Fictogram Apps

Cute Memo: Cloud Sticky Notes 1.2.0
Keeping track of your notes and memos have never been this cute andconvenient! This simple app lets you organize your notes and placethem anywhere on your home screen, where you can easily view andaccess them. Use this app to create to-do lists, shopping lists,and reminders, or jot down notes with ease!Personalize your notesby changing background themes, add some adorable stickers, or evenuse your own photos as your memo's background! Use the app to alertyou of deadlines or important dates by setting an alarm to a memo.What's more, this memo widget app is unique that you can sync itwith Google Task and Evernote.Now, you will no longer have toforget or miss anything important!Key Features:⭐ With but a fewtaps, you can easily create cute memos on your home screen!⭐Features synchronization with Google Task, which means it's alsovisible on Google Calendar and any service integrated with GoogleTask⭐ Sync with your Evernote account! Evernote tags can be addedto your memos!⭐ Turn any photo from your device into a memobackground, or take a photo instantly and apply it as yourbackground with just a few taps.⭐ Get alerted of deadlines orimportant dates by setting an alarm to a note. The app will ringyou when the time is due!⭐ Share your memos with anyone, any timelike a label or a sticker! Greet your loved ones with a birthdaynote! ⭐ Features dropbox backup and restore.⭐ Very cute!you may usethis app as: stickies,sticky notes,notes,memo pad,widget,desktopmemo,floating notes, photo memo, post it or home screen memo
Virtual Guitar Player 1.0
Channel your inner virtuoso in this thrilling guitar simulatorgame! A few taps is all it takes to turn your mobile device intoyour very own fabulous acoustic guitar!This virtual guitar gamefeatures an easy-to-use interface and allows you to strum alongyour favorite songs. Challenge your pals to a riff-off, choose froma wide selection of songs included in the library, and see whoamong you is the best guitarist!FEATURES:▼ AUTOMATICALLY SYNCS YOURENTIRE LIBRARY Jam along to your favorite tracks from your musiclibrary!▼ UNLEASH YOUR INNER ROCKSTAR! Strum, pluck, and strike thestrings like a pro! This is a guitar game like no other!▼LEARNFASTER, ROCK HARDER! Find the right chords for your favoritetracks!▼ IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE! Download ChordHero Virtual now, forFREE!
🎶🎵Happy Pitch Monsters😂🎵🎶 1.0
See how high your pitch can go and show off your wonderful voice!Introducing the hands-free game that'll have you screaming! 🎶🎵USEYOUR VOICE TO GET AROUND 🎵🎶 Hands aren't necessary here! When thegame starts, all you need is your voice! Speak softly to move andshout to jump! 🎶🎵HOW HIGH YOUR PITCH CAN BE? 🎵🎶 Play with a newcharacter for every stage unlocked. These little monsters lovevoice with high pitch. If they don't listen to you anymore don'tjust scream blindly, try making your pitch higher. Watch out! Theminimal pitch requirement will be getting higher and higher. 🎶🎵CUTEAND UNIQUE CHARACTERS 🎵🎶 A lot of cool, cute, and unique charactersto unlock and play with! Each character has their own quirks~🎶🎵COMPETE WITH FRIENDS 🎵🎶 How far can you go before you run out ofbreath? Or fall down a ditch? Or get caught in spikes? Compete withyour friends! Test your vocal control and have a howling good time!
Snap Fanfic 💬 1.0
The world of fanfiction has gone mobile!Take your fanfic favoritesanywhere you go! Submerge yourself in an endless ocean of fandom,delivered to you line by line, text by text.Read the spiciest ficson your smartphone as if you were receiving messages from a friend.Designed for quick and easy reading with a sleek chat theme, thiswould be the perfect companion for busy fans!Enjoy fan-writtenpieces from your favorite series at your own pace, anywhere at all!It's a great time for fandoms!
ChordHero 1.0
Channel your inner virtuoso in this thrilling guitar simulatorgame!A few taps is all it takes to turn your mobile device intoyour veryown fabulous acoustic guitar!This virtual guitar gamefeatures aneasy-to-use interface and allows you to strum alongyour favoritesongs.FEATURES:▼ AUTOMATICALLY SYNCS YOUR ENTIRELIBRARY Jam alongto your favorite tracks from your music library!▼UNLEASH YOUR INNERROCKSTAR! Strum, pluck, and strike the stringslike a pro! Truly aguitar game like no other!▼LEARN FASTER, ROCKHARDER! Find the rightchords for your favorite tracks!▼ IT'SABSOLUTELY FREE! DownloadChordHero now, for FREE!