Fanella Productions Apps

Estimation Calculator 2.1
Estimation Calculator is a great app for calculating the scores ofplayers playing the card game "Estimation". It does an amazing jobat organizing your games and saving your games score on your deviceso you can look at them anytime with your friends even if they wereplayed days, months or years ago. It has a unique and innovativelook, records the dates where you played your games (Bola), and ifa game is left incomplete it tells you how many rounds areremaining until the game ends. Estimation Calculator by FanellaProductions is by far the BEST choice to calculate your scores inEstimation games with your friends while playing in a cafe, at homeor anywhere! No need for a pen or paper, just download it, and letit do the work for you.
Pocket Tarneeb 4.0.4
Not in the mood for a night out? but could use a nice, calm game oftarneeb? now we've got just the thing for you! With Pocket Tarneebwe’ll save you the hassle of dealing cards, and calculating thescore by letting you play on your phone or tablet, but with a lotof extra features of our own: -Play Tarneeb with multiple scorelimits (31, 41 or 61) and multiple game modes (Black, Red or Pure)-Online Multiplayer -LAN Multiplayer -A very easy and helpfulin-game tutorial for Tarneeb newcomers -Play Pocket Tarneeb againsta challenging AI in an offline single player mode -Auto-save yourTarneeb games in order to continue them later if not completed-Control your game speed in single player mode -Track your progressin Pocket Tarneeb through the Profile menu -Play and earn XP tolevel up and show off your progress -Various challengingachievements to unlock -Buy and collect a variety of creative carddecks and backgrounds from the in-game store -Create your ownavatar with hundreds of unique and funny looks (for both male andfemale) for other people to see -Personalize your game theme bysetting any colour you desire using the RGB colour picker -Tauntother players by performing multiple, funny in-game actions -Usememes to express your feelings -Pocket Tarneeb Supports English and‘Franco’ Arabic
Urban Crooks - Top-Down Shooter Multiplayer Game 1.5
Enter the city of San Gracas, the hub of corruption and gangwarfare, occupied by crooks and low lives, leading its inhabitantsto adapt or break bad. Experience a top-down, multiplayer shooter,with fast paced fights like never seen before in the top downgenre, featuring: - Hectic 5v5 Team Deathmatches. - IntenseFree-For-All Battles. - Party up with your friends, acrossdifferent platforms, and join battles together. - Tactical combatusing an innovative cover system and dash ability. - Play in 5different areas in the city of San Gracas. - Configurablecontroller support, using the PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch ProController, and most Android compatible controllers. - Build yourown unique loadouts from unlockable weapons, perks and grenades. -Level up your profile and keep track of your stats, such as K/Dratio and collected medals. - Play as one of several characters,each with a unique story. - Customise your player card and killmessages to leave a mark on your victims. - Pick a death ghost,because let's face it, you will die, might as well haunt yourkillers. - Purchase cosmetics from the rotating in-game store.