoto Editor allow you Capture and Get Images from Gallryandprovide easiest way to add Goga Photo Editor effects.GogaPhotoEditor and Goga Photo Maker is the best and Photo Maker andphotoeditor that helps you stitch multiple Stickers with effectslayoutand photos.Goga Photo Editor and Goga Photo Maker is an easyto useand powerful photo editor.Goga Photo Editor and Goga Makerincludesfunny face swapper, emotion photo stickers and filters.Dressphotos with funny beard face, Mustaches , Dress , Abs andGlasseswith snap filtersFEATURES:Hundreds of layouts and frames tochoosefrom!Easy to Add Images and patterns!Easy to Add face Flags ,Andother effects.Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize,flipHundredsof backgrounds and fun stickers!Amazing photo effects&filtersShare on social networkGoga Photo Editor provides allthesecreative tools for FREE photo editing, and makes it easy andfun tomake awesome pictures. Install it now and share yourexperience!
Beauty Tips in Urdu 1.6
Beauty Tips for Girls is an Application with all the beauty tipsthat a girl need. This is the only application for girls which hasall the beauty tips. Beauty tips for girls provide you with thefunctionality to download share and bookmark tips. Beauty tips forgirls is a perfect application. Beauty tips in Urdu will definitelymake your day special.
Data Recovery 1.0
.Without asking for any other special permission and rooting yourdevice. If you have deleted or formatted your data and want it backthan Data recovery is an absolute remedy for you. What else youwant from this Data recovery application to do? It will helprestoring and recovering data for free. So give it a try and let usknow with your reviews and feedback that what else you want in thisData recovery Application.
Urdu Poetry Shairi 1.0
So you are at right place here in this Urdu Poetry Applicationyouwill get Urdu Shair , Urdu Funny messages and text messagesurduand Poetry for facebook and Whatsapp Status . This Urdu Poetryandsms collection app is a gift for all poetry lovers. You willfindEvery type of Poetry in here including Romantic funny sad andUrduPoetry. Poetry Urdu has also sad and Funny poetry as well. Thisapphas made it easy for everyone to express your feelings andemotionsto your friends and love ones with only one click. MajorCategoriesHere are main categories of most wanted and best Urdupoetry, FBstatus and SMS messages collection in Urdu. • Best UrduPoetry •Romantic Poetry • Sad Poetry • Love Shayari • DukhiShayari• EidPoetry • Love SMS • Sad SMS • Urdu Poetry Message • Best UrduSMSCollection • Best FB Status • Best Status for WhatsApp in UrduThehuge collection of new shayari is best for you to shareyourfeeling with friends on social media. You can also use theselatestpoetry posts as your Facebook status and the status forWhatsApptoo.
World Clock 1.2
it Could be your home or any cities around the world. World Clockisall you need to get access to world time. Now world clock orworldtime is no more a thing to worry. So give world clock atryHopefully you will love it world clock is all you guys needaroundthe world to get access to the world time.