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Super Spider: New Mission 1.0.0
Go through a superhero's story inanopen-world. Together with your favorite hero from popularcomicsyou will face unique challenges.Start an adventure in a spectacular open world withfavoritesuperhero! Your city and your home is under threat and onlyasuperhero can stop it.A criminal web with a thousand threads and you are at the centerofit.Take your character through all the quests in themainstoryline.Each quest will lead you to the final battle with yourmainenemy.Criminal gangs threaten security of citizens. Only you arealsuperhero can stop them!Your fight will have impacts on the future of the world.Use your unlimited power and amazing skills to win this war.This is a real war where will be only one winner.Combat the ongoing threat posed by organized crime. Restoresafetyin your home!
Black Cheetah Superhero 1.0.0
Fight in the ultimate battle ofchampionsagainst villains. Epic battle of superheroes now in mobileedition!Superhero need to gain the glory.You are a superhero with super strength, you are willing tomakegood deeds and destroy all the bad guys. The story starts whenyourold enemy comes to the city. Many years ago he killed your dadtoobtain a secret about the exceptional metal.Step into the shoes of your favorite superhero to savetheworld.An amazing adventure in the universe of unlimited capabilityforgamers of all ages.War for justice and freedom has started. Join superchampionsteam.Now is your turn to revenge!Soak up the thriving atmosphere, experience limited-timemissions,face famous enemies in a new grand adventure.Apply special strategical techniques.Use your destructive weapon.Develop unique abilities and triumph over evil.Get on with exciting missions.Interact with other superheroes.Strengthen your power to combat your competitor.Participate in thrilling quests and complete underworld war.
Gladiator Glory 4.7.1
Start a battle in the legendary arena of the ancient times! Yourteam struggle against the rival one. Find the way to knock all themout! Be ultimate champion and a real hero of Rome! 🏆Choose theweapon to fight: a sword, an axe, a hammer and a shield and preparefor the war! ⚔ Defend yourself from the bloodthirsty enemies⚔ Gainmoney in battles to customize your character⚔ Work out yourstrategy ⚔ Splash the arena with the blood of the enemies ⚔ Wrestleall them till the last breathAchieve the glory as a highestmerit!Welcome to our official community
Robot Emergency 1.0.0
Imagine that you are in the Robot's world.They also has same troubles like a people. The main character ofthe game is ambulance Driver. Yes, he is cyborg. Help him saverobots! You as ambulance driver will serve for others. You'lldrives his ambulance in the city and try to be in time in accidentplace before the time runs out.Also you'll play cyborg doctor''s role. You can generally reloadsoftware of your buggy patient or change oil to stiff-limbed oneand much more others. Patients are located in different parts ofthe city. You can get help from the mini-map in the upper rightcorner. By the way in the game you can change or upgrade yourambulance car!Drive! Don't stop on the way! Realize your hero mission!
Dino City Survival 1.1.0
The population geneticist cloned thetyrannosaurus of the Jurassic period from samples of the less DNAmaterial, extracted by paleontologists in permafrost zone. Thensomething went wrong and the dinosaur run away from laboratory. Butreally there's no place to go for dino. It's not dinosaurssurroundings, it's not dinosaurs world. Now dino is in city jungle.The T-rex was driven out of the city by the army's tank guns. Afterit the lizard lays several eggs outside the city in the safe place.Now dino has two goals - to survive and save the smalldinosaurs.Main features:Compile a survival plan for your dinosaur in the cityYou have the map to find and track your goalCrush and destroy everything in your way - the more angry you are,the more energy you haveCollect your energy and give it to your babies for their growing upand developmentSend the growing up baby to capture and destroy the othercitiesAvoid clashes with the army, every collision is to lose the levelof dino’s energy and life.
Vikings Arena 2.6.0
Welcome to the Viking Age! Fighter! Be ready to perform in theNorth Arena as brutal Scandinavian viking! Make your own way from asimple sea barbarian, living as a Spartan, to the title of Hero ofthe North! Northerners know who's real fighters and what's weapons.The sons of the North are always very few, they require more andmore performance and every time more sophisticated they are. Defeatyour rivals in matchdeath. But don't just cut it! Demonstrate yourcombat skills, bravery, intelligence and strength!With each roundyour enemy is getting stronger than the previous one. To reach theend, you need to have a real fighting spirit than you win! You willbe rewarded, Champion!Features:✔ excellent graphics,✔ unique fightmode: block the opponent's blow or distract✔ various tactics✔locations: fighting arenas of the cold and severe North✔ realisticsoundtrack✔ a big assortment of offensive weapons and defensiveweapons✔ a wide alternative of opponents with a differentequipment✔ your opponents are getting more sophisticated andharderAccording to the Scandinavian Sagas the path of the Hero ofthe North isn't so easy. Throw down your main rival the North Wolf!
Gladiator Space Arena 1.2.0
Mars has already been colonized by mankind. Mans has developedspecial biomechanical avatars that can do heavy work to globalizethe Mars. The human pilot connects to the cyborg with the help ofthe neural interface and manages it like his own body. Avatars hasno artificial intelligence, maintenance is easy too. So, it’s anideal solution for working in dangerous and heavy conditions andnot throwing people at risk.As time passed the Mars changes. TheAvatar program is no longer demanded. But one day, one guy decidesto use a lot of old avatars that is gathering dust in thewarehouses. He organizes avatar’s fights like Gladiator’s fightswere in the Earth.This type of entertainment becomes very populararound the audience and the fighters. Our Hero wants to make acareer in the "Avatar’s fights" show too. He earns a little bitmoney and buys basic equipment so he can join to the fights. Thegame tells how the Hero climbs career ladder and develops hisavatar. Help to the Hero become an ultimate Champion!
Vikings Arena 1.0.0
Cold and dank North... Scandinavians every time have to surviveinsuch conditions. Even more you, as our character, should fightinthe arena with different degree opponents.ARENA MODEAll arenasarequite different levels. When you complete one level, newlocation(arena) will be opened, new weapons and equipment willbeavailable. Also the stronger you are, the strongeryouropponents.ONLINE RATING Collect glory points to take ahighposition in the leaderboard.