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Savi ME - Grocery Offers Comparison 3.6.1
Farid Kalouti
How does Savi benefit me? Savi helps you quickly and easily compareand find the best offers in the market for all your grocery needsbefore going shopping to make more informed and confidentpurchasing decisions. How does Savi compare offers? Savi comparesoffers based on price and quantity (size and count). Comparingprice alone is not enough to get the best value for your money,cheaper does not always mean better value. Why choose Savi? - Moreoffer details – All offers have a brand name, model, and size formore accurate comparison and faster search for the brands andproducts you want. - Transparency - Ignoring stores marketingefforts (claimed discounts) and focusing on comparing their offersbased on value for money and not price alone. - Advice - Continuousrecommendations of the best deals and detailed comparison on anyproduct you are interested in purchasing. What features does Savigive me? - Customize your home page, only see offers on productsyou are interested in or purchase frequently. - Viewing offers byproduct or by flyer. - Following products and getting customizednotifications on new offers. - Filtering offers by product type,brand name, model, size, and price range. - Sorting offers by bestprice or biggest discount. - And much more! Which markets arecovered? Savi currently only covers Saudi Arabia offers andpromotions. The main cities include Riyadh offers and promotions,Jeddah offers and promotions, Dammam offers and promotions, AlKhobar offers and promotions, and more. Savi is available in Arabicand English. We are constantly working to improve our app and weappreciate your feedback. Please contact us at info@savime.co ordirectly in the in-app messaging center for quicker response.