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MyAppn – Appointment Manager Online 1.0.4
Start now to manage your appointments in a smarter way and acceptonline bookings with MyAppn - Appointments Management MyAppn is anapplication aimed at professionals who have direct interactionswith the public, such as hairdressers, beauticians, personaltrainers, doctors or teachers. In addition to online reservations,totally optional, you can manage your customers and yourappointments on multiple Android devices and create an online pagefor your business. You could find an example of the online pagethat you can create at this link:https://www.myappn.com/s/ferappsmobilesolutions_soliera The servicerequires a subscription. A free trial period is available to letyou evaluate the product. MyAppn – Appointment Manager features:CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT Manage your customers like in a classic CRM,inserting the data you want. You can give each customer a label togroup your customers and automatically move your customers amongthe various groups through customizable rules. APPOINTMENTMANAGEMENT Manage your appointments using a tool always at yourfingertips like your smartphone. You can set the working days, theopening time and the lunch break. ONLINE PAGE Create an online pagefor your business with a few simple steps. From this page, yourcustomers will be able to see the details of your activity, theposition on a map and the opening hours. In addition, the servicesyou offer will be displayed with an indication of the type ofservice, the costs and the description. The online page iscompletely optional and does not require additional costs. It isincluded in your subscription! ONLINE RESERVATIONS From the onlinepage, your customers can book an appointment. Just share the pageaddress with them. To book, they will have to select the date, timeand requested service. Once you receive a reservation, anotification will be sent to your devices and your customer willreceive an email with the data of the appointment. Start managingyour customers and appointments in a smarter way! For problems orquestions, contact our customer service at: support@myappn.com