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Cake Maker : Cooking Games 4.0.0
Hey boys and girls , do you like cookies and cakes ? Sure you likethem, you are a kid who loves chocolate and fruit. And if you likecookies then of course you like and birthday parties where you caneat a very delicious cake. If you want to help a child whosebirthday is today you have to help us prepare a big and tasty cake.Through this chocolate cake cooking game you will be able to proveeverybody that you are a great friend but also a very good cookthat can make the best looking cakes ever !We want the party to bea very beautiful and all friends of our son to be happy. If youwant to help some children of the same age with you to have funwith you please respect the instructions of this cooking games forgirls.In this game you have to prepare a cake for your friend'sbirthday. We are not so good in making cakes, so we need you. Thecake will have three floors and each floor and cream you will haveto choose or what bakery items to put on it. First, you must choosethe cake base. You can choose a countertop made of chocolate,vanilla, strawberry, cherry, kiwi and banana. After you choose thecake dough, you must choose the preferred model on which we put onthe cake, polka dots, twigs, ice crystal, crown or necklace ofhearts. After choosing the model you have to choose and cream toput on this wonderful cake. You can choose between differentcreams, vanilla, strawberry, cherry or orange. Still you need toput them and some balls of whipped cream: strawberry with whippedcream, dark chocolate, vanilla, strawberry white chocolateraspberries or cherries. Now you have finished the cake base andyou must make the second floor. Again you have to choose anotherfloor. You need choose again for the second floor cream, vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi and banana. Afterthis you have to put this cream and after that you have to finishedthe second floor. Follow the third floor which is all the same asthe other 2. The cake is ready and we hopes to go to our friend.1)First you will have to go shopping, this consists in selecting allthe ingredients that you need, they are: flour, baking powder andvanilla extract
2) Turn the stove, place a pan on low heat andplace the cream in the pan;
3) In a bowl you must add: chunks ofmelted chocolate and cream, mixing well;
4) In another bowl youmust add: pieces of butter and sugar, now you have to mix;
5) Nowin a bowl you must add: flour, salt, cocoa, baking powder andvanilla extract in the end have to play;
6) In a large bowl youmust add: milk, coffee and water, you need to mix until it forms acreamy composition;
7) Put a pan on the stove and then add theabove composition;
8) Over the composition of the above you have toadd flour then you must add the eggs and mix;
9) Now you need toenter the dough in the oven, wait a few minutes until it isready;
10) You must place the chocolate dough;
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New Games Girls Dress Up 3.0.0
Dress up beach girl Game distinct fall is the last of a seriesGirls Games and as we'll see in the game content and on the silverscreen many what is necessary so that the girl Jamilho and lookstylish at the same timeHere random selection you choose to startracing of any kind is convenient for you, but what is important isa good choice and show the best image of the girl Dress up beachgirl Qsah include poetry, which is the fall of a series of otherhairstyles GamesWe find eight different styles each girl choose thestory that it deems appropriate, and you want to try it on thisgirl especially good choice depends on the value that will be givento her in the last gameWe also find some of the bracelets, whichare placed on six Vlqt neck issue the same for what is put on theears, and this means that your dream of any girl had to put it herein the game as if they arePut it on herself. Moreover, the sixtypes of glasses and other forms is by the atmosphere in which thespin game eventsThen to the types of external dress and figurenumbering eight with a different topic the same thing for the restof the other supplies and so shorts them and other long-type shoesand here it should be noted that the coating Beach Girl GamesIt isone of the finest games falling under the dressing girls in thelast Games Added You just have to show that the girl Hilla Ordtmanto appearAnd here a good choice depends on taste unique concerningyou and you do not also forget that the experience is also her rolehere in this areaVhza luck with games dressing girls and that wehope you like it and your satisfaction