Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure Apps

Water Park Craft GO: Waterslide Building Adventure
Water slide & water park building simulator. Design andbuildthe best theme park with waterslides! Feel the uphill rushwhenyou're racing in a watery roller coaster! Build a fun park likeyoualways wanted! Now with blueprints to help you with the creationofthe craziest, most dangerous and fun water slides in thewholeworld! Have you ever wanted to own a water slide park? Becomeawater park tycoon and build a place where everyone canenjoyplaying among the world's craziest attractions! Constructwaterpark games, test them and unleash them on visitors! Yourwaterslidepark will be bustling with happy clients when you'llstuff it fullof crazy attractions. Hear the water's uphill rush onhuge kamikazeslides, see people racing against themselves on themepark likestunt tracks! The epic madness of waterslides and othergames willblow your mind! Build your own world of fun - it's likebuilding aroller coaster park with water! Explore a beautifulisland worldwith sandy beaches and amazing tropical trees! Have astroll amongyour own creations or head out for exploration of aprocedurallygenerated world. Your waterslide park isn't all thatyou can create- you can even build a city of your own! Create aparadise landwith houses and tourist attractions and spend timethere! Waterslide building games are only the beginning of yourcrafting &building quest! Craft and use awesome water sliderides! This waterpark simulator allows you for uphill racing ondolphins, waterscooters and inflatable floating rings! Your waterpark slidingadventure has fun craftables for girls and boys!Anything you couldwant in a water theme park! Beach games where youcan craft andbuild a city, create your own waterslide park, ridedolphins onroller coaster-like water attractions? This is crazy!You couldlook for hours on the store to find another free buildinggameslike this. No need to search now - you've found the best waterparkgame right here! Create your own water slide attractions, buildawaterslide, explore a cute beach world. Download now!
Hospital Building & Doctor Simulator Games
Become a medic in the doctor craft game! Simulation with arealtheme of hospital! Games with nurses and medical doctors!Simulatorof crafting & building of real medicine equipment!Take goodcare of your patients! Examine and treat every disease andinjury!Use different types of equipment to heal your patients!Check thepulse, bandage them, give them injections, perform x-rayscans, andmore! Each diagnosis and and treatment is a separateminigame, soyou'll never run out of new doctor games to play! Takecare of themost dangerous wounds in the surgery simulator mode!Drive aparamedic ambulance to reach those who need your helpfast!Hospital simulatorExploration in lite of the day! Availablealsooffline (no wifi internet needed!) Build a hospital!Mineresources, craft equipment! Game for teenagers - girls andboysalike! Design theme of hospital in a way that will helpadmittedpatients get help as fast as possible! Get into thecreative modeand unleash your imagination. Build your own hospitalin any wayyou want! Even place a dash of decorative items if thisis how youlike to play your hospital games for girls and boy! Freecrafting& building in one of the real nurse & dentistgames! Nowall girls can craft a hospital of their dreams and becomeitsmanager! Real girls craft. Construction of your ownhospital!Entrances and equipment. Get ready for intense emergencygames! Thelives of many people will be in your hands. Just don'tforget tohave fun, because fun is the medicine! Earn prestige tounlock newand amazing medical games for your hospital. Get to thetop of theworld rankings of doctors! Only then you'll be able toolook atyour workplace and say "my hospital is amazing"! Theexploration oflite and intense care will give you a real feel of amedicaldoctor! Play now one of the top hospital doctor games withasimulator of free building and crafting! Build your ownmedicalcity, craft hospitals, respond to emergency calls, becomeahospital 's tycoon! Game is on, download now.
Undead Clash 1.4
An apocalypse wasn’t expected, but it was the only way… itdoesn’tmatter right now when you have to be watchful ALL THE TIME.Protectyour empire by shooting and battling the zombie army. Besmart, beresourceful, and plan your strategy really fast, or youwon’t bethe last man in the city anymore. Unite with other playersor takepart in zombie shooting duels. Play Undead Clash for free!Alliesor enemies Challenge other players or find friends and uniteinclans. Plan your strategy, prepare for a battle, and buildsheltersbefore you fight waves of zombies. If you play it nice –attackwith your own zombie army! Develop your kingdom and fightthebattle in Undead Clash! Undead Clash features: 🧟 Strategy WarGames– shoot before you are eaten. 🧟 Plan strategy to finishendlesszombie horde! 🧟 Empire building games – shelter and basebuilding.🧟 Zombie sniper games – aim and choose the best spot for ashot.Combat zombie troops Get out of zombie apocalypse. Helpothersurvivors and attack zombies in many different locations.Destroyzombie troops and conquer other players’ kingdoms to expandyourempire. It’s your only chance to develop a shelter making youthebest shooter in Undead Clash Terror, horror, survival, andfightingagainst zombies Fight against monsters. Build a city thatsurvivesthe constant waves of zombies. Every proper strategysurvival gamerequires players to plan, shoot, foresee. Be prepared,buildshelters, customize your weapon, and complete your deckofcreepers. Quick tips: 🧟 City building skills allow you toprotectresources. 🧟 Being the survivor is a duty to mankind, sodon’tshoot other players. 🧟 Create an empire and conquer thezombies orfight them all. 🧟 Shoot zombies with your sniper gun anddo itoften. Strategy and battle games You’re the last hope. Useyoursniper gun to shoot hordes of zombies. Protect your kingdomandestablish a real empire. Play Undead Clash for free andrestoreorder in the world!
Baby Craft: Crafting & Building Adventure Games
Time to use your imagination! In this game you’re going on anadventure quest to build a world for girls & boys! Take timefor some exploration like in typical sandbox building games andbuild a kindergarten in no time! Mine resources, design, craft& build whatever you want - in a world of girls & boysyou’ve to be smart! It’s one of the most creative adventure gamesfor girls & boys alike, so don’t limit yourself with simplekindergarten and build… a castle! Best game for teenagers orparents! Shine as a princess or prince This game isn’t only acrafting & building game! Here you can change your clothes anddress up like princess or prince! Whether you play as a girl or aboy, you can unlock plentiful of clothes to feature yourself on aplayground! Feel like a real parent! Find a buddy on a playground!When crafting & building or dress up isn’t enough, you canstill amuse yourself at the playground! Well, it’s certainly not aone of these simple playground games - it’s much more! You candesign, craft & build your own theme park and play fun minigames. Ride on a bike, play hide and seek with other teenagers orfind a true playground buddy. Chat, become a friends and… play onthe swings! Smart games for any fans of adventure games! Meet cuteanimal pets Tired of playing on a playground? Meet animal pets! Adoggy, kitten, cow or maybe a panda? It can become a much more thanplayground buddy - a true friend! CORE FEATURES: • Crafting &building - create a world for girls & boys! • Dress up games -feel like a parent! • Be smart - become a teenage einstein!Crafting & building, dress up, smart mini games on aplayground, finding a buddy or even an animal pet. It’s all in onegame! Don’t waste time for any other adventure games! DOWNLOAD NOWand enjoy one of the best crafting & building adventure gamesof 2017! DISCLAIMER: Baby Craft is not advised to play for playersbelow 13 years old without parental control.
Beach Party Craft: Summer High School Adventure
Sleep all day, PARTY ALL NIGHT! Enjoy holidays break on summerhighschool vacation camp in a paradise! Bay watch won’t stop youfrombeing a beach party king at the hottest beach on Earth!Music,dancing, crafting & building! Time for a summer highschooladventure! Imagine a paradise island: warm nights, hotbeaches,cute girls and handsome boys… It’s all here in Beach PartyCraft!Experience an unique mix of crafting & building gameswithfashion games, music games and dancing games! Start yourhighschool music adventure with crafting & building your ownworld(from blueprints!) or look for fun in the paradise island ofBeachParty Craft! Sea adventure begins! Are you ready for thehottestbeach party on Earth? Beach Party Craft isn’t only aboutcrafting& building. It’s one of the best party games, butbefore you gowild like a party animal, make some preparations! Goshopping andchange your clothes - it’s not a fashion runway, butnot a poolparty too! Dress up, add some makeup, visit nail salonand spa,look for famous hair salon of Coco. Games for girls areusuallyplain simple, but Beach Party Craft isn’t! If you want toamuseyour best high school friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, youMUSTdress up like a star. Dancing queen or king is going to beyours!Enjoy the nightlife In Beach Party Craft you will find otherpartyfun fans! Meet with friends from high school or last dormparty,then chat with your high school crush! But don’t waste yourtime onsome high school romance like in many casual games forgirls.Instead, look for single boys and girls - craft your ownlovestory. Find a hip hop dancing queen like Elsa or a disco girlofyour dreams like Nikki. Have fun in the theme park and becomethebest friends or maybe even a girlfriend and boyfriend!Seaadventure awaits Tired of beach party? Build yourself afishingboat or… a glamorous yacht! Launch the sea safari and inviteyourhigh school friends or even a… mermaid! Craft, build and design-make the best yacht party on the ocean! Craft the bestvacationever - only in Beach Party Craft! The hottest beach on aparadiseisland and the hottest beach party in the fashion worldawaits inBeach Party Craft! Crafting & building games meetmusic gamesand dancing games in one of the best of casual games forgirls of2020! This vacation you just can’t miss this summer camp.Sit back,relax and DRESS UP your mobile phone with the best beachgame forgirls and boys! FOR FREE!
Mermaid Craft: Ocean Princess. Sea Adventure Games
Dive under waters of a deep blue sea for a blocky cube explorationadventure! Become a mermaid - a princess of the sea - and rule theunderwater ocean world! Change clothes and visit a mermaid hairsalon to look like a queen. Mermaid Craft is one of the best newmermaid dress up & fashion games! Beautiful underwater worldawaits Deep blue ocean waters near the eden island archipelago hidemany secrets… The biggest one is a mermaid city! Start your seaadventure and dive underwater as a mermaid princess! Take part inan exploration of this ocean empire and visit mysterious underwatermine ruins! You can even find a sunken pirate ship and maybe an oldpirate treasure… But the exploration of a pirate ship might bereally dangerous. Will you dare to embark on this sea quest in afish kingdom of Mermaid Craft? Crafting & building underwaterBut a mermaid city is vast enough to give you countless hours ofcrafting & building fun! In Mermaid Craft you can expand iteven further. Mine resources and then craft, build and design ablocky cube underwater city. Crafting & building on a coralreef - craft your own home! Use shells and seaweeds to design anddecorate rooms like in a house builder game. Make a house party andinvite your high school friends. Every mermaid princess loves it!Meet friends or even… a boyfriend! As a mermaid princess you need aglamour look! Dress up and visit a mermaid hair salon. Meet withother mermaid friends or find a blocky pocket pet. Chat with manysea animals like a bass fish, salmon fish, whale, sea horse, seaturtle, shark, octopus or jellyfish. They love to spend time withtheir mermaid princess! It’s not some kind of ocean animal games,but still feels like a sea safari! During your sea adventure youmeet a handsome triton prince as well… Have you ever seen a mermaidin love? Now you can, because in Mermaid Craft you can have aboyfriend and go on dates like in real dating simulator! Love onthe sea! CORE FEATURES: Become an ocean princess! Enjoy a deep bluesea adventure as a cute mermaid. Exploration of a huge sandboxworld - not only underwater! Crafting & building world ofmermaid - an ocean empire! Change clothes and hair whenever youwant! Not only for girls with tails! UPCOMING FEATURES: Multi Craft- multiplayer mode! Start a sea adventure with best friends! Moresea animals. Enjoy a sea safari! More items to craft. World ofmermaids needs your crafting & building skills! It’s not one ofthe fishing games, so don’t get caught on a fishing hook. Befriendsea animals, explore an underwater paradise land and use yourimagination in crafting & building mode to recreate a mermaidcity at the bottom of an ocean empire. Sea adventure awaits you -what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW and enjoy a life as amermaid princess - only in Mermaid Craft! The best sea adventuregame for girls of 2017!
Love Story Craft: Dating Simulator Games for Girls
Valentines Day is coming! Do you have any plans? Travelling toParis, a city of love? Maybe a lovely date with your handsomeboyfriend? Or a chat with your high school crush? Whatever you’regoing to do, find some time for Love Story Craft - one of thenewest dating simulator games for girls! ❤️ Craft your own lovestory! Enter the blocky world full of handsome boys and beautifulgirls… but the real princess can be only one! Love Story Craft isone of the date games that let you create your own person and havea boyfriend. You can even build your own world like in the bestcrafting & building games, and go out in the city - anexploration adventure awaits! Love is about choices Stories ingames for girls like Love Story Craft always put you in situationto make important choices of love. Shall you date this boy or not?Maybe you should start with some flirt by sms chat? And if youdecide to go dating, how should you dress up? These are not easychoices for little princess like you, but in dating simulator gamesfor girls like Love Story Craft you can’t avoid them. Prepareyourself! Love Story Craft follows classical games for girls, soyou’ve to prepare. Dress up and make up are just the beginning!Obviously you want to have a glamour look and attract the mosthandsome boys around, so don’t limit yourself and go shopping orcrafting! Dress up like a princess - get a makeup and nails fromthe best makeup salon for girls! Dating boys like in real life Yourso-called prince will date you in many different places - dress upaccordingly! Forget about cheap gifts, because it’s not some highschool romance games. Play various mini games to strengthen yourrelationship: dance together, let him sing for you or go to thecinema or zoo! Every mini game you play will take you closer togetting a boyfriend! No need to setting trip to Paris! Become thecutest couple ever! It’s your choice whether you’re getting marriedor end up with another crush. Make difficult choices of love andlive through any hardships. Spend time together, get more Heartpoints and climb to the top of leaderboards of the cutest couplesaround in one of the best dating simulator games for girls! LoveStory Craft - dating & virtual boyfriend maker! FEATURES: ❤️Enjoy the sandbox, endless world or build your own world fromblocks! ❤️ Crafting & building adventure mode, which lets youcraft a lot of useful items! ❤️ Embark on a city explorationadventure to find cute clothes and get yourself some makeup andnails! ❤️ Play various mini games and enjoy the best datingsimulator experience! ❤️ Live through all stages of relationship -from falling in love to wedding and living together with cute pet!This Valentines day don’t wait for prince on a white horse, becauseit’s not one of the simple princess games for girls. Take mattersinto your hands by playing Love Story Craft - one of the bestdating simulator games for girls of 2018! DOWNLOAD NOW and PLAY FORFREE!
Miner Clicker: Idle Gold Mine Tycoon. Mining Game 1.13
Let your capitalist adventure begin! Idle mining will bring youhugepiles of gold if you play this right. Upgrade yourminingsettlement, fend off golden golems and tap your way toriches!Build your own mine Miner Clicker is a classic idle clickergame,which starts with building your own mine! Build your firsttinyshaft and assemble little miners for this idle adventure. Feelagold rush and unleash your inner greed by crafting a moneyfarm!Your little miners will work tirelessly to satisfy your hungerforgold and you’re the boss, so stay idle! Games like this oftenendshere, but it’s not a case in Miner Clicker! Game of minebegins!Money likes to multiply - gold likes it too! Invest in yourinc bybuilding new miners’ huts in just few clicks and enhanceeverydungeon of your own! Miner Clicker is a idle clicker gameofadventure, that lets you upgrade your buildings just by clickingonthem! Click and watch how your empire grows - it’s an trulyidleadventure! As a capitalist you can’t forget about yourlittleminers. Clicking a few more clicks will transform them intorealmine heroes, thus digging more and more gold! Isn’t it a truemoneyfarm? Crafting & clicking like in best idle games! Secureyourmine Away from the surface your little miners may digsomethingbetter than gold like… Mana Stones! These shards are rare,idleloot, but provide great boost to efficiency of your miners!Diggingin mine can be dangerous, so don’t think you can staycompletelyidle. Heroes of your mine might be attacked by monsterslike goldengolems! Click to dispose them and make your mine prosperagain! Bewatchful and soon you realize, that in this idle clickergame hardwork of every mine digger is worth thousands of gold!FEATURES: ⛏️Build your own mine! Become a mine builder in a classicidleclicker game! ⛏️ Dozens of enhancements - a clicker gamewithupgrades. ⛏️ Find Mana Stones and perform rituals to boostyouridle adventure. ⛏️ Become a miner tycoon! Just by tapping,clickingand digging! Miner Clicker is one of the best idle games onthestore! Build your own mine, hire little miners, dig goldandprosper! Time is money, so don’t waste your time and DOWNLOADthisidle adventure of heroes & crafting now! FOR FREE!
Car Workshop Craft: Garage Mechanic Simulator 2018
Became a real car mechanic in one of the top simulator gamesof2018! Help fix cars by repairing and tuning parts! Own acarworkshop garage where you'll be servicing parts brought bytheclients! Have you ever wanted to own a car mechanic store?Tobecome a real grease monkey, working hard to expand yourcarrepairing business? Look no further! Start collecting theordersright now, because your clients are here and they need stufffixed!Car garage games never had a twist like this! Look at yourworkshopfrom the top perspective and play like in one of thepopularcooking games! Play your way through car mechanic minigames!You'll receive part renovation orders from clients - getright tofixing things! Help them make their rims shine, repair thebrakes,perform car tuning! You're the owner of this car repairplace, soyou'll enjoy working hard to satisfy your clients. Earnmoney bydoing car repairs - the faster you work, the more will youget! Usethe cash to improve and upgrade your car repair workshop.New gameswill be available as you unlock new equipment! You betterhope tohave your hands full, because you'll be needing this moneyto fixyour own tools from time to time. In this car garagesimulatoryou'll have to service a lot of different parts brought inby theclients. Memorize the most effective ways of servicing eachpartand you'll be able to finish even the biggest orders on time.Didyou play way too many games? In this car mechanic simulatoryou'llnever get bored, because the better you become at this gamethemore will you be able to do! This car repair games brings to youaunique workshop garage experience. Extremely stylized graphicswillbring you right into the retro feels of blocky games. Carfixing ina pixel world. Prepare to be flooded with nostalgia! Getright intothe shoes of a car mechanic in 2018. Start playing withyour toolsand get ready to satisfy your clients! Download now!
Call of Craft: Blocky Tanks Battlefield
Welcome to the world of the tanks and awesome guns! Build a base,craft equipment and attack the city in a constant war between theEast and the West! Best shooting games of 2017! crafting &building... and tanks! Call of Craft: Blocky Warfare! Choose yourside - either fight as the valiant forces of the West, or thedeadly local armies of the East! This will affect your startingbase and the equipment you'll be able to use to win these army wargames. Mount tanks and lead armored assaults against the enemyforces in the best offline fps on mobile! Action games can't getany better when you can use heavy tanks to overcome the enemypositions. Just be prepared for the moment when they counter thestrike - your opponents can crush you with their armored units,too! Find and use epic helicopters to quickly traverse thebattlefield in military plane flying mode. No iron tank will standagainst death from above! Storm the enemy base and wage war withyour pixel guns. Up your soldier game by moving quickly behind theenemy front! You can even try crafting an outpost or building abase there. Your survival will depend on your soldier training -city warfare becomes extremely difficult when you're strandedbetween the buildings, getting shot at like a cod in a barrel! As acommando in the frontline you're going to be performing surgicalstrikes and maintaining the defense of tactical assets. Takecontrol of the modern battlefield - combat against endless waves ofenemy soldiers like in no other shooting games. Free yourimagination in the city building mode - create trenches, covers andeven whole buildings to hide from enemy fire. WW2 tanks and weaponsmight be getting old, but they still pack a punch - be sure tocraft defensive positions to stay on top of the enemy's combatgame! Use both World War 2 weapons and modern equipment for combat.Shooting enemies is now easier than ever! Action games in 2017 haveadvanced so far that you can modify your surroundings in the citybuilding simulator mode. Build and design houses in the desert togain valuable bases of operation. You can craft supplies there tomaintain your war efforts! One of the top high quality shootinggames available on the market. crafting & building will keepyou engaged for long hours. Creative mode, exploration and survivalin a desert storm of warfare. Get one of the best shooting newgames of 2017. Now available for download - play and become the topshooter in the Middle East!
Motorcycle Racing Craft: Moto Games & Building 3D
New motorcycle racing and driving game like you've never seenbefore- perform epic stunt jumps over city buildings, steal anycar ormotor you want, build stuff with cubes! Drive a selection ofamazingblocky motors. Ride choppers, motocross bikes and sportmotorcyclesin the city and offroad! Become the pro bike racingmaster onextreme freestyle tracks. Motorcycle racer games aren'tgetting anybetter than that! Featuring: - Motorbike drivingsimulator in 3D -Building cities with blocks - Traffic race withpixel cars andmotors - Exploration of a huge blocky world Use yourmoto and car todrive around the city and the great outdoors. Youcan even work onyour parking game if you'd like to. Choosewhatever activity bestsuits you. Motorcycle and dirt bike gamesgive amazing opportunitiesin the cube blocky world. Roads and carsgo on forever, endless citylandscape gives you a chance to reachtop speed. This high qualitymotorcycle game will really get youinto the stunt zone. Push it tothe limit and let the dust fly. Youcan enjoy motor racing in thecity, become a lone moto rider in thetraffic, or race cars on thehighway. Pick your favorite places,choose any time of day and nightand drive on. Motorbike jumpingand racing games like this allow youto pick your own style ofplaying. Perform insane motorbike stuntgames jumps like aprofessional driver. Get in the zone while cityracing and find aramp to throw yourself over the buildings. Explorea huge sandboxworld made of blocks. Ride a motorcycle in a blockycity. Thismotorbike new & best game has arcade controls withsimulationelements. You know what they say - easy to learn, hard tomaster!Moto bike apps like this really test your skills in trafficracing.Design and build anything you want - motorcycle drivingsimulatorwith a crazy twist! Not only for kids, even girls can playit.Motor bike racing in 3D with designing and building givesyourimagination a boost like no other game. Get right into craftingandbuilding a city - the blocky way! If you're looking for a goodgamefor boys and girls then look no more. Grab the motorcycle, docrazystunts, drive in a city and do some offroad exploration! Lightupthe engine and play now the best motorcycle racing game onmobilein 2020!
Roller Coaster Craft: Blocky Building & RCT Games
Build and ride you own rollercoaster! Tycoon in theultimateamusement park? Everything’s possible in the crafting&building games like this! Build your own funpark and play thebestRCT games for free! Play Roller Coaster Craft for free!Explorationand adventure in Funpark! Want to build a water park,scary themepark or the most exciting place in the world? Build asyou want anddesign awesome amusement park! That’s no all – design,build andcraft interior and exterior items like a boss! Take careof everyhome design! Build beautiful buildings using blueprints andstartexploration of the amusement park world! Start exploration inthebest roller coaster park of the world! Super Roller CoasterBigCraft exploration! Play one of the best rollercoaster gameswhereyou can design the amusement park, ride the train take careofevery detail! City building and home design in one app – that’swhycrafting & building games are the best! Build, craft andcreatethrilling rollercoaster tracks, run your own amazing themepark andbecome a real tycoon! Roller Coaster Craft – show yourcrafting& building skills in one of the most awesome games forboys andgirls! Super roller coasters, ultimate amusement parkadventure,best rct games and your chance to become a rollercoastertycoon inone awesome game! Play Roller Coaster Craft for free!Prepare forbig craft show of your dreams! Do you remember amazingTheme ParkCraft - one of the best crafting & building games inthe store?Roller Coaster Craft comes from the same creators andbest mobilegames tycoons! Begin your exploration of ultimateamusement parkwith a roller coaster and minigames! Your own funlandin big craftworld! If you love rct games and want to become arollercoastertycoon – play rollercoaster craft games for free! Besuper rollercoaster tycoon! Start building theme park city withcrazyblueprints or as you want! Explore it or destroy it and startanadventure again! Develop your business and become therealrollercoaster tycoon. 4 mobile devices of your choice!Startbuilding your theme park empire or a realistic city of FunParks!Set the train tracks, wagons and take the scariest park rideever!Create a mini-zoo (zoo craft) with cute animals and playawesomeminigames! Blocky building games for boys and girls! Do youpreferboys craft or girls craft games? This big craft is a perfectmix ofboth genres! Use you theme park builder skills and create aplaceof roller coaster madness! Rct games combined with crafting&building world – looks like a dream! House design, amusementpark,city building games for boys and girls – all in one! RollerCoasterCraft features: 🎢 Become a rollercoaster tycoon! 🎢 Buildarollercoaster track and ride it. 🎢 Build theme park empire! 🎢Playminigames in crafting & building world! 🎢 City building inthebig craft games! Enjoy blocky building in one of thebestrollercoaster games! Go on an adventure – play Roller CoasterCraftfor free!
Surfing Craft: Crafting, Stunts & Surf Games World
Do you love water theme parks and speed? Feel the tide in the bestsurfer games 3D of 2019! Become the most brave surf racer andperform extreme stunts! You can also enjoy crafting & buildingmode to prepare more creative stunts. Join Surf League – PLAYSurfing Craft FOR FREE! Surf travel around the world! Enjoy worldmade of blocks! Ride a water jet ski wherever you want and surf inthe Surf League. Play awesome minigames and find a treasure of yourdreams! Avoid running onto other motorboats, surfing or waterskiing people! OR NOT! You’re a crazy surfer! Boring days gone inBikini Bottom! Play the best surfer games for girls and boys andfind out why bad days are gone! Build a city or water theme park ifyou can! Surfing Craft is an addictive game with crafting &building a whole new world! Not another surf racing game! Join SurfLeague and start exploration of an open world and stunts! Enjoyyour powerboat or jetpack water fun! Use crafting & buildingmode to free your imagination. Build epic stages for stunts, enjoycity building or go on an adventure and find every treasure islandon the sandbox open world! Leave people speechless or talking! Tom– surfing enthusiast is your huge fan! Keep calm and enjoy puresurf action – boring days are gone permanently! Surfing Craft isthe most exciting combination of surf games, jet ski games andclassic crafting & building in the water theme park! SurfingLeague is calling! If you want to play one of the best surf gameswith own Surf League and travel around the world – play SurfingCraft for free! Are you brave enough to go on an extreme adventure?Surf League is one of the most dangerous sports ever! Play SurfingCraft for free and dare to dream! Brand new boat game! You’re atrue surfing racer with own Surf League who challenges everyriptide and even super crew! Racing powerboat is not your task!Extreme surfing stunts, surf travel to treasure island andadventure – that’s the best Surf League you can dream a’bout!Surfing Craft features: *Crafting & building stages for stunts!*Ocean exploration and surf travel! *Extreme surf water park!*Discover every treasure island! *Date another surf racer! Boringsurfing days are gone! Discover one of the best surf games forgirls and boys of 2019! Crazy stunts, crafting & building, tensof islands, beautiful beach resort and surfing in one awesome boatgame. Don’t bother and go on an adventure now! Play Surfing CraftFOR FREE – one of the best surf games 3D of 2019!
Alien Clash 1.3
This encounter was inevitable… The question is - what willhumanitydo in the face of an alien invasion? It is YOU who canbecome ahero of this story but one thing is sure - you have to beWATCHFULALL THE TIME. Protect mankind by shooting and battling thealienarmy. Be smart, resourceful and plan your strategy reallyfast, oryou won’t be the last man in the city anymore. Unite withotherplayers or take part in alien shooting duels. Play Alien Clashforfree! Allies or enemies Challenge other players or find friendsandunite in clans. Plan your strategy, prepare for a battle, andbuildshelters before you fight waves of aliens. Gain specialweapons todestroy alien hordes. Develop your bases and fight thebattle inAlien Clash! Alien Clash features: Strategy War Games –shootbefore you will be annihilated. Plan your strategy todestroyendless alien troops! Base building games – enhance andupgradeyour shelter. Alien sniper games – aim and choose the bestspot fora shot. Combat alien troops Fight back the alien invasion.Helpother survivors and attack aliens in many differentlocations.Destroy alien troops and conquer other players’ bases toexpandyour territory. It’s your only chance to develop a sheltermakingyou the best shooter in Alien Clash! Threat, terror,survival, andfighting against aliens Fight against monsters. Builda city thatsurvives the constant attacks of alien troops. Everyproperstrategy survival game requires players to plan, shoot,foresee. Beprepared, build shelters, customize your weapon, andcomplete yourdeck of creepers. Quick tips: City building skillsallow you toprotect valuable resources. Being the survivor is aduty tomankind, so don’t shoot other players. Create an empire andconquerthe aliens or fight them all. Shoot aliens with your snipergun anddo it often. Strategy and battle games You’re the last hope.Useyour sniper gun to shoot hundreds of aliens. Protect your baseandestablish a real empire. Play Alien Clash for free andrestoreorder in the world!
Pizza Craft: Chef Cooking Games for Girls & Boys
Wanna some pizza? Craft it! Time to become a cooking chef of anItalian restaurant. Cook your own food and serve your hungrycustomers to survive a real restaurant fever! Cooking, crafting& building! Enter the blocky world of cooking Become a managerof a small bistro and try to stay in business. Start yourexploration adventure in the kitchen, where cook delicious Italianfood (pizza, spaghetti, gnocchi) or… some not-so-Italian burgers!Your customers are hungry and they won’t wait forever for theirorders. Crafting and cooking isn’t as simple as in mama kitchen,but it’s an only way to become a cooking chef! Restaurant cookinggames can be tiresome, but it’s not a tycoon. Cook like Sara, afamous Italian grandma, with Pizza Craft - the only simulator of anItalian chef cooking master! Endless pizza quest You can start yourcooking adventure in a small bistro, but what’s better thancrafting & building your own restaurant? Improving your cuisinelets you serve more customers, so you need a bigger kitchen and abigger restaurant building! This is when this blocky cube sandboxadventure starts to get really fun: use blocks and your imaginationto craft & build anything you want! Feel pizza frenzy andbecome a big fish of a restaurant world as the best cooking chef -only in Pizza Craft! Unlock new pizza recipes and upgrade yourkitchen upgrade As more customers gets satisfied with meals of yourpixel pizzeria, you can enhance your recipe book by unlocking newpizza recipes! Cook your own food like an Italian mama and servenew grill or veggie buffet. Adjust cooking chef strategy to pleaseevery customer in a hottest restaurant fever! Pizza Craft isn’tjust another street food games where you control a fast food van orsome other burger house. Here you can feel a passion of a realItalian cooking chef, because cooking, crafting & buildingpossibilities are almost endless! CORE FEATURES: 🍕 Endless crafting& building opportunities! Craft a restaurant, design itsbuilding interior. 🍕 Cook meals like an Italian mama! Kitchen turnshot! 🍕 Unlock new pizza recipes! Cook new food! 🍕Upgrade yourkitchen to handle a hottest restaurant fever! UPCOMING FEATURES: 🍕Multi craft - multiplayer mode! 🍕 New blocks for crafting &building your restaurant. 🍕 New recipes for cooking more meals. 🍕Story mode with a craze twists! Your pizza is cooling down, sodon’t wait anymore. DOWNLOAD Pizza Craft NOW and become a cookingchef in one of the best restaurant cooking games for girls of 2017!
Animal Hunter Craft: Bow & Arrow Archery Shooting 1.2
The prey is running away! Are you ready for a new archery game?Dustoff your bow & arrows to become an elite bowmaster - onlyinArchery Craft, one of the best archery hunting games of 2017!Huntit now! A true bow and arrow shooting game Tired of archeryfightinggames, that don’t take archery hunting too serious? TryArcheryCraft then! In Archery Craft you have to aim precisely!Take a deepbreath, use a shoot lock and don’t forget to adjustyour bow &arrow to the wind! To become an archery master, youhave to find abalance between all of these aspects! And in theend, don’t expectthis deer to be waiting for your arrow shootforever… Differentplaces, different preys! Shooting animals is away of survival. Wantto hunt for different wild animals? It’s timefor some explorationadventure in our lite hand-crafted, blockycube hunting ground.Travel to one of many locations to prey onsuch wild animals like adeer, a bear, a coyote or even anelephant! Sneak silently equippedwith a bow & arrow. Shootwith a bull eye and become a real deerhunter or fail miserably…but try not to lose all 100 arrows atonce! Maybe you’ll not becomea next elvish archer, but at least anarchery expert with enoughknowledge to shoot animals like aprofessional bowmaster. What’syour weapon of choice? As a wannabearchery master you need… well,bow & arrow! However, in ArcheryCraft you can choose to shootfrom crossbow as well! It’s not aseasy as to use bow & arrows,but still you can try to be a worldarchery champion! Shootanimals, master your skill and earnexperience, that lets youunlock more bows, arrows, crossbows andbolts. Equip them and feellike a real archery king! Archery Craftis an archery hunting gamelike no other, so why don’t you try to bea new William Tell? COREFEATURES: Bow shooting in hand-craftedenvironments! Hunt fordifferent wild animals. Master your archeryskill. Explorationadventure of a huge, blocky cube world. Gaintitle of Elite Bow& Arrow Shooting Master. UPCOMING FEATURES:New bows &arrows! New crossbows & bolts! Multiplayer mode!PvP mode! Newwild animals to hunt for! Blocky cube world full ofanimals to huntawaits a new archery king. Do you have what it takesto claim thistitle? It’s not just one of these simple deer huntinggames, whereyou take part in some kind of dull archery tournament.ArcheryCraft lets you feel the thrill of an archery hunter sneakingforhis prey, stringing the bow and finishing with an arrowpreciselyin the prey’s knee! Only you, wild animals, and a quest tobecomean elite bow & arrow archery master. Only in ArcheryCraft, oneof the best archery games of 2017. DOWNLOAD NOW and feelityourself FOR FREE!
Sniper Clash 1.3
This encounter was inevitable… The question is - what willhumanitydo in the face of an invasion? It is YOU who can become ahero ofthis story but one thing is sure - you have to be WATCHFULALL THETIME. Protect mankind by shooting and battling the army. Besmart,resourceful and plan your strategy really fast, or you won’tbe thelast man in the city anymore. Unite with other players ortake partin shooting duels. Play Sniper Clash for free! Allies orenemiesChallenge other players or find friends and unite in clans.Planyour strategy, prepare for a battle, and build shelters beforeyoufight waves of soldiers. Gain special weapons to destroyhordes.Develop your bases and fight the battle in Sniper Clash!SniperClash features: Strategy War Games – shoot before you willbeannihilated. Plan your strategy to destroy endless soldiertroops!Base building games – enhance and upgrade your shelter.Snipergames – aim and choose the best spot for a shot. Combatfuturesoldier troops Fight back the invasion. Help other survivorsandattack soldiers in many different locations. Destroy soldiertroopsand conquer other players’ bases to expand your territory.It’syour only chance to develop a shelter making you the bestshooterin Sniper Clash! Threat, terror, survival, and fightingagainstfuture soldiers Fight against monsters. Build a city thatsurvivesthe constant attacks of troops. Every proper strategysurvival gamerequires players to plan, shoot, foresee. Be prepared,buildshelters, customize your weapon, and complete your deckofcreepers. Quick tips: City building skills allow you toprotectvaluable resources. Being the survivor is a duty to mankind,sodon’t shoot other players. Shoot soldiers with your sniper gunanddo it often. Play Sniper Clash for free and restore order intheworld!
Drag Racing Craft: 🏎️ Awesome Car Driver Games 1.11-minApi19
"Do you love racing games but want to build your own racingcircuit?Building games like Drag Racing Craft is a perfect match!Drive yourown car in the city of your own design! Compete intraffic race orgo on an adventure and explore a whole city. PlayDrag Racing Craftfor free! Play true racing games! For girls, forboys, for everyone!Play driving games to feel the adrenaline andbuild a city to relax.Drag races are crazy! Modify your car,upgrade workshop garage andtake part in driver challenge. Chaseand be chased! This crazy cardriving simulator with building modeis all you need! Awesome gamesfor girls and boys! Do you likeplaying in parking games? Feel thecontrol of your car! It can bean exciting job! Simulator of racingcar combined with citybuilding – Drag Racing Craft is clearlyunique! Race withmotorbikes, fast cars and the finest drivers to bethe best! Wouldyou like to dress up before driving a race car? Dowhatever youwant in this crafting & building game! Play parkinggames forgirls and boys! Park your vehicle and take care of it.Upgradeevery detail and drive the best car ever made. Your workshopgarageis maybe a small place now but it can grow to be a fabulousplacewhere every mechanic would like to work. Be a petrol tycoon!Takecare of your garage and cars but you will need money, a lotofmoney! Run a petrol station and create an empire. Yourbusinesswill expand on whole city. You’re real VIP. Be a citybuilder, makemoney, collect the fastest racing cars and have fun!Drag RacingCraft features: 🏎️ Crazy races in circuits of your owndesign! 🏎️Crafting & Building mode. Design & build a cityor house!🏎️ Build your own workshop, petrol station and garage! 🏎️Explorethe city in an adventure mode! 🏎️ Collect all cars and playawesomegames for girls! Drag Racing Craft – download for free! Doyou loveracing, building games or car games for girls? Play thebestcombination of awesome games for girls – Drag Racing Craft!Collectall the cars and finish first!"
Snowboard Craft: Freeski, Sled Simulator Games 3D
Winter sports in crafting & building world? Why not! If youlovewinter x games and want to build a city or ride asnowmobile,snowboard than it’s the best snow game for you! Becomethesnowboard or ski racer and perform extreme stunts! You canalsoenjoy crafting & building mode to prepare snowboard party!Playthe best snow games for girls and boys – PLAY Snowboard CraftFORFREE! Explore the mountains! Explore the most epic blockyworldever made! Be a snowboarder, ski racer, snow scooter orsnowmobiledriver and find every treasure on the map! You can benamed“halfpipe hero” but after pirouette and snow fun, you can alsogoon an adventure and find stolen bobsled or enjoy skifree. Putonyour snowboard! Party is everywhere you are! Play wintersportgames in crafting & building world – play Snowboard Craftforfree! Skifree, sledding and sled jump! Play the best snow gamesforgirls and boys and find out why winter games are neverendingfun!Build a city, halfpipe, bobsled or luge track if you can! Youcanuse blueprints which make everything easier! Snowboard Craft isanaddictive game with crafting & building a whole newworlds!Build a house or a whole ski resort and perform extremesnowboardstunts, pirouette or trickey in places like DenaliNational Park!Not another ski racing game! Exploration of an openworld and crazytricks! Enjoy your snowmobile, snowboard, bobsled orluge and havea lot of fun! Use crafting & building mode to freeyourimagination. Be a snowboarder, enjoy city building or go onanadventure and find every spot on the sandbox open world! Skiridercan’t catch you! Keep calm and enjoy pure winter sports action–boring days are gone permanently! Snowboard Craft is themostexciting combination of snow games, snowboard games andclassiccrafting & building in the ski resort! Brand new sledjumpgame! You’re a true ski racer with own snowmobile or bobsledwhochallenges every snowboarder! Racing all day long – it’syourthing! Extreme ski stunts and adventure in ski resort likeAspen!Play the best snow games for free – download Snowboard Craftforfree! Snowboard Craft features: 🏂 Crafting & buildingstagesfor stunts! 🏂 Open world exploration! 🏂 Build a ski resortorbobsled track! 🏂 Discover every halfpipe! 🏂 Dateanothersnowboarder or ski racer! Boring snowboard days are gone!Discoverone of the best snow games for girls and boys of 2019! Goon anadventure and start sledding through open world! Build,explore andhave fun as a halfpipe hero! Party masters like you candesign andconstruct luge track in seconds and than prepare awesomeparty forsnowboarder! Download one of the best snowboard simulatorgames of2019! Play Snowboard Craft for free and compete bobsled,ski raceror anyone you want!
Bow Hunting Duel:1v1 PvP Archery Deer Hunter Games 44
Looking for the best free hunting game on the mobile? Looknofurther! Hunting season has finally begun! Join the race forthetitle of the best hunter in the world in one of the bestanimalhunting games! Join the Bow Hunting Duel - for free! Time todustoff your bow & arrows! Any boy can hunt with a gun, butonly areal men hunt with a bow & arrows! Don’t worry, you won’thaveto use the old bow of your grandfather, who was killing animalsonhis farm in Arizona. It’s 21th century and every bow huntingmasteruses gear like scopes! In Bow Hunting Duel it’s not anydifferent!Duel in 1v1 PvP online game! Competition is essence ofBow HuntingDuel. Choose your gear, pick location, pay the entry feeand… duelin 1v1 PvP online game! It’s really that easy - just enterthe gameand compete with players from all around the world! Whetherhuntingin forest or in the Grand Canyon, don’t forget that otherplayersaren’t your only threat - wolves, bears and other wildanimals canturn the hunter into prey! Compete in differentlocations, hunt forreal wild animals Visit several locations acrossthe whole worldand compete with other players online hunting wildanimals! Hunt adeer in the forest of Yellowstone Park (USA) or tryto snipe acoyote in the Grand Canyon! Unlock other locations andtournamentsto duel in 1v1 PvP online mode in such beautiful placeslikeScotland and New Zealand! Sports games with animal huntingjustwent global! Pick your weapon! Your arrow and bow huntingadventurestarts with simple bow and arrow, but it’s usual forsports games!Win duels, earn money and diamonds to unlock newonline huntingtournaments and hunting gear! Animal shooting is mucheasier whenyou have a fast sport bow! Make clinical shots thanksprecisivescopes and sharpened arrows! Surprise your deer hunterfellow withyour bow hunting gear and animal killing skill! Onlinehunting gamein 3D There are several online hunting games on themobile store,but what really sets Bow Hunting Duel apart from theother animalhunting games is realistic 3D graphics. It’s not only abeautifulvistas of Yellowstone Park forests, Scotland highlands orNewZealand windy mountains, but also hand-crafted gear andwildanimals - sometimes you just don’t want to kill this beautifuldeeror grizzly bear, but only the strong survives! 1v1 PvP onlinegameswere never looking so good! FEATURES: ➔ 1v1 PvP onlinehuntinggame. Compete with players from all around the world! ➔ Bowandarrow hunting. Start killing animals like a real men! ➔Realisticlocations. Prepare for hunting safari in such placeslikeYellowstone Park, Scotland or New Zealand. ➔ Tons of huntinggearto choose. Bows, arrows, scopes… Customize your bow andarrowhunting experience however you like! ➔ Beautiful 3Dgraphics.Killing animals with bow and arrow never looked so good! ➔Earnmoney, diamonds and respect! Buy new hunting gear or bow andarrowupgrades, or… try your luck with chests! You don’t need achestsimulator to get a rare reward! Become the best hunter in theworldby playing Bow Hunting Duel! No matter if you’re huntingandkilling animals in real life or just like to play sports games,BowHunting Duel provides you the best experience of free huntinggamein your mobile device. Don’t wait any longer - DOWNLOAD NOWandPLAY FOR FREE! COMING SOON: 🔜 Leagues! Join local bow andarrowhunting leagues and see who’s the best deer hunter around!Reachthe top of the ladder to get special rewards and show offyouranimal killing gear to other players!
Theme Park Clicker: Idle Craft. Roller Coaster Inc 1.17
Have you ever dreamt about running your own amusement park?Great,because in Theme Park Clicker you can run your own theme parkandearn tons of cash. Just tap it! Build your own amusementpark!Theme Park Clicker is a classic idle clicker game for girlsand forboys. Start with building your first attraction - a rollercoaster!Hire workers and watch how your entertainment businessgrows! Builda food stand, water park with slides or even anunderwater themepark! Craft your own way to become a tycoon ofamusement parkindustry just by clicking and tapping! A clicker gamewith upgradesMoney doesn’t grow on trees, but your amusement parkcan become areal money farm! As a true capitalist and owner ofthisRollercoaster Inc., you’re in control of every aspect ofyouramusement park. This is why Theme Park Clicker is one of thebestidle clicker games for girls and for boys. Upgrade attractionslikecarousels, Pirate Ship, Fly-O-Plane or Ferris Wheel in notime!Clicking and tapping are the best way to transform yourtinylunapark into huge theme park with roller coasters that amuseboysand girls all around the world! Crafting & clicking like inthebest idle games for free! Watch for saboteurs! Yourcompetitorswill surely be jealous of you success… They can evensend saboteursto destroy your amusement park! Every sabotage lowersyour income,so make sure to get rid of them! In this free clickeridle gameclicking and tapping is all you need to succeed. Take theidlecraft game to the whole new level! FEATURES: 🎢 Build yourownamusement park! Become a theme park builder in a classicidleclicker game! 🎢 Craft a roller coaster as a tycoon in the worldoffun! 🎢 Dozens of enhancements - a clicker game with upgrades.🎢Activate upgrades to boost your idle adventure! 🎢 Becomeaamusement park tycoon! Just by tapping and clicking! Make yourowntheme park with attractions like water park, pirate shipandcarousels, build a biggest roller coaster in the world andbecome atycoon of entertainment industry. All of it just bycrafting,tapping and clicking! Only in Theme Park Clicker - one ofthe bestidle clicker games of 2018. DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE!
Mars Craft: Crafting & Building Exploration Games
Prepare for an adventure! Become one of the finest astronauts,checkout your rocket, Mars rover and find a life on Mars! Startyourjourney in Mars space shuttle. Your mission is simple – builda newcivilisation. Build a city for astronauts, use blueprintsandprepare habitat for future generations! Play the mostexcitingcrafting & building games for girls and boys – downloadMarsCraft for free! Build a house! Become a house builder onMars!Create blocky world and enjoy space exploration. Drivevehicles andfind a path of Curiosity rover! Discover the planet ofeveryastronaut dreams! Build a new civilisation starting yourowncolony. Exploration craft is a game for girls and boys whichletyou see how big Mars is! Blocky building addicting games! Playthebest rover racing games and feel like the most innovativecitybuilder ever! City builder on Mars is super unusual, isn’tit?Enjoy space crafting and play addicting games! If youloveexploration, space crafting, blocky building in space or youwantto be city builder – play Mars Craft for free! Space crafting&building! Sandbox world meets crafting and mining on Mars. Beareal crafter in a space and use blocks to design Martian Habitatorastronauts city! See Olympus Mons – the largest volcano.Playsurvival mode and start building bases for a new civilisation!Useyour Mars Rover to travel like a boss! Play minigames ontinyplanet! Establishing of a new civilisation isn’t easy. Traveltothe end of the galaxy! Hoppers, rovers, rockets and manymorevehicles help you to achieve a goal! Are you a good enoughbuilderto make tiny planet your home? Blocky fun in cool survivalmodeminigames. Exploration games and huge adventure are exhausting,soenjoy minigame maps. Become space tycoon and take explorationcraftto a new level! Party time on Mars! Best blocky building gamesforgirls and boys let you have a great time! Organize a real partyonthe tiny planet! Take your friends to see a volcano, startMarsrover racing team or fly in the rocket! City building andcreatinga new civilisation need more fun! Explore the infiniteworld! Youcan travel anywhere you want on the tiny planet! You area littleprince of astronauts so ride cars, Mars rover, racing carsin oneof the best city building games! Do whatever you dream oflikecrafting & building Mars Habitat Complex. Play theaddictinggames for free! Build anything you want in Space! Ifyourimagination is limitless and blocky building & craftinggamesare your favourite, you should take part in rover challengeorbecome a city builder of new Mars. Find out what addictinggamesfor free have to offer. See beautiful volcano, start Marsroverracing team and build a circuit on Red Planet. No limits inthebest craft for girls and boys! Mars Craft features: 🚀MarsRoverRacing – race friends on Mars! 🚀Friendly aliens – meet them inyourmartian city! 🚀Classic crafting & building gameplay!🚀Sandboxand survival mode! 🚀Love story in the romantic scenery oftheGalaxy! 🚀Astronauts, aliens and little prince on the tinyplanet!Let’s play a real crafting game in Space! No time to wait –enjoythe best addicting games for free. Use your blocky buildingskillsand become a real city builder. Find a date or experiencesandboxand story mode. One of the most exciting exploration gamesforgirls and boys! Mars Craft – one of the best crafting&building games of 2018. DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE and startanexploration of Red Planet!
Legendary Clash 1.2
Imagine being a hunter in a world full of fantasy, magicandmysterious creatures. In the universe of Legendary Clash therearemany beasts that are waiting to be discovered. Grab your bowandbecome the most epic hunter in the world! Tones of adventuresarewaiting for you! Legendary Clash features: Fantasy shootinggames –be fast and shoot before you will be spotted! Full ofactiongameplay - discover dozens of creatures and hunt them down!Buildup your skills and improve the equipment by facing otherplayers.Become the best hunter in fantasy games – it’ up to youwhich spotfor shot will you choose One of a kind fantasy shootinggame Trackmagical creatures - dragons, unicorns and many more. Andwhen youfind them, choose the best spot to shoot. Be watchful andready toface many dangerous, mythical and rare creatures!Extraordinaryshooting places Travel across most marvelous locationsin mobilefantasy games! Experience the most stunning views andwatch out forscary and dangerous beasts which are waiting justaround thecorner. Becoming a legendary hunter is not an easy tripto take butit’s surely worth it! A master archer Grab the arrows,aim andloose! Bow is the most accurate weapon to hunt for thelegendarycreatures. There are plenty of upgrades waiting to beunlocked andused. The choice is all yours! Enhance your shootinggear and huntthe beasts with deadly precision. Duel against otherhunters TheLegendary Clash is full of adventurous hunters who arewaiting tocompete with others! Will you face them and fight for thetitle ofthe best hunter in fantasy world? You have to decide!PlayLegendary Clash – one of the most exciting fantasy shootinggamesever made! Download now for free and start your adventure withmostepic hunt ever!
My Little Dollhouse: Craft & Design Game for Girls 1.39
Enter the world of girls! Build and design your own dollhouse -adream house for every doll! Explore the vast, open worldinAdventure Lite mode, meet new friends, animals… All of itawaitsyou in My Little Dollhouse - game for girls like neverbefore!Build your own home Building isn’t easy! At first, you needto mineresources! Craft tools, explore the vast open world of MyLittleDollhouse. Craft tools, then find wood, ore and everythingelse,thanks to advanced Adventure Lite mode! Build and design yourowndollhouse - a dream house all girls dream of! But crafting&building is just the beginning! Interior design In MyLittleDollhouse you don’t need third-party interior design app likeinmany other free design games for girls. Build a dollhousewithkitchen, many rooms and garden, where you can plant flowers!It’seasy because My Little Dollhouse contains its own design,crafting& building tools. Thanks to them, furnishing,decoration andinterior design are plain and simple. Mine resourcesand becreative by crafting & building your ultimate home! It’smuchmore than any interior and exterior design app! Party time!There’sno better opportunity to show off your dollhouse than houseparty!Invite cool boys and top girls, a famous singer orfashionista,high school friends or even your crush! Dress up instyle and amazethem not only with interior design of yourdollhouse, but also withyour fashion design! Chat and flirt withboys, then somebody mayfall in love… or even become your boyfriend!Become an explorerStill it’s not everything My Little Dollhouse hasto offer. LaunchAdventure Lite mode and start exploration of vast,open world.Travel through forests and mountains and seek for newresources tomine and scavenge epic loot and other treasures. Meetwild animals,which you can tame and turn into pets! Cute little petlike dog,kitten, cow and many more will not only follow you, butyou’ll beable to ride them, too! How cool is that? Visit the cityof craftAdventure of yours doesn’t end up in the forest. VisitPar-Is, thecity of craft, and feel like a real city builder. Enjoyitattractions like water park, spa, hair salon, nail salon,hospital,amusement park or… build your own buildings using the samecrafting& building as with building the dollhouse! Build acastle anddress up like a princess or a fashion house with catwalk!Becreative as possibilities are limitless! FEATURES: • Vastsandboxworld to explore. Mine resources, craft tools, build anddesignyour own dollhouse! • Crafting & building without limits.Buildand design your own dollhouse - a dream house you’ve alwayswanted!• Meet new friends. Find cool boys and top girls, chat andflirtwith them. Meet your virtual boyfriend or love of your life! •Finda pet animal. Tame cute little pet - the most loyal friend! •VisitPar-Is, the city of craft. Enjoy its attractions or build yourown!• Beautiful retro graphics! My Little Dollhouse is acompleteexperience of design, crafting & building for girls.Forgetabout other interior and exterior design apps. DOWNLOAD NOWFORFREE and enjoy one of the best games in the world for girlsof2018!
Gems Arena: 1v1 Games in Crafting & Building World 1.7-minApi19
Enter the Gems Arena! Find an opponent and start a duel inareal-time multiplayer game where all is around the craftgems!Destroy to win, craft a beautiful weaponry collection andsurviveon all of the many arenas! Improve, be faster, be better,play oneof the best 1v1 games – play Gems Arena FOR FREE! 1v1 gamesinmultiplayer arena! Do you know 5v5 multiplayer online battlearena(MOBA games)? Try out 1v1 combat in real time multiplayergame! Youcan use hammers, baseball bats or your own hands todestroy thegems and your enemy as well! Enjoy duels in crafting& buildingarena! Jump, run and crush all the gems! If you likeultimate duelbattle and MOBA games then play the one in crafting& buildingworld! Great graphics and easy controls! Do you likebuildinggames? What about strategy games, idle clicker, battlegames or 1v1games? Now you can play them all in one! Download GemsArena andenjoy destroying, PvP games, real-time fun and many allfeatures!It’s a really easy game for girls and boys! 5v5 MOBA gamesare abit too difficult but 1v1 games are fast and easy! Clash withtheenemy in the mega craft city arena! Play mega craft battleanddestroy every gem you can find! You need strategy games andbattletactics! The blocky heroes in the blocky city arena! 1v1battlegames in the crafting & building world? It’s Gems Arenain onesentence! Have you heard of a real-time, head-to-head battlegameset in the craft universe? Gems Arena is a unique duel,battlestrategy game for girls and boys around the world! Don’t waitanylonger – download now! Gems Arena features: 💎 Crazy duel–challenge players from around the world in real-time! 💎Tryintuitively easy controls in an entertaining strategy game!💎Unlock rewards, collect powerful weapons! 💎 Reach to the topofleaderboards! 💎 Battle tactics – learn how to fight! Strategygamesat its finest! You can just crush every diamond or find themostvaluable one! Go to battle quest in crafting & buildingworld!Use own tactics and play strategy games to win with a playerinreal-time! Multiplayer game, 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 – it doesn’t matterwhenyou play craft battle games like Gems Arena! PvP games are thebestand multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is the mostentertainingsubgenre! Play Gems Arena - one of the best 1v1 gamesof 2019! PLAYFOR FREE and break every record (and a lot of gems)!
Magical District 1.0.1
Have you got what it takes to become a true hero? A fabledmasterfrom the long forgotten legends who’s destined to save theMagicalDistrict from real Nightmares? So pick up your Magiphone aswe’regoing on a real magic journey! Enter the Magical District Afantasyland of Magical District is in peril. The once great magiccity isplagued by Nightmares of the worst kind. As darkness risesoverthis fantasy land, it’s time for you to step up and fightmonstersin the epic duels! Spin to Win Unlike many rpg games,MagicalDistrict is an unique combination of story-driven games withspinand coin games. While fighting against Nightmares, you spinthemagical slot machine to match 3 symbols in the row. Ifyou’relucky, buddy, you’ll deal serious damage! Beat them or outwitthem!Your Magiphone grants you many superhero powers! Use a magicblastlike a mage hero or link to them with your magic mobile deviceanduse some words of power like a fantasy lord! All’s fair inthisepic quest to turn Magical District into a happy city again.MoreNightmares to come! As you progress through magic city in thisepicjourney you’ll meet more different Nightmares. Hone your skillsandspin to win to become a magic legend who’ll save theMagicalDistrict. This forsaken world doesn’t need another dungeonknight.It needs you - a mage hero who’s not afraid of slot machinesandmagic puzzles. What are you waiting for? Grab your Magiphoneorother magic mobile devices and DOWNLOAD NOW! The magicjourneythrough the fantasy city begins right here! Make theMagicalDistrict a happy city again!