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Letter Zap Classic 3.7
Fanatee Games
Play Letroca and find as many words as you can using the lettersavailable. The more words you find the more points you get. Get thewhole family to join in! NEW: LETTER ZAP STARS! Play differentthematic worlds! Collect stars and medals, explore hidden levelsand unlock new challenging word puzzles. Highlights: - Innovativegame mechanic - 4 different game modes (Stars, Classic, Half andZen) for your word scrambling needs - Available in English,Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. - 16 themed worldswith 384 levels and many more to come.
Letroca Word Race 1.700.01
Fanatee Games
Letroca Word Race is a word game unlike any you’ve ever played.Find as many words as you can using the letters available in aturn-based game you play with your friends. The more words youfind, the more points you get. You have 1 and half minutes to winthe race. Keep your mind sharp and expand your vocabulary. Playwith friends in this mind-boggling adventure. Highlights: -Turn-based, fast-paced word game. - Unlimited fun with manypossible word combinations to play with your Facebook and Googlefriends. - See your opponent's pace and progress at the same timeyou're playing! - New Achievements to unlock! - Learn new words indifferent languages! Play in English, Spanish, French, Italian,German and Portuguese. Tune in at