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Fietsknoop bike your own route 4.3.9
Use the bike nodes system in The Netherlands, Belgium and theborders of Germany to plan your own bike routes. After you makeyour route you can save, mail and share it.You can ride your ownroutes by starting GPS navigation combined with speech instructionsin your own language.On the map you see several points of interestsfor a stop. You can click on a POI for more information.Besidesplanning routes you can use labels to group your routes and you caninvite friends to share routes among.The app initially starts inthe Dutch language. Open the main menu and navigate to "Mijninstellingen". Find "Taal instellingen" and choose your ownlanguage. After closing the screen Fietsknoop changes itslanguage.Have fun!
Wandelknoop Vlaanderen, maak je eigen wandelroutes 1.3.3
Wandelroute app met wandelknooppunten in Vlaanderen. Maak je eigeninteractieve routes in de routeplanner voor de wandelaar die opbasis van je locatie alle knooppunten in je directe omgeving toontwaarmee je je eigen wandelroute kunt plannen en wandelen. Geplanderoutes kun je in een knooppuntenlijst zien, je kunt de route mailenen zelfs bewaren om later nog eens terug te halen of delen metvrienden. De ideale wandelapp en helemaal gratis! Hiking trail appnodes in Flanders. Create your own interactive trails in theplanner for the hiker on the basis of location shows all the nodesin your vicinity that you can plan and own trail hiking. Plannedroutes can be seen in a node list, you can mail the route and evensave to get back again or share with friends. The ideal wandelappand free!