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com.savi.savime 3.2
Farid Kalouti
Savi is a personal shopping assistant that helps consumers savetime and effort in collecting, searching and analyzing marketoffers data to make more informed and confident purchasing decisionon their grocery and electronics shopping needs. Savi is focused ontransforming consumers shopping experience into a wiser, smarterand convenient one while feeling empowered and in control of theirmoney. Knowledge is power, Savi is built on this fundamentalbelief, by ensuring that this power remains with consumers to beatthe market with up to date and complete market information andanalysis available at the click of a button. WHAT TO EXPECT: -Market Coverage - Collecting thousands of in-store and onlineoffers from more than 50 major supermarket and electronics storeson a daily basis - Transparency - Ignoring stores marketing efforts(claimed discounts) and focusing on analyzing their offers based onvalue for money and not price alone, cheaper doesn't always meanbetter value. - Advice - Continuous recommendations of the bestvalue deals and detailed comparative analysis on any product youare interested in purchasing. Savi is available in Arabic andEnglish and only covers the KSA market. We are constantly workingto improve our app and we appreciate your feedback. Please contactus at info@savime.co