Feathersoft Info Solutions Private Limited Apps

Area Converter 1.2
Area converter is a simple tool to convert between areameasurements. Using this tool you can convert values to Acre, SqKm, SQ mile, Sq foot, Sq meter, Sq Yard. Also have cool set ofthemes
28 Card Game (Twenty Eight) 2.1
28 comes with awesome visuals and sound effect which is somethingof a standard for games coming from the Feathersoft stables. Gamedevelopers at Feathersoft has ensured not just a smooth gameplaybut also successfully brought in the right ambience with the gamingtable and color scheme which is evocative of poker tables andcasinos with the right sound effect to complete the portrayal. 28consists of 4 players with 2 players facing each other forming ateam. 32 cards from a standard 56 card deck is used to play. Thereare eight cards in each of the usual "French" suits: hearts,diamonds, clubs and spades. The aim is to win tricks with valuablecards. Jack and Nine being the highest value cards at 3 and 2points respectively followed by aces and tens at 1 point and K, Q,8 & 7 with 0 points.
EMI Calculator 1.0.0
EMI Calculator is a Android applicationdeveloped to find the Equal Monthly Installments(EMI) of the loanamount taken. Upon entering the loan amount, interest rate andperiod, the application generates a table showing the number ofterms, EMI, Principle amount, Interest and Balance amount. Theapplication provides the customer to compare between flat rates anddiminishing rates. There is also a provision for enteringadditional payment for diminishing calculation.The application helps you to list out the terms amount and theinterest rates of your EMI.Now go easy and flexible in all yourcalculations.Attractive coloured user interface and easy and morefunctionalities.
NGBT 2.1
NGBT app is your mobile guide to the most up-to-date conferenceprogram, speaker information and other relevant information.
Sky Trek 1.0
Sky Trek is an adventure game in which a player will operate ahelicopter or plane. The challenge is in dodging the high speedenemy planes flying by from the opposite direction. While flyingyou should also keep an eye out for the skyscrapers because thereis a good chance that you will crash on to one if you aren’t toocareful. The game is quite a stress buster. Download and enjoy theaction-filled ride. Happy Trekking!
WorkJoe 1.4
Workjoe is a web and mobile based HR management system suitable forcompanies of all sizes. More awesome features, workflows &modules in line, look out for more!