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Miss Party Girl Music Festival 1.5
Time to travel to the coolest music festival! Time to be a reallycool by wearing the latest styles and looking like a rock star orhippie! Time to hang out with your friends and dance around allnight! In Music Festival Salon, you get to live the glamorous rockstar life! Pick one of four amazing ladies – Jennifer, Stephanie,Sarah and Brittany! Then pick one of the friends – Anna, Rebecca,Chloe or Tiffany! So many pretty ladies…it’s so cool! See thehottest bands and coolest DJs while wearing beautiful makeup andawesome dresses! There are so many different kinds of clothes tochoose from! Go to the salon to get a cool new hairstyle that showsoff your individuality and girl power! Wear the coolest brands andshow off your beautiful face - be the ultimate rock star with MusicFestival Salon! FEATURES - Be the most beautiful girl at the musicfestival! - Hang out with your friend wearing amazing clothes! -The party never ends! HOW TO PLAY - Follow the instructions forfashion fun! - Use the touch screen to select your favorite makeupand clothes! - Four girls and four friends means you never have tostop![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Miss Film Star - Beauty Salon 1.4
It's time to roll out the red carpet. The photographers are liningup and the awards show begins in just hours! The celebrity girlsneed the perfect makeup and gowns to impress their fans and theirboyfriends. Each star is scrambling to find the perfect fashionstatement and they need your help to look beautiful while walkingdown the red carpet. Can you help them?Product Features:- Fourpretty celebrity girls: Diane, Helen, Isabelle, and Cara.- Fourstar boyfriends: Adrien, Patrick, Nicholas, and Kevin.- Tons ofoptions for the best beauty makeover!- Dress each star in abeautiful gown that will wow the audience!- Pick out the perfectmakeup to match her outfit.- Style her hair and choose the rightaccessories!- Help the girls shine on the red carpet!Adrien,Patrick, Nicholas, and Kevin are waiting to see their beautifuldates. When you're finished giving them the ultimate beautymakeover, the boys won't believe their eyes! The girls are trustingyou to make the boys' jaws drop when they step on the red carpet,so be the best celebrity stylist they've ever seen! Each choice isimportant to get them ready, so only choose the prettiesthairstyle, makeup, and dresses!How to Play:- Use interactivecontrols to make your beauty selections.- Choose the righthairstyle and makeup.- Dress the celebrity in beautiful gowns.-Watch them wow their boyfriends![[Find out more fun games on oursocial media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Prom Queen Hair Stylist Salon 1.5
The school dance is tonight and fashion doll is nervous. She's notgood at doing her hair, she doesn't wear much makeup, and she neverhas a thing to wear. Open up your beauty salon and help her getready! With your fashion knowledge and makeover skills, fashiondoll will outshine all the other girls. Who knows? Maybe she'llbecome prom queen! Pick out a new hairstyle, then dress her in agorgeous gown. She'll need pretty makeup and matching shoes! Withyour help, she'll get a handsome boyfriend too!Product Features:Funbeauty salon game for girls.Tons of fashion combinations touse.Change her hairstyle using the curling iron, straightener, orhairspray. Fix her makeup by using blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, andmascara.Dress her in a pretty ball gown that is sure to impress theboys!Pick out cute shoes to match her gorgeous dress.Help fashiondoll become prom queen!Fashion doll is in the running for promqueen, so this makeover is very important! Your beauty skills canmake or break her chance at winning! To make the perfect choice,you may have to try different combinations, so don't be afraid totry them all to make sure she wins!How to Play:Use interactivetouch controls to play.Choose a cute hairstyle and makeup.Dress herin a beautiful gown and cute shoes.Make sure she is the prettiestgirl in school so she wins prom queen![[Find out more fun games onour social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Berry Pastry: Summer Farm Girl 1.4
The weekend's here and the berry farm has finally opened for theseason! Hop in your car for a nice holiday weekend and harvest sometasty berries to make yummy cakes for the summer! In Berry Picking– Weekend Farmer Fun, not only do you get to dress up as a cutecountry girl and take a stroll through nature, you get to harvestfruit and make tasty cakes with fresh berries from the farm. Beforeyou make it to the farm, you'll have to fix your broken care andclean it up so it shines for the trip! This fun game combines 7different mini games that take you from home to the farm. You'llhave a cool experience you won't forget on your sweet countryweekend!Product Features:Beautiful farm theme with yummy berries topick.Easy controls for girls of all ages to play.7 different levelsto beat throughout the game.Mini games including repairing,farming, dressing, and cooking!Take a trip into nature toexperience farm life.Be a cool country girl! Harvest sweet seasonalfruits!Dress up for the task in cute country clothes!Make a sweetcake to enjoy the fruit you picked!How to Play:Use interactivecontrols to play the game.Enjoy the holiday weekend and prepare fora trip to the farm.Complete all 7 mini games to become the ultimatecountry girl![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Pony Salon: My Little Princess 1.4
Meet Aurora Twinkle, Thunder Glow and Bluegrass Hooves – threebeautiful, wonderful magical ponies! Do you love ponies? Sure, whodoesn’t? What about magical ones? Even better! You love playingdress up with dolls, but do you know what’s even better? Dressingup magical ponies! Magical Pony Salon lets you experience the joyof taking care of a magical pony and giving them the makeovers theyalways wanted! So cool! Make the ponies as clean and beautiful ascan be in the spa stage! Choose from a variety of gorgeous make upin the make up stage! Help pick out beautiful dresses and wings inthe dress up stage! And snap lovely pictures of the ponies in thephoto stage! How exciting! Ever wanted to play with a magical pony?Now’s your chance! Magical Pony Salon allows you to pick one ofthese three gorgeous girls to take to the doctor and makebeautiful! Getting to know these ponies gives you an idea of eachone’s unique personality…get to know them all! With Magical PonySalon, every day is salon day! FEATURES - Three beautiful magicalponies – your new best friends! - Clean them up, keep them healthy,make them beautiful! - Take a picture to show your family what youdid! HOW TO PLAY - Select your favorite magical pony! - Use thetouch screen to pick makeup, clothes and wings! - Draw on the photoand place cute stickers in the “Draw” stage![[Find out more fungames on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Shopping Day SPA ❤ Dress-Up Games 2.3
This fashion doll is getting ready to go to the mall. Help her getready by choosing out a new outfit, new clothes, trendy shoes,bags, dresses, makeup and more! In Fashion Doll: Shopping Day SPA,you get to help this fashion beauty go shopping at the mall bydressing her up in the best clothes and outfits around. Make sureshe looks her best for the trip! Design your own clothes andoutfits in this trendy mall shopping dress up and make game. Thefashion doll is getting ready for her trip to buy new shoes,clothes, bags and dresses. But in order to go, she has to lookgood, first! Pick out her outfits by choosing from clothes thatsuit her amazing style. Then give the doll makeup, hairstyles andtrendy shoes and bags to carry to the mall. Only the most fantasticclothes will fit for her amazing shopping trip! Features: - Help afashion doll get ready for a trip to the mall. - Choose outfits,clothes, shoes and trendy bags. - Pick out the perfect dress forher to wear. - Do her makeup and give her a new hairstyle. -Complete fashion doll makeovers at your fingertips! How to Play: -Use the touch screen to choose outfits for the doll to wear. -Dress up the model by choosing dresses, shoes and trendyaccessories. - Apply makeup and create a beautiful hairstyle! [[You can find out more fun games on our social media! ]] If you wantto check us out, visit our website: http://www.lovefashiondoll.comJoin our fan page on Facebook! Follow uson Twitter
Fashion Doll - Dancing Star 1.4
Are you ready to break a leg? It’s time to turn up the music withFashion Doll - Dancing Star. Get your ballroom dancing on with yourfavorite star and win the competition.Fashion Doll - Dancing Starcombines some of your favorite things. A celebrity partner, greatmusic, and the chance to pamper yourself. You will have a chance togo all the way in this dancing star salon. Start by getting readyfor the competition by treating yourself to a spa treatment andmakeover. Don’t forget your partner. He can match or complimentyour outfit as you see fit. Then, get ready to go on stage toreally wow the judges. How to Play:• Pick your character:oGeraldine, Estelle, Veronica, or Stacey• Pick your partner:oRupert, Simon, Eric, or Clive• Get ready for big break• A spafacial treatment is a perfect start• Follow up with some flashycosmetics or go for a subtle look• Pick out a beautiful dress oroutfit• Accessorize with jewelry and other accessories• Get yourdance partner ready• Impress the judges with your style and pose•Win it all! Stage lights are shining on you. The music is playing.It’s time for you to prove you have what it takes to win in FashionDoll - Dancing Star.[[Find out more fun games on our social media!]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Opera Star Girl 1.4
Oh my word! You’ve just received the biggest complement andinvitation of your life. The most prestigious opera house in thecountry has invited you to perform your music and show off yourmagnificent talents on their grand stage! The opera house alsoinvited your partner so you can perform a dazzling duet. There’s nogreater honor or form of recognition for a talented show star suchas yourself. It’s important to prove them right: you are one of thebest singers in the land! Head straight to the salon and let’s getready!In Fashion Doll - Opera Star Girl, use the various beautytools and fashions to create the perfect look for the biggest nightof your life! Enjoy a relaxing spa and hair and makeup makeover tomake sure you shine on stage. More importantly, pick out the bestoutfit and accessories to impress the crowd. With tons of dresses,necklaces, shoes, and more, you’re sure to find the fashionstatement that will knock them off their feet! Hurry and get ready,grand singer! This is one night you’ll never forget!ProductFeatures:- Easy to use controls to tap and swipe for clothingselections and makeup application.- 4 Female Characters: Lena,Jill, Athena, and Gwen.- 4 Male Partners: Andrea, Jeffrey, Dominic,or Erwin.- Many spa tools to clean up, pamper, and dress up yourskin and hair.- Beautiful dresses to wear and tuxedo vests for yourpartner!- Tons of accessories and jewelry to spice up your look!-Endless combinations! Top notch of the dress up games!How to Play:-Use interactive controls to play the game.- Choose a character anda partner to play.- Visit the spa to clean up, style hair, and fixmakeup.- Dress up in gorgeous outfits and accessories for your bignight![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Little Miss Dream Pet Groomer 1.3
Have you ever wanted to give your puppy or kitty a salon makeover?Now you can! Fashion Doll Dream Job - Chic Pet Beautician gives youall the tools you need to work on lovely little puppy and kittypets in your very own nursery dress up show and salon. It's a funjob giving these pet paws a clean new look. Give them completemakeovers, dress them up and send them out to the show, clean,happy and smiling! Bring each puppy and kitty into your makeoversalon and let the job begin! Work on cleaning their fur and pawsfirst, as pets like to roll in the mud, don't they? Scrub themclean with soap and suds, rinse, then blow dry. Take them into yourdress salon for a lovely new nursery outfit to make them evenhappier. That should do the job! Give their lovely little paw ahigh five! There are four boy pets to work with in your new nurserysalon makeover job: a golden retriever puppy named George, a poodlenamed Molly, a pony named Lucky, and a kitty called Cody. There arealso four girl pets you can dress up and clean in your salon:Daisy, Gemma, Lana and Hattie! So many pets to play with, you won'tknow which job to start first! Features: - Run your own nursery andwork salon for lovely little animals. - Get all of the puppy andkitty pets ready for the show. - Give makeovers to each of the petsone by one. - Do a good job cleaning their paws, they're dirty! -Give each pet new hairstyles, makeup, costumes and more. How toPlay: - Choose a puppy, pony or kitty to give a makeover to. -Clean their paws and fur with a good bath. - Select an outfit,hairstyle and makeup. - Send them out to start the makeup fashionshow![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Artist Girl - Stylish Painter 1.4
Being an amazing painter & artist sometimes means getting messywhile you work. Sometimes you get paint in your hair and stains onyour clothes, but it’s all in a day’s work! Why not get a spamakeover before debuting your next big work of art? Your beautywill rival that of your amazing paintings!In this fun makeovergame, you’re a painter and a fashionista. Work your magical fashion& creative talent, then show it off to the world!ProductFeatures:- Painter themed fashion makeover game.- Easy to usecontrols for girls of all ages.- 2 games in one! Get a makeoverthen paint!- Tons of cute shades of lipstick, eye shadow, andmore.- Beautiful hairstyles to choose from and many stylish outfitsto wear.- Paint your own masterpiece for the gallery!- Take awinning artist photo with your painting!How to Play:- Choose anartist character: Sophia, Faith, Jasmine, or Savannah.- Visit thespa for a makeover. Do makeup, fix hair, and choose an outfit.Thisis the beauty salon where art meets fashion! Show off your magicalfashion sense as a gorgeous artist![[Find out more fun games on oursocial media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Style Doll - Costume Dress Up 1.5
Hey fashionista doll! Don't you ever have this dream of being free?Come roam the world in your own stylish tour! If anyone can lookamazing in all sorts of global fashion wear, it is YOU! So hurryand start your journey on your very own private world tour!Ourfashion today is inspired by traditions set long ago by differentcountries. Come explore the different original styles of everysingle nation!!! Dolll yourself up in these super cool outfits ofdifferent cultures!Product Features:- World fashion themed makeovergame.- Easy to use controls for everyone to play!- Get a makeoverand spa then dress up in amazing cultural clothes!- Tons of cuteshades to make, create an amazing collection!- Beautiful hairstylesto choose from and many stylish outfits to wear.- Take a winningphoto in the places you travel to in their traditional outfit!Thisis the beauty salon where art meets fashion! Show off your magicalfashion sense as a gorgeous artist![[Find out more fun games on oursocial media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Race Car Girls: Sport Cuties 1.3
Just because a girl likes to drive real fast doesn’t mean she can’tappreciate the more feminine side of her personality! In RacerSalon, put your passions to the test with a fun spa day before thebig race.Have a need for speed? F1 racing is all about speed and abeautiful sports car. Why not add a fit, beautiful woman to themix? Have you dreamed of participating in car racing? Try out RacerSalon today. Get to pick a fun character to pamper at the spa witha fun makeover and outfit before the big day. Be ready to modelthat perfect outfit when you win the big race! Who said car racingcan’t be fashionable? Compete against your friends to see who willbe the best racer. How to Play:• Select racer charactero Susie,Ana, Katherine, or Carmen• Select partnero Danielle, Simona,Pauline, Florence• Enjoy the spa by pampering your racer• Get a funmakeover• Pick out the perfect outfit to wear when showing off yournew racing trophy• Be the fastest and most fashionable racer outthereDo you have what it takes to be glamourous and drive anexciting sports car? Check out Racer Salon today to find out.[[Findout more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check usout, visit our website: us onFacebook: uson Twitter:
Mime Show Girl - Costume Party 1.4
Shhh! Watch real close. She’s not going to speak. Figure out whatshe’s saying without a peep! Little Mime’s got a real talent foracting, and now she’s being featured in her own mime show tonight!It’s a big deal that could get her for shows in the future, soeverything has to be perfect. Take her to the salon and help herget ready. She’s counting on you to make her dreams come true!Thisis a fun kids game that combines the fun of being a cool mime withfashion! Little Mime needs a makeover for her big night, so it’s upto you to help her dress up and find the right face paint that’sgoing to impress her audience. She’ll need an awesome costume, too!You know you’re a fashion pro, but do you have what it takes tomake a mime look spectacular? Only one way to find out! Hush nowand get to work!Product Features:- Easy to use controls for kids ofall ages.- Total makeover control from makeup to clothes!- Cool,relaxing spa tools to clean up and get ready for makeup.- Fun facepaint to make designs and colors of all types.- Awesome outfits towear to the big show!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to playthe game.- Sit in the spa chair to clean up and get ready formakeup.- Choose cool face paint to wear and dress up in a funoutfit![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - House Cleaning 1.5
You don’t have to wait until Spring to give your house a goodcleaning! In House Cleaning Day, clean up your house and get rid ofthe things you don’t need. Clutter has got to go so you can giveyour house a beautiful makeover. First, clean up all the rooms ofyour house from the kitchen to the bedroom. Wipe up dust, vacuumthe floors, and throw away junk! Leave nothing dirty and fixanything that’s broken. When everything is tidy and neat, designyour rooms just how you like, Pick out the perfect paints anddecorations to make it feel like new! Once you’re done workinghard, give yourself a beauty makeover to match. It’s a new day inFashion Doll’s house so don’t hold back! Be creative and helpcreate a whole new style. With careful planning, your dream housewill become reality!Product Features:- Fun home makeover game withtons of options.- Easy to use controls for kids to play.- Clean upmini games to clean the dirty kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, andliving room.- Fix broken items around the house.- Design each roomjust how you like with new paints and decorations.- Dress yourselfup to look as good as your house!- Play various mini games aroundthe house.How to Play:- Use interactive controls to select itemsand decorate.- Help clean up dirty rooms like the bedroom.-Carefully fix broken items in the kitchen and bathroom.- Giveyourself a beauty makeover!- Complete all mini games to have theperfect house![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Dream Job: TV News Anchor Girl 1.5
Ever wondered what it’s like to be a reporter? Find out in DreamJob: TV News Anchor Girl! See the behind the scenes fun as you helpthe reporter get the right look for the day. Help her choose a cutesuit and dress to impress the millions of people watching her onTV! Find out what her assignment is for the day. Will she bebroadcasting in the studio behind the news desk? How about on thestreet for live reports about big breaking news events? Maybeshe’ll even get to report on the big game today! As a reporter,life can be hectic but you get to see lots of things. Why not tryit out today? Work hard and she’ll be the best in theprofession!Product Features:- Cool news reporter themed dream jobgame.- Easy to use controls for kids of all ages to play.- Be herstylist! Dress the anchor to look professional for work!- Pick outher assignment for the day! - Help her broadcast from variousevents across the city.- See how cool it is to be a broadcaststar!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play the game.-Dress up the news anchor in professional clothes.- Go to theworksite for the day.- Be an awesome TV anchor![[Find out more fungames on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Pop Star Girls 1.3
Show off your pop star style in this fun makeup and dress up gamewhere you’re the STAR! It’s time to dress up the pop star for ahuge show! Start with your famous fashion doll and take her to thespa where you can give her a facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone andmoisturize her skin to make her glow. Pamper her with all naturaloils and luxurious body treatments. It’s a day at the spa fit for aqueen! Then it’s time to choose her makeup. Take her to the salonand pick out the best colors for her. Apply blush, eyeshadow andmascara. Keep it traditional or go crazy with neon looks! Thechoices are all yours and it’s easy to start over! Move on to herfabulous closet and search for the right outfit for this popularsinger. Select from punk rock to glamour looks, dresses and jeans.Make sure that she looks her best for the show. Don’t forget todress up her number one fan too! She’s your special guest and wantsto look her best too! Your pop star rocks the house! ProductFeatures:- Three levels of design fun – Spa, Makeover and Dress Up- Features a second doll to dress up – her friend and concertguest- Lots of different makeup and dress up choices How to Play: -Tap to choose outfits, makeup and hairstyles- Swipe to applyeyeshadow, mascara and blush - Follow all of the steps and don’tforget to save your creations at the end! [[Find out more fun gameson our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Pop Star Fashion Salon 2017 1.3
Are you ready for fashion week? It’s time for all of thehigh-fashion celebrities to come out to enjoy a week of the mostamazing outfits ever. Want to be a star and enjoy all of fashionweek?All that celebrity status comes with a lot of perks. Get toenjoy some trendy spa treatments and the hottest makeup look tomake you feel like a million bucks. Finish it off with some dressup in an excellent outfit to make you feel like a star! Don’tforget your super hot co-star celebrity partner. Make sure he looksjust as great as you do for your walk down the red carpet atfashion week!How to Play:• Relax with some five-star treatment• Getsome awesome spa treatments• Put on some lovely makeup to make youlook amazing• Top off your look by dressing up in some of thehottest outfits• Get your celebrity date red carpet ready• Time toshine!• Walk the red carpet for fashion week and strut yourstuffThe time is now! Let your winning personality show just intime for fashion week. Give yourself the celebrity star treatmentwith lots of beauty treatments and outfits. Download now to getyour fashion week fun going![[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Celebrity Twins 1.3
Being a twin is one of the best things in the world! You get toshare everything with your sister, and there’s always someone thereto celebrate your special moments. The only thing better is beingcelebrity twins! You get double the cool clothes, photo shoots, andevent invitations. Tonight is a huge red carpet show that you’vebeen invited to, so search through yours and your sister’s closetand let’s get ready! In Fashion Doll - Celebrity Twins, dress upyou and your sister for your big night in front of the cameras. Spatools let you clean your face and pamper your skin before you getdolled up. There’s also tons of makeup to choose from to make youshine in the limelight. As a celeb, you have tons of fashionsavailable to wear, so dress up in the hottest look so you make astatement when you step onto the red carpet. You and your sisterwill be the most gorgeous ladies at the event! Product Features: -Easy to use controls for kids of all ages. - Twin themed beautysalon game. - Cool spa tools for relaxing facials. - Eye shadows,lipsticks, and more! - Beautiful fashions to try on and wear. -Walk the red carpet with your sister! How to Play: - Useinteractive controls to play the game. - Get a spa facial to cleanup your skin. - Choose pretty makeup and hairstyles. - Dress ingorgeous fashions.[[Find out more fun games on our social media!]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Dream House Life 1.3
It’s so much fun to decorate your own home to fit your taste andstyle. The right color of wallpaper or paint can make a room pop.Perfect decorations on the walls and shelves can bring a room tolife. Only you can make your home beautiful, so let’s startdesigning your dream house!Your dream home is just a few taps awaywith Fashion Doll: Dream House Life. There are different rooms todecorate and tons of options to choose from. Will you make yourbedroom girly? What about a fancy dining room? You can go forstyle, comfort, or mix it up for something unique! Don’t be afraidto mix and match furniture and decorations to find a style thatfits you! When you’re finished making your house look perfect,dress up your doll, too. Both you and your house will be beautifuland stylish with more options than any girl could dream!ProductFeatures:- Fun dream house themed decorating game.- Multipledollhouse rooms to style just right.- Cool furniture patterns andstyles to use.- Classy decorations for beautiful luxury style.-Tons of options to mix and match.- Dress up your doll in hotfashion, too!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play thegame. - Choose a room to design and select furniture, decorations,and more.- Design all the rooms to have the perfect dream house!-Dress up to look like a luxurious home owner, too![[Find out morefun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visitour website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Flea Market Date 1.3
Flea markets are full of styles you won’t find anywhere elsebecause they have them all! From new to old, there’s somethingeveryone will love. Fashions never die and always come back around.If you want to find something to make a hot fashion statementduring the winter holidays, the flea market is the place to be!Grab your BFF and head to the spa to get ready for a day ofshopping! Browse the cool vintage items, furniture, and clothes atthe flea market with your BFF, and enjoy some cool fashion finds atthe spa. Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, including a warm,cleansing facial and a beautiful beauty makeover. Pick out newmakeup and a cute hairstyle, then dress up in fashions you won’tfind anywhere else but at the coolest flea market around. This isone holiday shopping trip you won’t forget, and you’ll have to planto do it again year after year! Product Features: - Easy to usecontrols. Just tap and swipe! - Browse cool flea market stands forneat items. - Give your fashion doll a cool makeover! - Spa toolsto clean up and pamper your skin. - Pretty makeup! Eye shadows,lipsticks, and more! - Fun fashions and cute outfits to wear! - Mixand match cool styles. How to Play: - Use interactive controls toplay the game. - Enjoy shopping with your BFF. - Get a spatreatment and a cute makeover. - Dress up in hot styles![[Find outmore fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out,visit our website: us onFacebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Diversity Salon 1.1
Play as a Fashion Doll designer with all kinds of diversity andstyle in this fun design game. Pick your favorite gal and take herto the salon to try on all kinds of makeup. Choose a shining skintone and add makeup to make her look fabulous. Apply eye shadow,mascara and lipstick. Add bronzer and blush to highlight her prettyfeatures. Add face decals and sparkles to finish the look. Thenit’s time to pick out outfits and a body style for your fashiondoll. Choose from slender, tall, petite and curvy body types.Select a stylish outfit to complement each models’ body type fromtall to short! Try on jeans, tops and dresses. Don’t forget awesomejewelry and handbags too! When you’re all set it’s time to hit afun party with all of your friends! With your creativity you canall the beautiful girls of the world and celebrate all of ourgorgeous differences with friends! Product Features: - Choose skincolors, hair types and body styles - Lots of clothing and jewelrychoices - Tons of fun design optionsHow to Play: - Tap to choosecosmetics, hair styles and clothes - Swipe to apply makeup at thehigh-end salon - Refresh to create totally new looks for each ofyour friends![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Shopping Day 2 1.1
The shopping mall is the perfect day out for you and your BFF thisholiday season. Winter is keeping you indoors, so a day shopping isthe best way to pass some time hanging out at the mall.You and yourBFF love hitting the mall when the seasons change because you knowall the fun winter season fashions will be hitting the racks. Spendthe whole day with a fashion makeover. You can relax at the spawith some warm facial treatments. You both can check out the newestwinter makeup line of products and give them a try. Dress up in asmany winter outfit as you want to try on during the day. Thiswinter holiday will be a blast.How to Play: • Winter is keeping youindoors this holiday season • Get out to your local shopping mallfor a fun day with your BFF • Give yourself a winter-themed fashionmakeover • Spa treatments are just what you need for some pampering• Try out all of the new makeup shades and formulations • Dress upin all of the different winter outfits you’d like to see what looksbest • Have a fantastic day shopping!Being cooped up in the wintertime is no fun for anyone. Why not get out to the mall with yourbest friend to get a jump on your holiday shopping. Download todayto start playing![[Find out more fun games on our social media!]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Sleepover Party 1.2
Fashion Doll is holding a huge slumber party tonight! Help her tomake the house ready to welcome her friends! SPA together with BFFsand apply the trendest makeup in your makeup room. Dress up and seewho has the prettiest pajamas!Product Features: - Cute sleepingoutfits!- Lots of makeup choices in various colors, patterns andstylesHow to Play: - Tap to select clothes, shoes and accessories-Swipe to apply cosmetics at the beauty salon- Tap to remove itemsand start over![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Ice Ballet Girl 1.4
Most little girls dream of dancing a stunning ballet on the icewearing a gorgeous costume, and now you’re the star of the iceshow. Twirling and dancing like a ballerina on the ice!Gliding onthe ice as only a well-trained ice dancer can, you are the envy ofeveryone in the audience. Take a big breath because your night offame is here. That can be a bit nerve-racking for anyone, so take alittle time for yourself. Go to the spa for some really relaxingfacial treatments that will get you looking your best. You want toshine bright on the stage, so put on some makeup with sparkles init. There are so many costumes to choose from, and you can try themall! How to Play:• It’s opening night!• Time to get ready• Getpampering at the spa with facial treatments• Put on your sparklystage makeup to look amazing• Dress up in a variety of fun costumesto find the perfect one• Show Time! Let's dance!Ice skating is anexciting sport, and you’ve always loved ice dancing. Before suitingup before your first big show, take some time to relax. Spa check.Makeup check. Costume check. Time to dazzle the crowd! Downloadtoday to get teh dance started! [[Find out more fun games on oursocial media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - School Girl 1.4
Live the university life in this college themed salon and dress upgame featuring a beautiful fashion doll. Start by taking yourcollege freshman to the spa, where you can pamper her after a longweek of studying for school. Give her facial and skin treatments.She’s sure to feel like a million bucks when she’s done. Then, helpher choose high fashion makeup at the salon. Select the best colorsto highlight her natural beauty. Apply mascara, eyeshadow andlipstick. Style her after a pop princess or maybe a lovely fairy.The choice is up to you! But wait, the day isn’t over yet, collegegirl! Pick out fun outfits and dress her up. Try on jeans, skirtsand dresses until you find the best look for campus. You can alsodesign your very own outfits in this game. Select styles, colorsand patterns. Stitch together awesome, one of a kind outfits.Product Features:- Four fun levels: Spa, Makeover, Dress up andDesign- College themed backgrounds and outfits- Lots of differentclothing and makeup optionsShow off your school spirit in thisuniversity dress up and makeover game. Who’s the coolest girl oncampus? You are! How to Play: - Tap to select makeup, clothes anddesign features- Swipe to apply makeup to the doll- Follow theinstructions to create your very own clothes[[Find out more fungames on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Beach Volleyball 1.2
It’s time for a friendly game of beach volleyball with your bestfriends. Take the girls to the beach for a day of fun in the sun onsummer holiday. Choose pretty makeup for the athlete with fun beachthemed looks like bronzers and sparkles. Apply eye shadow, blushand lipstick. Add face jewels and shiny lip-gloss too! Pick apretty and active hairstyle for the volleyball girl. Try pigtails,braids or a funky shaved look. The choice is up to you! When youdecide on your look, it’s time to go the Beach Shack Clothing Hutfor some impromptu shopping. Dig through lots of different shorts,pants and bathing suits to find the perfect outfit for volleyball.Don’t forget kneepads and elbow pads to protect you when hittingthe sand. Finish your outfit with beach sneakers and a vibrantvolleyball! With you leading the team, you’re sure to kick someserious butt at the beach! GO get ‘em girls! Product Features:-Volleyball themed backgrounds, clothes and accessories- Makeoverand Dress Up levels- Tons of choices! How to Play:- Tap to pickshirts, shorts and shoes- Swipe to apply various cosmetics at thesalon- Tap to change volleyballs and match your outfit[[Find outmore fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out,visit our website: us onFacebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Costume Party 1.3
It’s a fun Fashion Doll costume party and the pretty girl needsyour help getting ready to be mermaid! Start by taking her to thespa for a relaxing facial. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize herskin with all natural creams and oils. Give her a cucumber mask toremove impurities and trim her eyebrows while you’re there too!Then it’s time to head to the salon to do her pretty mermaid facepaint. Add eye liner, mascara and lipstick. Play with lots ofundersea styled stencils to add seashell, fish and ocean themeddecorations. Add some glitter and shine with sparkles andrhinestones! Pick a pretty hairstyle to finish her look. Changehair colors and add neon highlights. When she’s all set, it’s timeto choose a fun mermaid costume to wear to the fashion party. Mixand match tops and shiny mermaid tails. Finish the look withvarious tail decorations like sparkles, pearls and gems! ProductFeatures: - Three fun levels: Spa, Salon and Dress Up- Mermaidthemed levels and backgrounds- Lots of makeup, face paint anddecorative optionsHow to Play: - Tap to choose makeup- Swipe toapply face paint and designs- Tap to pick outfits, mermaid tailsand more accessories![[Find out more fun games on our social media!]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Designer Sunglasses Fashion 1.4
As the top sunglasses designer in the world, you need to dress upto look your part! Make sure you look stunning as the star designerof the most luxurious sunglasses fashion house ever!Get a spamakeover before debuting your next big work of art! Your beautywill rival that of your amazing sunglasses!In this fun makeovergame, you’re a sunglasses designer & a fashionista! Work yourmagical fashion & creative talent, then show it off to theworld!Product Features:- Designer fashion themed makeover game.-Easy to use controls for everyone to play!- 2 games in one! Get amakeover then create! - Tons of cute shades to make, create anamazing luxury collection!- Beautiful hairstyles to choose from andmany stylish outfits to wear.- Take a winning photo with youreyewear collection!How to Play:- Choose an top designer character:Daisy, Amelia, Rebecca and Constance- Visit the spa for a makeover.Do makeup, fix hair, and choose an outfit.This is the beauty salonwhere art meets fashion! Show off your magical fashion sense as agorgeous artist![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Date Night - Social Queen 4 1.2
You play the social queen in this fun dress up game where you haveto help the beautiful girl get ready for a first date with herboyfriend. Design a gorgeous hairstyle at the salon. Try an up do,bouncy curls or pretty dreadlocks. Pick a lovely color too, invibrant reds or blues or maybe pastel pink or purple. Add funaccessories, bows or bobby pins too! Apply makeup in lots ofdifferent styles and colors. Daub on blush, swipe on eye shadow,and blot on a pretty lipstick color. Design a look that is idealfor the social queen. You can go for a beachy bronzed look or adramatic, retro style! The choice is up to you. Finish her look bydigging through lots of different outfits to find the best. Combineblouses and skirts, or slacks and tanks. Try on dresses and thenfind your favorite. Complement the look with chunky jewelry, funhigh heels and jazzy purses. She’s going to look awesome for herfirst date! Product Features:- Lots of style and design choices-Dress up, choose hairstyles and apply cosmetics- Be a social queenand climb the style ladder! How to Play: - Tap to pick clothes,makeup and jewelry- Swipe to apply makeup - Tap to refresh and trynew outfits again and again[[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Hair Salon 1.3
Are you ready to go to fashion doll’s hair salon? This beauty shophandles every aspect of hair design. It’s the perfect place to getthe trendiest looks. With all the latest fashion trends at herfingertips, fashion doll will get you looking amazing from your newhairstyle to awesome outfits. Fashion doll is well known for givingthe most cutting edge haircuts and hairstyles in her hair salon.Then, she’ll make your new cut pop with some fun different hairdyes. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends with your newhairdo. Don’t miss out on her talent to help you look fabulous! Howto Play:• Time for hairdresser visit!• Go to the fashion doll’shair salon• Time for a new hairstyle• Choose an amazing newhaircut• Choose from the fun hair dye options• You’ll be dressed upin some amazing fashionsFashion doll’s hair salon is the place youwant to be. You’ll be able to get an amazingly fashionable haircutthat flatters your features. You’ll be rocking a new look in notime at all that wows all your friends. How many differenthairstyles can you come up with? Find out today by downloadingnow.[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want tocheck us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Boyfriend Salon 1.4
Your best guy friend wants to look great for his date with hisgirlfriend when they celebrate their three-month anniversary. Heneeds your help! Can you make him look like the perfectboyfriend?High school dating can be hard, and your best guy friendhas really lucked out in being the boyfriend of a wonderful girl.He wants to impress his girlfriend with his looks, and needs yourassistance. That’s okay because you’ve been planning his makeoverfor years now, and know exactly what you need to do to get himready. Time to hit the spa. You will need to give him a good shave,and help him to find the perfect outfit to wear. Then, you can findhis girlfriend something fun to wear to match her boyfriend.How toPlay:• Your best friend’s special day is here• Get him ready forhis date with a makeover• Spa time!• Get him clean shaven• Dresshim up in some amazing virtual outfits until you find the rightone• Don’t forget his date! You can dress her up, too!Guys justdon’t understand how much a girl likes it when they put a littleeffort in how they look! Help your best friend pull off an amazinglook to stun his girlfriend. They will both be so pleased with theresults. Download now![[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Princess Story 1.3
Dress up and makeover a princess fashion doll in this royal designgame. Take your princess to the castle spa for specialized skintreatments. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize her skin. Help herrelax with a lovely steam treatment. When she’s glowing and feelingterrific, take her to the salon to prepare for the royal gala.Choose her lipstick, eyeliner and blush. Mix up neon colors or gofor a more traditional look. The choice is up to you! Apply hermakeup carefully to ensure she’s belle of the ball. Then, take sometime to dig through the closet where you’ll find all kinds ofelegant dresses fit for a princess – or a queen! Pick from multiplecolors and styles. Complement the look with royal crown jewels,sparkly shoes and furry wraps. Choose whatever you like and youdon’t even have to worry about turning into a pumpkin! Take yourprincess to the gala in the ball room and enjoy an exhilaratingdance around the floor with the handsome prince. It’s exciting topretend to be a princess! Product Features: - Three levels: Spa,Makeover and Dress Up- Castle themed backgrounds, ball gowns andjewelry- Tons of makeup selections Get the royal treatment in thisprincess dress up game! How to Play: - Tap to choose outfits,makeup and accessories- Swipe to apply makeup at the salon- Playmultiple times to try limitless combinations[[Find out more fungames on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Selfie Girl 1.2
Taking a good selfie takes a bit of finesse and a great fashionsense. As a fashion doll, you live for looking and feeling good.Let your confidence shine through your fun selfies with yourBFF.Keep up your fashion doll fame with some dress up fun for yourselfies. Practice makes perfect, and you love being able topractice taking all kinds of fun selfies. You love making fun facesand trying out different makeup looks, so why not get some extrapractice in with this app? You’ll get to have a fun spa sessionthat includes getting some spa facials that are super luxurious,fashionable makeup application, and dress up. How many differentlooks can you come up with for your selfie-taking session? How toPlay:• You and your BFF want to take some fashion selfies• Prep foryour selfie by prepping your skin with a spa treatment• Add someglamorous makeup for a fun makeover• Dress up in an awesome outfit•Click! Take that perfect selfieYou know that your selfie game istight, and love to compete with your BFF for who can snap the bestselfie. Why not download this game, and get ready to have some ofthe cutest selfies to share.[[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll DIY Designer 1.1
There are some famous fashion doll lines available today. Do youthink you could come up with a fabulous fashion doll gift set ofyour own that will grow in popularity?You love fashion dolls andhave always wanted to create your own that your friends and othergirls will love playing with every day. You’ll be able to handleevery aspect of creating your doll. Start by creating a brand logothat will be recognizable as your up and coming brand. You can makeyour doll have the prettiest makeup, and dress her up in yourfavorite outfits. Design the gift box that your fashion doll giftset will arrive in with all of the fun accessories that come withher. Place her and the accessories in the box to give it the cutestlook. All the girls will go crazy for your new fashion doll.How toPlay:• You’re getting a chance to create a fun fashion doll giftset representing your awesome fashion sense• Handle every aspect ofthe gift set• Create a fabulous logo• Design how your doll willlook and what outfits she’ll be dressed in• Create a fun gift boxdesign for holding your doll and her items• Create the box layoutfor the items• Start a new fashion doll trend!You love all of yourdolls, but creating your own doll will be epic! All of the othergirls will think that your doll is wonderful. Download to see howglamorous you can make your fashion doll line.[[Find out more fungames on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
School Girl - Social Queen 1 1.4
The path to being the most popular teen in school starts with afashion statement your friends won’t forget! This fun high schoolgame is the first in a series that will take you to the top of thesocial ladder at your academy. The first step is to grab theattention of everyone at school, so let’s use salon tools to getstarted!In School Girl - Path to Social Queen 1, start off yourpath to the top at school with a beauty makeover that will haveother girls green with jealousy! Start by enjoying a nice spatreatment, then begin choosing your style for the day. Will youchoose dark or light makeup? Red lipstick or a soft pink? Yourhairstyle can be anything from long curls to a cute up-do. Finallypick a chic preppy outfit from the top fashion options at yourfingertips. With just the right combination every day, you’ll haveall the boys staring and all the girls wanting to be like you!Product Features:- Easy to use controls: Swipe and Tap!- Firstepisode in a series about becoming the school’s social queen.- Tonsof fashion options to mix and match.- Cool spa tools to pamperyourself before school.- Pretty lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes,and more.- Cute hairstyles to choose from.- Chic outfits perfectfor a social queen!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to playthe game.- Enjoy a spa treatment and facial.- Choose cute makeupand a hot hairstyle.- Dress up in a fashionable outfit.[[Find outmore fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out,visit our website: us onFacebook: uson Twitter:
Holiday Chic - Social Queen 2 1.3
Woo-hoo! It’s time for a trip to the summer resort on the beach andit’s your chance to be holiday chic while climbing to the heightsof social queen!Start with a fun trip to the resort spa for a nicehot stone massage and relaxing facial. Use high end oils andlotions to treat her skin and make her glow. Trim her eyebrows andexfoliate. Give her a relaxing cucumber mask to freshen herlook.Choose pretty summer makeup too! Embrace the natural beauty ofevery woman by choosing light colors or go wild with dramatic andpunk looks! The choice is up to you. Carefully apply cosmetics toget the coolest look for you.Try on lots of fun summer outfits atthe beach side shop. Experiment with shorts, skirts and bathingsuits. Add sandals and sneakers to finish the look. Complement withbeach bags and fun, earthy jewelry. You’ll be the envy of highsociety for your ability to be a natural beauty and true toyourself!Product Features: - Summer themed backdrops at the resort-Three fun levels: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up- Lots of differentoutfits and cosmeticsHow to Play: - Tap to pick outfits and makeup-Swipe to apply spa treatments like masks and exfoliants- Tap anddrag to switch clothes and play again and again to find the perfectoutfit![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
BFF Day - Social Queen 3 1.3
A social queen is the social butterfly of her peers. It’s notalways easy being friends with everyone in high school! Do you havewhat it takes to be the most popular girl?As the social queen, youwill need to create and maintain great relationships with everyonearound you. You will want to build up a large social circlesurrounding you. Isn’t it fun to have a lot of people to share inyour life? The more, the merrier. You’ll get to dress up in all thechic styles that make everyone want a makeover from you. Are youready to be the most popular girl?How to Play:• You desire to bethe most popular girl!• Become a social queen among your highschool friends.• Make friends with as many people as possible.•Maintain your friendships.• Share your life.• Dress up as befittinga social butterfly.• Rule your school as the most popular girl!Thepath to being the most popular girl is not an easy one. It takesspending time with everyone to make their friendship feelimportant. Can you be the social queen of your high school? Thetime is now to find out. Download today to start broadening yoursocial circle! [[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Party Girl - Social Queen 5 1.2
Your girl Vanessa is going to be throwing an epic party tonight!It’s your turn to shine as a social queen. It’s up to you toattract as much attention as possible to get your social starrising.You know that tonight’s epic party at Vanessa’s house willbe the social scene of the school year. Crown yourself the socialqueen by being a complete fashion plate. Get all the attention bytaking this fashion quiz and start wowing everyone with yourfashion sense. You can dress up in the perfect fashion outfitthat’s going to get everyone looking at you! How to Play:• Youropportunity to be a social queen is coming!• The party of the yearis finally here thanks to your pal, Vanessa.• The fashion quiz willhelp you to find out what outfit you should be wearing.• Then, it’sup to you to wear the most fabulous outfit to stand out from thecrowd.• You’ll be the shining social queen of the night.• Can youtake command of the social scene?You and your girls are going toparty! Be a fashion plate for all the girls there. They’re going tobe copying your style pretty soon. Download now![[Find out more fungames on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Star Fantasy 1.1
Travel among the stars in this future forward game. You’re a spaceprincess with lots of power and the galaxy needs your help! Startby going to the spa for a relaxing day before heading off on yourspace mission. Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your skin toremove gamma radiation and prepare for your interstellar visit.Finish by removing all of the asteroid dust from your last mission,then head off to your space ship salon for a fun makeupadventure.Try on mascara, glow in the dark eye shadow and lipstick.Line your eyes and powder your nose with sparkly moon dust. Ithelps protect against the elements when you’re in space. Finish upyour look and go below deck to uniform storage to find the bestoutfit for your voyage. Choose from lots of astronaut themedoutfits. Add moon boots and oxygen tanks. Pick a cool helmet andcommunication head set to stay in touch with home base as your ownsaving the galaxy. Finish your look with a ray shooter andoperational tool belt! Go ahead space princess! The future is yoursand you’re a star! Product Features: - Three fun spacey levels:Spa, Makeup and Dress Up- Lots of cool astronaut gear and spacethemed itemsHow to Play: - Tap to choose outfits and accessories-Swipe to apply makeup and spa treatments- Refresh to make new spaceoutfits for your adventure[[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Pool Party Girl 1.2
It’s time to have a beautiful summer holiday in this girls dress upgame: Fashion Doll - Pool Party Girl. Help the pretty girls getready for the first pool party of the year. Start by giving them amakeover at the tropical salon where the colors are as beautiful asa summer rainbow. Try on lots of fun and bright colored makeupstyles. Apply mascara, lipstick and blush. Be sure to stay in thelines!Choose cute hairstyles to get set for a fabulous summervacation! Choose from lots of hairstyles including updos, loosecurls and vibrant hair colors. Add accessories like sunglasses,hats and visors! But don’t forget to pick out the coolest outfitsfor the pool party too. Mix and match bikinis and shorts. Addcolorful dresses and lightweight wraps. Choose from adorablesandals and sneakers to complement the look, then try on all sortsof jewelry. With so many choices, you can design a look that’s allyour own, then play again and again! Product Features: - Summerthemed clothing including bathing suits, shorts, tees and sandals-Pool party backgrounds that include fun water themed accessories -Lots of makeup choices in various colors, patterns and stylesHow toPlay: - Tap to select clothes, shoes and accessories- Swipe toapply cosmetics while at the beachy salon- Tap to remove items andstart over![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If youwant to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - DJ Disco Party 1.1
You’ve been offered the chance to be a DJ for a day for an awesomedisco dance party! Will you spin the sickest beats to get all ofthe party people on their feet?It’s your time to shine! You get tobe a DJ and play all of your favorite dance music for a huge partyof people. The first thing that you need to do is get ready foryour hot night. The best way to accomplish this is with a fun dayat the spa for a great makeover. You can give yourself a whole newlook for your party presence. How to Play: • You’re the DJ for theday and get to pick the best dance music • Decide on your DJ style• A spa makeover is exactly what you need to relax before your bigbreak • Spa treatments to make your skin glow under the lights • Acool DJ themed makeup makeover • Dress up in an awesome outfit fitfor a disco party DJ • Are you going to rock the club all nightlong with your awesome spinning skills?Live your dream as a DJ forjust one night! A spa makeover will put you in the perfect state ofmind for your big adventure. Download now to get started.[[Find outmore fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out,visit our website: us onFacebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Home Update 1.1
Your dream house is exactly what you make of it. Think it may betime for a room makeover? You should have a room that reflects yourbeauty inside and out! Play on.Are you ready for a fun roommakeover in your dream home? You can give your room a whole newlook with a design completely done by you. Be sure to share thebeauty of your room with your friends so they can be wowed by yourskills as an interior designer. After you finish the room makeover,you can give yourself an awesome makeover. You can give yourselfsome spa treatments to relax after a job well done, a makeover foryour makeup, and dress up in a pretty outfit.How to Play: • Yourdream house needs a room makeover for your bedroom • You can bringout the true beauty of your room through your design • You can evenshare your design with all of your friends when it’s complete •Give yourself a treat afterward with a fun makeover • Spatreatments can get you relaxed and feeling good • A makeup makeoveris lots of fun • Dress up in a trendy outfit to match your newroomDesigning your dream house with a room makeover is a lot offun. You’ll have a good time finding the perfect look for the roomand you! Download now to see what big ideas you have for thedesign.[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Coffee Art Salon 1.1
It’s cold outside, what’s a better way to get warm then to drink ahot cup of coffee or tea? You’ll have to make it for yourself afteryour day at the spa and a makeover. With the weather getting coldyou might have a harder time getting warm. A few ways to combatthat pesky chill in the air is a nice warm spa day and a wintermakeover. Make sure to dress up in your comfiest warm outfit andput on your best makeup. You then get to make your finest hot drinkand design your own coffee art. How to Play: • Nothing is morewelcomed than a hot beverage in the chilly winter! • Get rid of thechills and have a warm spa treatment. • Follow that up a wonderfulwinter makeover! • First, dress up in your warmest clothes. • Then,put on your best makeup look to show your inner beauty. • Afteryour makeover is done, you get to make something hot to drink. •Once your coffee or tea is done, design the best coffee art youcan! To have a great day being warm this winter weather you justhave to make it happen. Why not accomplish that with a day at thespa and a beautiful makeover followed by the warmth you can getonly from a nice cup of tea or coffee. You even get to make art onit. You just have to download now to achieve it![[Find out more fungames on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Doll Cake Bakery 1.0
It’s your little sister’s birthday and she’s counting on you totreat her like a princess and celebrate her birthday in style!Design her a tasty cake featuring her favorite fashion doll! Cookthe cake by mixing ingredients – flour, butter and eggs – andbaking it in the oven. Then top it with her favorite fashion doll.Dress up the cake in gorgeous frosting and decorations. Don’tforget to decorate the doll in pretty jewelry that your littlesister can keep for herself! Wrap the delicious cake in fancycellophane and ribbon. Then decorate a fabulous birthday card andinclude a precious message to tell your little sis how much youlove her! Finish with a handmade envelope and then present herpretty present at her lovely birthday party. Your creativity andlove will show lil sis how much you adore her! Great work,designer! Product Features:- Bake and create a fabulous cake-Design the fashion doll for your sister’s cake- Choose from lots ofdecorations, flavors and wrapping paperHow to Play:- Tap to chooseingredients and décor- Swipe to mix the ingredients and use realkitchen tools- Tap to create a cute card and type a very specialmessage for your sister[[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Beauty Queen 1.0
Fashion Doll is doing amazing at the beauty pageant and has made itinto the finals. You are her personal stylist for the beautycontent and need to make her look super pretty at your salon!As astylist at the best salon, Fashion Doll is relying on you to up herbeauty game to make sure that her look is gorgeous enough to winthe crown as the beauty queen. At your salon, you’ll want to startwith giving her a few spa treatments. They’ll work to relax her andmake her skin look flawless under the lights at the contest. Designa pretty makeup look that accents her natural beauty that will helpto give her an edge in the competition. The dress is the finaltouch, and it’s got to be good for her big night. You’ll need todress her up in the perfect dress that makes her look like thebeauty queen she will be at the end of the contest.How to Play: •Fashion Doll desperately needs your help to make her extra pretty •Get her into your chair at your salon to work your magic • Spatreatments should do the trick of making her look absolutelyflawless • Makeup will help to accent her awesome features • Playdress up with the most amazing gowns until you find the right one •Send her off to the beauty pageant in styleFashion Doll is going tolook her best during the beauty contest thanks to your skill.Download now![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Bake For My Love 1.1
Everyday can be Valentine’s Day when you’re with the one you love!Celebrate the love with your boyfriend by baking sweet cookies torecognize your romance! Cook up cute cookies and go through thesteps of baking. Mix flour, milk and eggs to create the base, thencook it them in the oven! When they’re ready, take out the cuteheart shaped cookies and decorate them. Choose from lots ofdifferent flavors and colors of icing. Then top them with sprinklesand romantic decorations. Have a total makeover and try ondifferent looks to present your present to your boyfriend. Mix andmatch lots of different colors and styles. Apply eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Add lipstick and a swipe of lip gloss. Finishthe look with adorable face decals in various styles. Sparkly orvibrant, your look is sure to amaze! Give your boyfriend the tastycookies and have a great evening celebrating your partnership!Product Features: - Bake and decorate cookies - Style your makeupand choose a hairstyle- Choose from lots of different decorations,flavors and styles for cookiesHow to Play: - Tap to chooseingredients- Swipe and tap to add decorations to your baked treats-Swipe to apply makeup and use real salon tools for a totalmakeover[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If youwant to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Pet Picnic Day 1.0
It’s such a nice day outside today. Why not go for a fun picnic inthe park on this lovely day? Bring your puppy with you to make iteven better!With such nice weather going on today, it would be ashame not to be out in it. Going to the park sounds like theperfect plan. Bringing your dog with you for him to have a fun daychasing butterflies and playing with other dogs would be thehighlight of his day too. Pack some delicious sandwiches and drinksfor your yourself, and don’t forget some water and dog cookies foryour puppy. Before you go, you should have a relaxing morning atthe salon and get a makeover! How to Play: • It’s a nice day tohave fun outside.• The park is the perfect place to accomplishthat!• Don’t forget to take your dog with you!• Pack food anddrinks for you and your energetic puppy.• Before you go, take atrip to the spa for a relaxing treatment.• Follow that up with amakeup look that looks effortless.• Next, you just need to pick outan outfit to go have fun.• Now, you’re ready for a fun day at thepark with your puppy!You and your dog are sure to have a wonderfulday eating and playing at the park. You both will be so tired bythe time you leave you may just fall asleep as soon as you gethome. Download now to start![[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Theme Park Date 1.0
It’s date night! Where else is there to go to but a theme park? Aplace full of joy and laughter is the perfect place for FashionDoll to go on her date with her boyfriend.Fashion Doll has a datewith her boyfriend tonight, and are going to the fair. You aregoing to have so much fun winning prizes at game booths, going onthe carousel, and the swan boat rides. You can’t forget to have aride on the rollercoaster, either. They even have a spa and makeupsalon in the park! Before you begin your date, you need to getready! Visit the fair’s spa and get a few treatments then go to thesalon to accentuate that glowing skin with makeup. Then dress upwith your perfect outfit, and you’re good to go on your date!How toPlay:• The fair’s in town!• You’re going there on your datetonight. • They have just about everything you can imagine there.•Even a spa and salon!• Go there first to get ready for your date.•Start with treatments to get that glowy look.• Then head to thesalon to emphasize that look with a perfect makeup look!• Now, youjust need a cute outfit to tie it all together, and you’re ready!•Go have a fantastically fun date with your boyfriend! You are goingto love going the fair for your date with your boyfriend. He knowsyou so well to take you there! To get started, all you need to dois download now![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]Ifyou want to check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: uson Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Pet Trainer 1.0
Pet is always your best companion.You are an animal lover and dogsare your absolute favorite!It's a nice day! Have a pet training,the pets will seems to be happy with these friends around!A casualoutfit is perfect for the day! Go out and have fun with yourpets.Be the best pet training.Download the games now,you will knowhow to training your pets. How to Play:What a nice day!Start yourday from a relaxing spa.Have a makeup and fashion casualoutfits.Have fun and training your pets.Pet will always be yourbest companion!You can feel the loving bond between you and yourpet![Find out more fun games on our social media!]If you want tocheck us out, visit our webside: onFacebook: on Twitter:
Ice Figure Skating: Gold Medal 1.2
Emma, is a high-school student who has a keen mind for science andlooks to be on the fast track to the top university, which is justthe way her mother wants it. However, Emma also has a dream ofbecoming a competitive ice skater! The more she gets involved, themore she falls in love with figure skating and must ultimately makea choice; Will it be the top university - which her mother and Emmahave both dreamed of, or will it be her new dream - as acompetitive figure skater?It's all up to you to help Emma practiceice skating and prove herself to her mother that she can do thebest!Features:> Get ready for the ice skating competition of theyear!> Practice at the indoor ice rink before the bigcontest!> Dress up in the dazzling skating outfits that show offyour inner talent! > Get a makeover to help you stand out at thefigure skating competition!> A beautiful new hairstyle willcomplete your skating dress up look!> Amaze the judges and reachthe top![Find out more fun games on our social media!] If you wantto check us out, visit our website: us on Facebook: Follow uson Twitter: