Fernando Iguago Apps

Check IMEI 1.2.3
Check IMEI connects with official IMEI databases, giving answers inseconds and with 100% reliability. Do not risk your investment,check if your new acquisition is properly homologated (applies forthe country of Ecuador) and free of reports, you have doubts aboutthe origin of the IMEI of the equipment? Consult officialdatabases, gain exclusive access to the GSMA database (GSMAssociation) which currently has more than 800 mobile operators(Movistar, Claro, ATT, T-MOBILE, etc.) as global partners and 200companies Similar, with the most complete IMEI database in theworld. Also access the official IMEI databases, so that they do notre-sell a phone reported in another country as new. Save a historywith the queries and share the IMEI consulted with your friends.
Demostración de un entorno de realidad aumentada, cuyo aprendizajede imágenes puede ser realizado en tiempo real. Espectacularentorno en realidad virtual para google cardboard, maximizandorendimiento y calidad gráfica. Reproducción de videos en 360grados.
Knotfest México 2017 1.1.3
Aplicación para el Knot Fest México 2017, mapa del evento, pontelasmáscaras de Slipknot y comparte en tus redes socialesfavoritas,horario y ubicación de las bandas a presentarse.
Knot Fest AR 1.0
Máscaras de los personajes de Slipknot para el Knot Fest