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BlackPlayer EX Music Player
BlackPlayer Exclusive - Premium MP3 Music Player BlackPlayer EXremoves the Ads to focus on what matters the most, music. Includestons of extra premium features. Of course all of the excellentfeatures of BlackPlayer Free is also included in this music player.Make your own interface with the customization found in theSettings menu. Extra features: - Light theme! - 6 Extra Fonts,including option to use System font. - 11 Color accents. - 8 ExtraNow Playing Themes - White Widget theme. - Chromecast support(activate in Audio settings) - Group music by Year and Composers -Customizable crossfading - Customize the Library pages completely.Add, Remove and sort. - Screen Always on option. - Screen rotationlock. - Change the Library startpage. - Custom grid size forArtists & Albums. - Custom colors! Actionbar, main and popupwindows. - Manually search and set Artist images. - BlacklistFolders and Tracks - Zap, discover your music fast with this smartfunction. Auto plays random music tracks for 5 seconds each. -Floating window control widget - Visualizer, customizable (Beta) -Widget and Notification customizations. - Change notification textcolor and background. - View Artists as bigger grid. - View Genresas List and as Big list. - Custom 4x1 Widget transparency and otherwidget settings. - Played Tracks can be tracked monthly instead ofweekly. - Blur effect to Lockscreen or Widget. - 2 Extra textanimations - 1 Extra transition effect - Show queue position inwidget. - Add "PLAYLISTS" page to the Library. - Hide any of theleft Sliding pages. - Developer love and support! - More upcomingfeatures! EX version always gets the new features first! Notes -Try out the Free version before you buy. - This is a separate app.The Library, Playlists and Favorite tracks are shared between theFree and EX versions. - You can uninstall the Free version afterinstalling EX version. If you need help please read the FAQ: Join thecommunity for the latest news! If youwant faster updates and fixes, join the beta channel for weeklyupdates! standard features: - Plays standard locally storedmusic files, such as mp3, flac and wav. - Build-in Equalizer,BassBoost, Virtualizer, Left/Right sound balance. - Gaplessplayback - Tag editor - 3D Transition effects - 3 Widgets - Lyricsviewing and editing. - Lockscreen control support - Sleep Timer -Interchangeable fonts and themes. - Weekly most played tracks
BlackPlayer Music Player 2.53
BlackPlayer is a Free MP3 Music player that plays local content.Highly customizable, smooth and snappy with modern minimalisticMaterial design. Elegant tasteful animations throughout the mp3music player interface. Top audio quality. You can tweak the designto your liking with the powerful settings available. Swipe in themiddle of the screen to navigate between the pages. Tap on the toptitles for additional options. The mp3 music player keeps tracks ofyour most played Artists and Albums giving you a smart startpagecalled 'Play Now' with suggestions what to play. Key features:. ★Supports standard local music player files such as MP3, WAV, OGG,FLAC, M4A 🎵 ★ 5 Band Equalizer, BassBoost, 3D Surround Virtualizerand Amplifier. You can also use your external Equalizer for bestaudio quality ★ Gapless audio playback. ★ View & Edit embeddedlyrics, supports synchronized .lrc files. ★ HD Album covermanagement, auto and manual. ★ ID3 Tag editor, edit Tracks, Albums,Artists & Genres ★ Customizable Themes, fonts, colors andanimations ★ Supports Android Auto and Wear OS (previously AndroidWear) ★ Supports mp3 music player scrobbling. ★ 3 widgets. ★ Sleeptimer (activate in Interface Settings) ★ Crossfading Join the betachannel if you want faster updates! New Free beta versions come outoften to BlackPlayer MP3 Music Player. Please read the FAQ if youhave any issues, here:
Notification Stopwatch 1.4
A simple open-source Stopwatch that can be completely controlledfrom the notification bar.The time is measured using the Systemclock.- No permissions!- Very small apk size! Installed size: 92kB- Low memory usage.- Open-source.- No ads.Report any bugs toemail or on Github.Source code is licensed to Apache 2.0, Availableat: