Fighting Arena Apps

Kung Fu Bull Fighting Attack 1
First time surprisingly an angry bullfacingkarate & kung Fu king fighters in death match arena. Letyourinner beast out and bring some thrill in kung Fu karate arena.Feelthe thrill and rush with the powerful beast Bull. Take controlofthe angry bull and hit hard in fighting ring. Bull fighterisamazingly trained before enter the karate ring. Let’s dodgeandtrap the opponent with quick jumping & punching. Punch andkickhim hard with your sharp horns & flying kicks attackallaudience who comes to enjoy bull karate king fightingwithdifferent kung Fu masters. Fight like kung Fu ninja master.Freedownload Bull Fighting Kung Fu Attack to your android device&get yourself involved in this realistic virtual karate warindeadly fighting arena.Enter the world of Japanese martial arts and enjoy the worldbiggestfighting tournament. Defeat all the karate king fightersand proveyourself as top Karate Master playing amazing Bull KarateFighting3D game. Show the Tiger Claw style, increase fightingskills and bethe ultimate karate champion in kung Fu fightingring. Join thekarate fighting championship, defeat all your rivalsand be thekarate champion king. Become an undisputed champ in theworld karatetournament to playing Kung Fu Bull Fighting Attackaction packedgame. Face different fighting styles of ninjafighters and survivein the ring leaving your opponent dead. Earnpoints for each killedenemy, fight against powerful rivals andlevel up your karatefighting skills to the top level. As a strongbull proving fightingstrength as the great master ninja in Kung FuBull Fighting Attackgame. Download this superb 3D Bull karatefighting simulator forfree in your device from android playstore.Face different kung Fu masters, karate kings using differentmarshalart fighting styles including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, KungFu, RoyaleFighters, Boxing and other and overcome all of them withthe powerof karate Tiger Claw style. Be a real kung Fu master ofJapanesemartial art to win the tournament and get fun in BullFighting KungFu Attack 3D game. Quickness is key to win the handto handfight.Underground karate king come to death arena to fight face toface,called death war. A karate fighter will do anything to winthisbull fighting challenge & be the Immortal king of thisbullcombat tournament. Welcome to the arena of Bull fightingkarateclash. To win this furious tournament you've to be master theartof street fighting, kung fu, karate & marshal artninjafighting.Stunned your rivals dead or alive. Face different karatefightersand use your Kung Fu skill to win the world kung fukaratechallenge. Enter the arena ring of Japanese master ninjakings andlet the fighting contest begin. World super Karate game 3dis readyfor Karate professionals. Use enemy power against himself.In thesense of real combat game. Fighting coherent action isstrong, youare presented a visual and sensory double enjoyment.Continuedpassion and blood at the same time. Train yourself, getused to thedifferent beast fighting styles for each karate fighter.Karatefighting fun to challenge the opponent fighting skills in thedeatharena with underground kung Fu fighters. Defeat all thekaratemasters to be the final king survivor & win the immortalkingtitle of this death fight tournament.Kung Fu Bull Fighting Attack Game Features:• Ultimate Bull action fighting game in Japanese karate style• Karate Bull various strikes and fighting styles to try• Powerful enemies to battle against Kung Fu Bull• Bull fighting knockout & career mode challenges• Bull fight against toughest fighters and become worldkaratechampion• Bull Kung Fu Karate tournaments with big rewards• Get promoted by defeating fighter tournament legends• Win karate matches & get rewarded points to unlocknexttournament• Background music & sound effects will boost your energyinkarate ring
Punch Boxing Warrior: Ninja Kung Fu Fighting Games 3.2.1
Punch Boxing Warrior: Ninja Kung Fu Fighting Games will give youthe experience of ninja punch boxing & kung fu karate fights inHD quality in combo fighting gameplay. The ninja punch boxingwarrior & kung fu karate fighter 3d game is designed especiallyfor kung fu karate fighting lovers and punch boxing lovers from allaround the world. It offers fighting game fans anadrenaline-pumping world of karate action. Use the touch gestureson the screen, and for each gesture have a different blow, yourquickness and technique will make you a great champion. Easygameplay and full control. Advanced animation and stunning 3dgraphics bring the real ninja punch boxing experience in your hand.Face hard punch boxing superstar opponents: Are you expert enoughto control giant champions in this Punch Boxing Warrior: Ninja KungFu Fighting Games? Then join the battle of rivals as a ninjawarrior assassin fights and go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushingfighters from Bangkok, Thailand, china, Japanese and Singapore.Enter the world of Japanese ninja and overcome all your rivals,dead or alive. Fight with different ninja players & usedifferent fighting styles including taekwondo, muay Thai, kung fu,boxing and others and enjoy real Japanese ninja assassin fights.Play the toughest of real kick fighting games against world profighting champ ever. Beat all tag rivals in this world wrestlingcompetition game and become universal hero of boxing fight. Someenemies might be stronger than they look, so train yourself a lotto prove your strength as a real ninja fighter. Tactics to BecomeUltimate Fighter: A punch boxing superstar career challenges willdrive you to take risky hits. Let’s try ultimate action fightinggame ninja punch boxing warrior & kung fu karate fighter. Testnew striking techniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches oreven gymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting. Control, superpunch, super kick, flip kick and fight with all fighters cleverlyand beat them badly in this real Punch Boxing Warrior Games battle.Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches andcombos, make jab, hook, and uppercut and become the king of karatenow. Keep an eye on every move of your rival that is fighting withyou. Quickness is basic to win the face to face ninja punch boxingwarriors and kung fu karate fighter. Fight to become the WorldBoxing Champion: Become the strongest fighter on the earth playingpunch boxing warrior & ninja kung fu karate fighter 3d actiongame. Explore different locations fighting for your life survival.Prove your worth as the powerful master ninja with ninja kung fufighting & punch boxing 3d game. Beat all the opponents andprove your strength as a master ninja kung fu fighter. Worlddangerous ninja kung fu karate & punch boxing game is ready forninja fighting lovers. Ninja fighting game opponents are ready forhard punch boxing and kung fu karate fighting show. Taekwondo &karate lovers will enjoy like punch boxing game experience. PlayNinja Punch Boxing Warrior: Kung Fu Fighting Games and learn how tofight face to face, block the enemy hard kicks and boxing punchesis also an essential part of ninja martial art life. Punch BoxingWarrior: Ninja Kung Fu Fighting Games Features: • Authentic actionsand realistic punch boxing moves • Ultimate action-packed worldpunch boxers fighting game • World punch boxers in karate kung fufighting game • Face different rivals with different fightingtechniques • Choose and customize your own ninja warrior in punchboxing styles • Fight against strongest fighters to become ninjapunch boxing champion • Ninja punch boxing warrior & kung fukarate fighter with big rewards • Survive in ninja punch boxing& karate fights to unlock next levels • Get promoted by beatingpro boxing fighting legends • 3D animations and realistic soundquality
Karate Fighting Games: Kung Fu King Final Fight 2.4.7
Let’s become the world's greatest tag team karate kick fighter likebattle against ninja Kung Fu gang in this action-packed game. Intag team karate fighting games & katana Kung Fu master game,ninja brook-lee is a martial arts champion that is pro. Earn pointsfor each wining against opponent, compete against powerful rivals,and level up your tag team karate fighting skills to get atop-level remaster. Prove your skills as the powerful master ninjaagainst Kung Fu street fighters. Your rivals use diverse martialarts styles including taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, boxing games,and others. Show your top-level ninja skills to overcome all of theopponents with the power of Kung Fu fighting games. Fight againstpowerful rivals, win over them and earn points to unlock new ranksof your progression in these offline games. Upgrade your power,speed, and accuracy with new strikes and MMA fighting stylesgetting points for each winning match. Ultimate ninja karate KungFu games Champion is an exciting arcade action martial arts. It isthe adventure arcade kung fu games to enjoy tag team karatefighting & pro-Kung Fu master game-play, animations, special 3deffects, thrilling sounds, and real robot styles. Play the toughestof real karate fighting games against world pro champion ever. Areyou expert enough to control a giant champion in this Kung Fufighting games? Control, punch boxing games, super kick, flip kickwith all opponent cleverly and defeat them badly in this realkarate fighting games battle. Tag team karate games & prokatana Kung Fu master game 3d is ready for tag team karateprofessionals. Opponents are ready for a hard punch and kick showin offline fighting games. Tag team karate lovers will enjoy likerocky 3D martial arts games experience. Trophies are for winners oftag team karate champions. Maintain the remaster for tag teamkarate champion in this real offline fighting games. Quickness iskey to win the hand-to-hand fight. Play tag-team boxing games &pro-Kung Fu fighting games and learn how to compete hand to hand,unarmed, with your punches and kicks. How to use yourself withamazing skill to block the enemy kicks and punches is also anessential part of martial arts games. In Kung Fu fighting games,there are many blockage techniques to defend yourself from enemyattacks. Keep an eye on every move of your enemy like that is amartial arts fighting games with you. Use kicks and punch boxinggames with accuracy and quickly. Take timely decisions, attack theenemy with punches and kickboxing games at the proper time andblock enemy attack using accuracy and speed in your actions. Useenemy power against himself. In the sense of real self-defense& street battle taekwondo games. Offline Fighting games ringlogical action is strong and you are presented with a visual andsensory double enjoyment. Continued passion and blood at the sametime. Tag team karate fighting games & pro-Kung Fu masteroffers superhero fans an adrenaline-pumping world of tag teamkarate action. Advanced animation and stunning 3d graphics bringthe real tag team karate experience to your hand, while intuitivetouchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural andfun. Karate Fighting Games: Kung Fu King Final Fight Features: •Select and modify your own tag team karate ninja in Kung Fu tigerstyles • Get promoted by defeating king fighter tournament legends• Battle against toughest fighters and become world tag team karatechampion • Katana Kung Fu do master tag team karate fightingtournaments with big rewards • Unlimited level mode & careermode challenges • Win tag team karate matches & get rewardedpoints to unlock the next tournament • Background music & soundeffects will increase your energy in tag team karate ring
Martial Arts Master: Extreme MMA Fighting Games 3D 2.0.2
Let’s jump into the iron cage and get yourself ready toexperiencethe most thrilling battle fight in the cage. Now it’stime tobecome the world’s most powerful MMA fighter by fightingagainstexperienced karate fighters, kung fu fighters, boxers,andwrestlers in one of the best fighting arena games MartialArtsMaster is a brand-new technical knockout (TKO) combat fightssportsMMA fighting game of 2020, featuring top fighters from allaroundthe globe. Pick from world-class legendary fighters from alloverthe world and step into the cage of MMA fight clash. Inthisoffline fighting sport, try your best to get your opponent totheground by using your freestyle skills like fighting,punching,kicking, blocking, superkicks, shutdowns, and karatestyle. Fightagainst the roughest fighting video game players inthisaction-packed game to win the champion belt and become MMAfightingmaster. Learn how to fight unarmed and face to face by onlyusingtactics of karate, kung fu games, and martial arts, likepunchesand kicks. It is an exciting fighting action game, anadventures 3dfighting game to enjoy reality like martial artssports andexperience world kung fu gameplay, fighting animations,3d fightinggame, thrilling sounds and real fighting styles. It is afightingaction game 3D combat that allows players to strike andgrasp, bothstanding and, on the ground, using techniques fromvariouswrestling battles, modern combat sport, and karate. Thisfightingbattle game is one of the best 3D fighting games in full HDand ithas various rounds and levels including quick play andknockoutrounds to provide the users with a unique environment forthe moreinteresting battle gaming experience. Use quick reflexesandvigilant moves, unleash fierce punches and techniques, defeatallrivals and become the king of the arena martial boxingring.Martial art game fighting calls for the competitor to haveavariety of skills that can include grappling, striking,kicking,punching, boxing, and defense. This martial arts game willteachyou a variety of karate, Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling,judo,boxing, aikido, and other battle forms that will enhanceyourfighting skills and will provide you with wide-range martialartslessons in wrestling game 2020. In Martial Arts Master earnpointsfor each winning against an opponent, fight againstpowerfulrivals, and level up your martial arts & karatefighting skillsto get top-level ranking in this amazing boxingaction game. Proveyour skills as the powerful martial arts fighterand beat yourenemies in the ring till their last breath to get tothe top-levelranking in this fanatical karate game 2020. Win eachlevel and earnpoints to increase your ranking. Watch adds to earnextra points.The enemies in the game are tough and competent andwill give you avery rough time by using diverse action fightinggames stylesincluding taekwondo, Thai, kung fu, boxing, and others.Show yourtop-level fighting skills to overcome all of the enemieswith thepower of kung fu karate tiger claw style. Fight the enemiestounlock new levels, characters, and boxer’s strength to increasethepower of fighting and knock out your opponent’s so that theyneverfight with you again in MMA fighting. Create your dreamfighterfrom multiple thrilling moves and fight for the tournamentbelt forthis martial art game fighting. Destroy the opponent, ring,andeven the referee to be the one and only World MMA championofaction game 3D. Martial Arts Master: Extreme MMA fighting Games3DGame Features: Fight and defeat World MMA champions to level uponthe scoreboard Win matches to earn points to unlocknexttournaments and characters Unlimited kung fu, karate andmartialarts challenges Smooth gameplay with excellent graphicsFightagainst the world’s toughest Mix Martial Arts championsEnergeticBackground music Sound effects to boost your energy
GYM Fighting Games: Bodybuilder Trainer Fight PRO 1.5.0
Welcome to the sequel of the famous action fighting game ‘GYMFighting! Survive on the ring leaving your opponent no chance tostay alive! Beat your entire GYM fighting trainer and become thefree man. Do you enjoy engaging in life or death duels againstdangerous Gym fighters? If you do, try our newest FREE actionboxing game: Gym Fighting Games You are a GYM workout trainer &karate fighter, desperately want to leave your gang, but your ganghas other ideas. You need to fight for your life, which could endvery soon if you make the wrong move. Enter the world of GYMmartial arts once! Face and beat new fighting opponents and proveyour mastery over a GYM Fighter Style. Ultimate gym karate Kung Fufighting Champion is an exciting arcade fighting action game, it isthe adventures arcade boxing game to enjoy street karate fighting& kung fu tiger battle game-play, fighting animations, special3d effects, thrilling sounds and real fighting styles. Prove yourskills as the powerful master ninja against Kung Fu street boss.Your rivals use diverse fighting styles including taekwondo, MuayThai, Kung Fu, boxing, and other, show your top-level fightingskills to overcome all of the opponents with the power of Kung Futiger claw style. Fight against powerful rivals, win over them andearn points to unlock new ranks of your progression. Earn pointsfor each wining against opponent, fight against powerful rivals,and level up your gym karate fighting skills to get top-levelranking. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy with new strikesand fighting styles getting points for each winning match. Gymfighting consistent action is strong; you are presenting a visualand sensory double enjoyment. Continued passion and blood at thesame time. Play & enjoy the gym fighting games action boxinggame and learn how to fight hand to hand, unarmed with your punchesand kicks. How to use yourself with amazing skills to block theenemy kicks & punches is also an essential part of fightingarts. ""Gym fighting"" lovers will enjoy like boxing gameexperience. Street fighting lovers will enjoy the gym-fightingexperience. Trophies are for winners of street karate champions.Maintain the ranking for street karate champion in this real Karatefighter game. Quickness is key to win the hand-to-hand fight. InKung Fu, there are many blockage techniques to defend yourself fromenemy attacks. Keep an eye on every move of your enemy that isfighting with you. Use punches and kicks with accuracy and quickly.Take timely decision, attack on enemy with punches and kicks onproper time and block enemy attack using accuracy and speed in youractions. Gym karate fighting & Kung Fu tiger boxing game 3d isready for street karate professionals. Opponents are ready for hardpunch and kick show. Use enemy power against himself. In the senseof real self-defence & boxing combat game. GYM Fighting Games:Bodybuilder Trainer Fight PRO Features: • Win Gym Karate matches& get rewarded points to unlock next tournament • Battleagainst toughest GYM fighters and become world Street Karatechampion • Select and modify your GYM Karate ninja in Kung fu Tigerstyles • Kung Fu king Street Karate tournaments with big rewards •Get promoted by defeating king fighter tournament legends •Unlimited Level Mode & Career Mode Challenges • Backgroundmusic & sound effects will increase your energy in GYM streetfighting
World Tag Team Wrestling Revolution Championship 3.1.5
Do you like fighting games then check that Wrestling game. Worldtag team wrestling revolution championship is the first of his kindgame where you select your team and compete with the best teams ofthe world. Become universal champion of wrestling after beating alltag team champion wrestlers in the world. Ultimate world tag teamwrestling champions & kick fighting heroes take part inadventures challenging role in this addictive wrestling & kickfighting game. Beat all tag team champion wrestlers in thisultimate world wrestling competition game and become universal tagteam champion of wrestling fight federation. The world tag teamstars wrestling revolution pro & real kick fighting 3d game isplanned especially for tag team wrestling fighting lovers and kickfighting lovers from all over the world wrestling super star fansto watch & play your favorite hero any time. It is an action& adventure sports game so do not hesitate to face yourchallengers. Become universal champion of wrestling after beatingall tag team champion wrestlers in the world. Test new strikingtechniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches or even gymnasticdodging and jumping art of fighting. Excite the crowd with yourreal wrestling fight style, improve your fighting skills and be thebest wrestler in the world. Participate in the world wrestlingchampionship fighting contest, defeat all your opponents and winthe summer slam champion’s belt, world best champions in your wayplaying wrestling revolution great fighting sport game for allheavy weight fighting lovers. World Tag Team Wrestling RevolutionChampionship Game Features Multiple male wrestlers. Differentfighting styles including Taekwondo, karate, Kung Fu & Boxing.Super & Ultimate wrestling knockout mode. Authentic actions andrealistic wrestling moves Career Mode to fight with world wrestlers3D animations and realistic quality sound Awesome sounds andrealistic scene in this game including ring, timer, bell and clock,makes you feel that as you are watching real wrestling live streamjust in the world-wrestling matches
Wrestling Fight Revolution 20: World Fighting Game 1.4.5
Let’s excite the crowd with your wrestling fight style, improveyourfighting skills and be the best wrestler in the world.Participatein the world wrestling champions fighting contest,defeat all youropponents and win the summer wrestling championsbelt. Game isespecially designed for wrestle mania fightinglovers. Game has twofree modes. A wrestling superstar careerchallenges will drive youto take risky shots in the ring. Knockoutmode puts the power,intensity, and excitement of royal wrestlingfights in your device.Win the battle of ultimate fantasy match inuniversal champion’scompetition. Become universal champion ofwrestling after beatingall tag team champion wrestlers in theworld. Beat all tag teamchampion wrestlers in this world wrestlingcompetition game andbecome universal champion of wrestling. How toPlay and Defeat SuperStar Wrestlers World best champions in yourway playing as wrestlingfight revolution great sport game for allheavy weight fightinglovers. Upgrade your wrestler to enjoy theprofessional experiencewith no limits of time. Some wrestlersmight be stronger than theylook, so train yourself a lot to proveyour strength as a realwrestling athlete. Test new strikingtechniques, like karate kicksand boxing punches or even gymnasticdodging and jumping art offighting. Fight using a variety ofrevolutionary facing typetechniques such as close fighting, jointlocks, pins to gain, throwsand takedowns, use different fightingtechniques like kung Fu, MuayThai, martial arts, karate, taekwondoand uphold a wrestlingsuperstar position against your wrestlingring opponents. MatchWining & Video Rewarded Points Earnpoints for each winningagainst rival, fight against strongwrestlers and level up yourworld wrestling skills to get top-levelranking. Upgrade your power,speed, and accuracy with new strikesand unlock modern combosgetting points against each rumble winningmatch. Earn maximumpoints to unlock next level by watchingrewarded videos. Game PlayModes & Player Selection: In thiswrestling fight revolution2020 sports action game, the gameplay isvery simple and easy. Thiswrestling fighters game developed in twoamazing & differentgameplay modes. First, you need to chooseyour favorite wrestler,then select a wrestling battle mode. Quickplay mode consists of 50+different fighting levels; knockout modesis like once you lose thefight you will be kick out to thetournament. Quick Play Mode: Quickplay mode consists of 50+different fighting levels, win the matchand unlock next level. Inquick play mode, you will face realfighters with martial art,karate and punch boxing skills. Prepareyourself and defeatmultiple tag team rivals in this quick fightingchallenge mode.Enjoy the real fighting battles to defeat allwrestling rivals.Knockout Mode: Knockout mode is like, once youlose the fight youwill be kick out to the tournament. In“knockout”, fighting mode,which features top world wrestlers indifferent fighting levels.However, keep in mind, no second chancein knockout mode. Wrestlingknockout match wining will increase thepower, intensity, andexcitement of tournament. So what are youwaiting for? Let’sdownload it right now and start playing thisrevolutionarywrestling & fighting game.
Karate King Final Fights: Kung Fu Fighting Games 1.1.2
Karate king final fights & kung fu fighting games offers realninja combat & attack gaming experience with blood pumpingkarate final fighting challenges. 2020 best kung fu & karatefighting game is a combo and extreme action fighting game with freeadventures against legend fighters. In this game, you are a karatefighter who fights against the world daring kung fu fighters, whichturns into real best fights with the feel of ultimate dead or aliverules. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punchesand combos, beat all challengers, and become the king of karatenow. In kung fu, there are a lot of blockage skills to defendyourself from enemy attacks. Rapid response on every move of yourenemy legends that is fighting with you. Take timely decisions,attack on enemy with punches and kicks on proper time and blockenemy attack using accuracy and speed in your ultimate actions.Advanced animation and stunning 3d graphics bring the real Karateexperience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls makejab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. In the sense of realself-defense & attacking combat game. So what are you waitingfor? Let’s continued passion and blood at the same time. Fightagainst powerful rivals, win over them and earn points to unlocknew ranks of your progression. Upgrade your power, speed, andaccuracy with new strikes and legend fighting styles getting pointsfor each winning match. Ultimate karate kung fu fighting championis an exciting arcade fighting final action game, it is theadventure arcade game to enjoy karate king final fights & kungfu fighting games game-play, fighting animations, special 3deffects, thrilling sounds and real fighting styles. Play thetoughest of real kick fighting game against world pro legendsfighting champ ever. Are you professional enough to control a giantchampions in this kick fighting match 2020? Control, punch, kick,super punch, super kick, flip kick and fight with all challengerfighters cleverly and defeat them badly in this real kung fufighting games battle. Karate king final fights & kung fufighting games game 3d is ready for karate professionals. Karategang rivals are ready for hard punch and kick show. Karate loverswill enjoy ultimate fighting 3d game experience. Trophies are forwinners of karate champions. Your rivals use diverse fightingstyles including taekwondo, muay Thai, kung fu, boxing, and other,show your top level fighting skills to overcome all of the rivalswith the power of kung fu karate tiger claw style. Enjoy karateking final fights & kung fu fighting games game and learn howto fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your punches and kicks how touse yourself with amazing skill to block the enemy kicks andpunches is also an essential part of martial arts. Let’s become theworld greatest karate kick fighter like battle against ninja kungfu fighters gang in this extreme action-packed game. In karate kingfinal fights & kung fu fighting games game earn points for eachwining against challengers, fight against powerful rivals, andlevel up your karate legendry fighting skills to get top levelranking. Prove your skills as the powerful master ninja againstkung fu fighters. Karate King Final Fights: Kung Fu Fighting Gamesfeatures: • Fight against dangerous fighters and become worldkarate champion • Use superpower to knockdown challenger’s energyinstantly • Play with your favorite karate legend in kung fu kingstyles • Kung fu karate king competitions with big rewards • Winkung fu 2020 matches & get rewarded points to unlock nexttournament • Get promoted by defeating world legend fighterchallenge 2020 • Attractive environment to increase your fightingpassion • Background music & sound effects will increase yourenergy in karate ring • Uninterrupted and smooth touching screencontrols
Women Wrestling Fight Revolution: Fighting Games 3.3
Get ready to rule the wrestling ring in this wrestle mania seasonasa celebrity wrestling Superstars, the biggest update of thesuperwomen battle game has been released that has thrilled overmillionsof wrestling games players around the world. Let’s jumpinto theworld women celebrity wrestling ring to show your womenheavyweightchampion power as a Queen of the and use all women bestwrestlingfight skills to defeat your rivals. Survive in the ringleaving yourrivals no chance to win, fight against heavy weighttop womenwrestlers and level up your wrestling fight skills on thetop levelto win the women world fighting revolution tournament.Become afemale top wrestler champion in this celebrity wrestling&fighting simulator game like world fighting battle. WorldWomenWrestler Vs Bikini Girls Wrestlers: Join in the women worldfightingchampions contest, defeat all your opponents women and winthesummer women wrestling champions belt, world best winners inyourway playing as wrestling fight revolution great fighting sportgamefor all heavyweight fighting lovers. Win the battle ofultimatefemale fantasy match in women universal champion’scompetition, thenew women international competition that thrillthe greatestwrestling superstars against each other in theultimate warriorbattle for fame. Game Play Modes & PlayerSelection: In thisfemale wrestling fight revolution 2020 sportsaction game, thegameplay is very simple and easy. This womenwrestling fighter’sgame developed in two amazing & differentgameplay modes. First,you need to choose your favorite wrestlerand then select awrestling battle mode. Quick play mode consistsof 50+ differentfighting levels; knockout modes is like once youlose the fight youwill be kick out to the tournament. Quick PlayMode: Quick play modeconsists of 50+ different fighting levels,win the match and unlocknext level. In quick play mode, you willface real girl’s fighterswith martial art, karate and punch boxingskills. Prepare yourselfand defeat multiple tag team rivals inthis quick fighting challengemode. Enjoy the real girls fightingbattles to defeat all femalewrestling rivals. Knockout Mode:Knockout mode is like, once youlose the fight you will be kick outto the tournament. In“knockout”, fighting mode, which features topworld women wrestlersin different bikini girls fighting levels.However, keep in mind, nosecond chance in knockout mode. Wrestlingknockout match wining willincrease the power, intensity, andexcitement of tournament. MatchWining & Video Rewarded Points:Earn points for each winingagainst rival, fight against strongwrestlers and level up yourworld girls fighting skills to gettop-level ranking. Upgrade yourpower, speed, and accuracy with newstrikes and unlock modern combosgetting points against eachrumble-winning match. Earn maximumpoints to unlock next level bywatching rewarded videos. Amazing& Advanced Gameplay Features:The women wrestling fightrevolution 2020 game especially designedfor female wrestling &fighting lovers and the entire worldfighting super star lovers towatch & play with your favoritecelebrity any time. Trial newstriking techniques, like karatekicks and boxing punches or evengymnastic dodging and jumping artof fighting. Jaw, dropping arenagraphics, quick touch controls andaction packed gameplay produce anamazing wrestling fightexperience for cage fight and no mercyfights fan lovers. Real tagteam wrestling puts the power,intensity, and excitement of femalewrestling in your portabledevice. Women wrestling fight revolutiongames will give you accessto all superstar girls wrestler’s fightsin all events of worldfighting competition in HD quality gameplay. So what are youwaiting for? Let’s download it right now andstart playing thisrevolutionary women wrestling & bikini girlsfighting game.
World Tag Team Super Punch Boxing Star Champion 3D 2.5
World Tag Team Super Punch Boxing Star Champion 3D & realkickfighting will give you access to all superstar punch boxers&tag team fights in all events of world punch boxingchampionshipwith hd quality game play. Let's be ready to start yourtag teampunch boxing championship for the upcoming fighting eventsof 2018.Defeat all the world class tag team champions with face tofacefights & move quickly in the ring like legend punch boxeranddodge your contestant with your quick left, right suddenstrongkick attacks. So get ready and start real super star fightingmatchtournament with this ultimate kick fighting world punchboxingchampion’s game. Freestyle ring & cage fighting gameloverswill enjoy & find it more interesting punch boxing 3dgame.World punch boxing champion’s combines with action fights&real experience of tag team punch boxing simulation in onesingle3d game. Upgrade your punch boxer strength to enjoytheprofessional tag team punch boxing experience with unlimitedfun.Knockout will increase the power, intensity, and excitementofroyal tag team punch boxing fighting. Win the battle ofultimateincredible match in world champion’s tournament. Fightusing avariety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, jointlocks,close fighting, throws and take downs. Some tag team punchboxersmight be stronger than they look, so train yourself asaprofessional punch boxer to prove your strength as real tagteampunch boxing champion. A punch boxing superstar careerchallengeswill drive you to take risky shots in the ring. Easygameplay andfull control. Now it’s time to participate in the worldpunchboxing championship fighting contest, defeat all youropponents andwin the universal championship, world best championsare in yourway to playing world punch boxing tournament. Experiencethe realfighting simulation game and enhance your kick fightingskills.Upgrade you’re fighting expertise with power full &strongkicks in free kick fighting 3d game. Become universalchampion ofpunch boxing after beating all tag team champion punchboxers inthe world. Ultimate world tag team punch boxing champions&kick fighting heroes take part in adventures challenging roleinthis addictive punch boxing & kick fighting game. Beat alltagteam champion punch boxers in this ultimate world punchboxingcompetition game and become universal tag team champion ofpunchboxing fight federation. The World Tag Team Super Punch BoxingStarChampion 3D & real kick fighting 3d game is plannedespeciallyfor tag team punch boxing fighting lovers and kickfighting loversfrom all over the world punch boxing super star fansto watch &play your favorite hero any time. It is an action& adventuresports game so do not hesitate to face yourchallengers. World TagTeam Super Punch Boxing Star Champion 3Ddoubles fighting gameoffers multi fighting experience to fans inthis single game ofmulti stars punch boxing action. World Tag TeamSuper Punch BoxingStar Champion 3D is the most realistic fightingsimulation game.Game is especially designed for punch boxing &kick fightinglovers. A punch boxing super stars career challengeswill driveyour tag team to take risky shots in the ring. World TagTeam SuperPunch Boxing Star Champion 3D Game Features: World HeavyWeightChampions Battle against Your Tag Team Punch Boxing teamWorldSuperstars Tag Team Punch Boxing Champion’s Tournament RealRivalsEngagements and Punch & Kick Boxing Motions FaceDifferentPunch Boxing & Kick Boxing Rivals with Pro FightingTechniquesUltimate World Action Packed Tag Team Punch Boxing &KickBoxing Fighting Game World Professional Punch Boxers inDoublesFighting Tournament 3d Animations and Realistic QualitySound HeatYour Blood
Wrestling Rumble Superstar: Extreme Fighting Games 4.5
James, a young wrestler from a small town wants to fulfill hischildhood dream and to become a world wrestling champion. Havingsome insight into professional wrestling street and ringtournaments, he moved to New York to fulfill his life-long dream ofbecoming a world wrestling superstar and joins a wrestling club,which exposes him to the challenges of extreme wrestle fighting andunleashes his inner fighting skills. Soon he has to fight againstthe most powerful and strong wrestlers around the world in streetfighting games competition. Imagine yourself as James and get readyto jump into the ring and experience the most thrilling wrestlingbattle of 2020 in this fighting arena game. Wrestling RumbleSuperstars Extreme Fighting game is specially designed for extremewrestling, boxing, and kick fighting game lovers. Fight against thetop wrestlers from all around the world and enjoy ultimate fightinggames to unleash your inner fighter. Easy gameplay with smoothcontrols will drive you insane. Free style players will enjoy thisaction-packed wrestling 3D game. SmackDown all wrestling rumblefighters in this ultimate world wrestling game and become the worldchampion. Now this is the time to jump in the ring and unleash yourfighting skills. Experience real-life wrestling and take yourskills to the next level. In this pro wrestling game, you will geta chance to fight against the best wrestling professional ringchampions around the world. Beat your opponent by performingwrestling moves like chokeslam, leg slam and drop kick. It is themost adventurous wrestling fighting game, an exciting 3d game toenjoy reality like wrestling rumble fights and experience worldfree style fighting gameplay, fighting animations, 3d fightinggame, thrilling sounds and real fighting styles. So, train yourselfto be a professional wrestler and prove your wrestling blood as aprofessional wrestling rumble champion. This Wrestling RumbleSuperstars Extreme Fighting game has different modes and levels.Fight and win each level to earn points and unlock next levels forultimate wrestling championship games. Upgrade your power, speed,and skills with new tactics and unlock new combos and get pointsagainst each rumble winning match. Earn more points to unlock thenext level by watching rewarded videos. Fight different wrestlingenemies from all around the world. Create and customize your dreamwrestlers from multiple options Update your wrestler’s strength, toincrease your wrestling and fighting skills and knockout the worldwrestling champions. Modes include quick play, ranked mode, revengemode and ring mode. Unique features like Hard-hitting action,stunning graphics, drama, new game modes, additional match types,and deep creation capabilities make this game the most excitingwrestling game. Enjoy fighting with heavyweight champions in thering in this free ultimate wrestling game. Become the universalchampion of Rumble wrestling after beating all wrestling championsin the world. Think and practice new tactics and skills and trainyour Superstars to their full potential to beat your enemy in thering who is skilled in Rumble wrestling fighting. Compete againstyour opponents all over the world in different events andchallenges in this ultimate wrestling battle. So, remember onething “Two men, one ring, one winner!”, gear up and get ready to bethe world wrestling champion. Key features of Wrestling RumbleSuperstars Extreme Fighting games: • Professional World wrestlersfrom top arena matches • Real Wrestling rules, fighting styles andactions • Heavyweight world wrestling champions to fight againstyou • Super and exciting wrestling champions tournament • Realisticactions and accurate wrestling tactics • Energetic background soundeffects to boost your energy level • Excellent graphics with smoothgameplay • 3d animations and realistic gameplay
Robot X Street Battle: Beat Em Up Warrior Assassin 2.8
Steel Robot Shadow Combat Warrior: Let’s jump into the sci-fimachines world and play ninja robot fighting combat againstfuturistic superhero’s in best endless American robots beat em upkarate fighting adventure game. Enjoy action packed beat em up toprobot wrestling game, combat against iron supervillains and steelrobot fighters. Now it’s time to take action in this superherorobot combat fighting mission with cool graphics & sounds thatcan compete with any best free martial art fighting games. EpicRobot Fighting Revenge: Steel robot x martial art fighting actiongame is great combination of robotic & futuristic epic gameplaywith easy controls of x-ray robot kung fu fighting games. Thisrobot samurai warriors wrestling game especially designed for robotmartial art fighting lovers. It's very easy, we made it in classicarcade style & new beat em up battle style, play machinesuperhero kung fu fighting game to unleash your inner mortal combatrage. Superhero robot is waiting for the eternity warriors combatagainst every enemy robot in your way. Try to win in lone survivalrobot war, earn points after every successful legendary robotultimate fighting challenge to unlock next level. How to FightAgainst Futuristic Robot Warriors: Use your robot power comboattacks to eliminate all samurai warriors in this real ninja robotfighting games. Use heavy super power combos and move quickly likea spider and combat attack on street ninja karate robot machines.Quickly & unpredictable attack on martial art & kung furivals will unlock the next real superhero robot level. Unleashyour rage in streets of American futuristic robot world. Unlock newfighting robots featuring immortal martial art, kung fu and karateskills. Tap buttons to make ninja robot clan attacks like punch,kicks, super combo and jump. Tap on the attack buttons to use thedifferent martial art kicks and kung fu punch boxing attacks. Jumpsand blocks to avoid robot’s street attack in machine fightingadventure epic game. Earn coins to unlock advanced steel robots andget incredible new super powers combos to become an immortalmartial art combat fighter. Transform Robots Battle Wining Rewards:Upgrade your super powers, speed, and accuracy with new fightingstrikes and super combos getting points for each winning match.Earn points for each wining against rivals, fight against powerfulkarate & boxing challengers and level up your robot kung fuskills to get top-level ranking. Robot X Shadow Warrior Combat:Beat Em Up Assassin Game Features: • Play with dark ninja robot inkung fu robot street fighting • Use robot combo powers to declineenergy rapidly • Street brawl against futuristic robot fighters andrescue robotic world • Defeat kung fu fighters & get rewardedpoints to unlock next level • Beautiful 3d city street environmentwill increase your karate fighting passion • Background music &sound effects will upgrade your energy
Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble: Women Fighting Games 1.2.9
Bad girls wrestling rumble offers superstar model girls fightingexperience in this amateur girl wrestling game. Bad girls wrestlinggame is combined with real professional women wrestling actions.Welcome to the world of bad girls wrestling it seems to be a realfreestyle legends wrestling tournament that has different levels ofmultiple female wrestlers matches. Select from different modelgirls wrestlers with advanced fighting styles & techniques. Useprofessional wrestling skills and amazing combo power to take downthe energy of your women's opponent. Our latest free bad girlswrestling game will give you a chance to fight against worldsuperstars models in the women royal wrestling rumble championshipwith HD quality graphics & advanced gameplay modes. Bad girlswrestling game specially designed for amateur girls, professionalwomen wrestling lovers. Game Play Modes & Player Selection: Inthis bad girl wrestling rumble sports game, the gameplay is verysimple and easy. These women wrestling action sports game developedin three amazing & different modes. First, you need to chooseyour favorite Bad girl wrestler, women wrestlers category consistsof three different types of female wrestlers like amateur,professional, and legends & then select a royal battle mode.The royal battle mode consists of two different fighting gameplaymodes like story mode and knockout mode. Story Mode: The story modeis all about the real-life of bad girls wrestling stars, behindevery fight there is a backyard personal vengeance, which willincrease the intensity of rage against rivals in the royalbackyard-wrestling ring. First time in the history of wrestling; instory mode backyard bad girl wrestlers' clashes will be convertedinto personal fights in different & latest gameplay challenges.Knockout Mode: In “knockout”, fighting mode, which features top badwomen wrestlers challenging in different fighting levels. However,keep in mind, no second chance in knockout mode. Knockoutmatch-winning will increase the power, intensity, and excitement ofbad girls wrestling fights. Game Wining Rewards: Earn points foreach winning against an opponent, fight against strong Bad girlwrestlers, and level up your world wrestling skills to get atop-level ranking. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy with newstrikes and modern fighting styles getting points for each royalwrestling rumble winning a match. Daily Rewards: In “daily rewardsmode”, you will earn bonus points daily that will help you tounlock the next bad model girl, ultimately getting more points willupgrade power, speed, and accuracy with new strikes and fightingstyles. Earing maximum points to unlock the next level by watchingrewarded videos. Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble: Women Fighting GamesFeatures: • Choose a player from the list of royal bad girlswrestlers • Face toughest women wrestling warriors and become thequeen of the backyard rink • Enjoy two Different gameplay mode totest your wrestling skills • Defeat all freestyle Bad wrestlers in“Story Mode” • Extreme challenging “Knockout Mode” will test yourfighting skills • Bad Girls Heavyweight champions fight againstworld women wrestling superstars • Royal girls wrestling rivals inaction with extreme rumble fighting gestures • Win girls wrestlingmatches & get rewarded points to unlock the next challenge •Background music & sound effects will boost your energy
High School Bully Gangster: Karate Fighting Games 1.1.3
Fight with high school gangster boys & girls before they beatyou in kung fu karate revenge. As a third-person player, you haveto face the bullies of the school and save your friends living inthis high school. Different boys & girls are taking part inthis kung fu karate challenges. All matches are held at differentplaces with extreme environments. The school fighting is nowchallenging and has come with many different girls & boyscharacters with many different superheroes competing for skills.You can complete your dreams and defeat the school gangster in megabrawls. Set out the trip where you have to face your school rivalsto succeed. Kick out all school fighters. Flash into the cityschool and become the master of school muay thai champion. Highschool bully gangster: karate fighting games offer action andadventures kung fu karate challenges. Be the brutal fighter in highschool and get ready for some great fun of your life by bullyingstudents in high school. In this gangster school fun game, you canplay at amazing new exciting places around the city schools. Thisis a kung fu karate game and you are challenging the entire cityschool gangsters to face teen karate bullies to show theirstrength. It's time you can show yourself among the rivals of yourschool in this bully school fighting challenge. Use quick reflexesand special moves, unleash fierce punches and combos, beat allrivals, and become the king of college kung fu karate champion.School fighting gang is a third person bad boy’s & girl’s gamewhere a teenager is entered into the school life to enjoy insultingother school boys & girls. Play high school bully gangster 3dgames & start the toughest school arena brawl. Try differentavenger styles including taekwondo, muay thai, kung fu, boxing, andothers, and enjoy being a real american brawl high school star.Spread the free fire of your wrath. Live like a high school ganghero in this high school karate 3d game. Fight against bully boysand defeat them using karate & kung fu tricks to earn points orsurvive in the ground as long as you can. Survive in the brawlagainst gangsters and be the king of karate fighters, achieve thetop, and defeat them with kicks & punches like ninja schoolwarriors. Earn points for each defeat rivals, avenge powerfulschool bully rivals, and level up your boxing skills to the toplevel. Prove your worth as the powerful kung fu school gangster.Earn points and upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy or unlocknew strikes and fighting styles getting points for each winning.Refined animation and stunning 3d graphics bring the real kung fusamurai experience into your hand, while intuitive touchscreencontrols make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Win thecrazy attack & escape high school. Hit them hard with yourstrike weapons & brawl for your life in high school bullygangster: karate fighting games. High school bully gangster: karatefighting games features: • Fight against strongest high schoolgirls & boys gangsters • Different combat & fighting stylesin high school gang’s karate match • Thrilling & challengingstudent’s girls & boys challenges • Use punch & kickssudden attack to defeat your rivals • High school gangster kung fu& karate challenge with big rewards • Get promoted by defeatingbully fighters in city high school gang brawls. • Smooth, easy& intuitive controls in-game • Background music & soundeffects will boost your energy in a gangster karate fighting match• Play mode & knockout mode kung fu karate challenges
Ninja Superhero Fighting Games: City Kung Fu Fight 7.1.2
Superhero Streets Kung Fu Fighting & Super Ninja Combat BattleStory: Let’s jump into the criminals' Vegas city streets and playspy robot ninja katana sword master fighting combat againstfuturistic superheroes in best endless American robot ninja warriorfighting adventure superhero games. Broz Lee is a stick ninjafighting and martial art champion that is a Takashi Ninja shadowfighter in the supreme ninja game like Kung Fu fighters’ style. Heenters the dragon city to rescue her girlfriend Ying Yue in beat emup ninja fighting revenge. Lee came to know that! Ying Yue kidnapedby criminal gangs who set a trap for her and hired mercilessrooftop criminal super ninja, to assassin clumsy superhero ninja.Broz Lee decide to face them in beat em up fights and rescue hisgirlfriend from the Mr. Devil ninja exile. Shadow criminal lordsalready seized the urban city and Broz Lee teenage ninja shoulddestroy their mafia network. City people want to kick away mutantshadow fighters from their cities and streets. It seems thateverything is going to collapse but Kung Fu rope ninja masterappears as a last samurai hope for the town. Time to take yourjustice in this superhero classic ninja combat of beat em upfighting mission in best free superhero fighting ninja games.Rooftop Superhero Ninja Streets Fighting Combat: Ninja Superheromartial art fighting battle run game is a great combination offanatical & futuristic super robot gameplay with easy controlsof ultimate ninja Arashi in new Kung Fu fighting games. Thissamurai warrior’s superhero fighting game specially designed foramazing rope ninja stick fight lovers. It's very easy, we made itin arcade open-world ninja game mode & new beat em up urbansupreme Ninja battle run style, play superhero games to unleashyour inner street mortal beat em up combat rage. The gang ofsamurai shadow warriors taken control of the Vegas city crimestreets, you have to stop Vegas criminal activities, iron rods& legend ninja katana swords are waiting for the eternitywarrior’s combat against every enemy in your way. Try to win inninja warrior assassin in lone survival beat em up, earn pointsafter every successful stickman ninja fighting challenge to unlockthe next level. How to Stick Fight against Vegas Urban City StreetsCriminals: Tap buttons to make devil ninja sword attacks &kicks. Tap on the attack button to pick up the different tools likemutant samurai ninja katana sword, baseball bat, wooden box, ironrod & archery weapons from the battleground. Jumps and blocksto avoid street shadow warrior devil in superhero ninja games.Collect coins to unlock new combos and get incredible superpowersto become an immortal martial art combat fighter. Quickly &unpredictable attacks on martial art & Kung Fu fighters willunlock the next real superhero ninja level. Unleash your rage inthe streets of the American futuristic ninja beat em up world.Unlock new katana sword fighting style features of immortal ninjamartial art, Kung Fu champion, and karate. Use your legend ninjakatana sword attacks to eliminate all samurai warriors in thisninja Kung Fu fighting game. Use heavy superpower combos and movequickly like a spider rope superhero game and attack on Vegas cityKung Fu fighters. Enjoy action-packed beat em up assassin bestfighting game is supreme ninja battle run against amazingsupervillains and streets robot fighting master. Vegas CityCriminal Mafia Gang Battle Rewards: Upgrade your jumping Ninjasuperpowers, speed, and accuracy like spider rope fighting strikesand super combos getting points for each winning match. Earn pointsfor each winning against shadow rivals, stick fight againstpowerful karate & boxing challenges, and level up your robotKung Fu skills to get top-level ranking.
Anime Fighters Final X Battle: Epic Fighting Games 1.0.3
Start the arcade action fighting game with universe epicjourneywhere you will lead your super anime fighter and achieve agloriousvictory in the last X battle. Whatever you need to befearless andunstoppable. Let the enemies face your rage. Did youever want tobe able to fight with anime characters in differentuniverses? Nowall of these superheroes are gathered in one spacegame. Whetherit's a fight between heroes from the same cosmos, adifferentuniverse or a fight between villains from different animecosmoseswho could have never been able to meet in another way.AnimeFighter is great combination of epic, fanatical &futuristicgameplay with easy controls of anime fighting games. Thisanimefighter game especially designed for manga art fans andanimatedsuperheroes game fans. It is very easy; we made it asarcade actionlast battle game lovers, play anime superhero lastbattle games tounleash your inner combat rage. Try to win insurvival finalbattle, earn points after every successful fightingchallenge tounlock next galaxy rival. Defeat in any X battle willgive youchance to fight with master to regain your last battleskills.Anime Universe Fighting Game Rewards: Earn points for eachwiningagainst rivals, fight against galaxy powerful karate &boxingchallengers and level up your anime kung fu skills to gettop-levelranking. Upgrade your super powers, speed, and accuracywith newstrikes and fighting combos getting points for each winningmatch.How to Fight Against Anime Galaxy Fighters: Earn points tounlocknew combos and get incredible super powers to become animmortalmartial art combat fighter. Tap on the superpower button toattacklike ninja sword, fireball, iron rod & archery weapons.Tapkick buttons to attack rapid kicks. Jumps and blocks toavoidshadow warrior attacks. Unlock new fighting’s styles featuresofanime martial art, kung fu and karate. Use combo attackstoeliminate rapidly in this ninja fighting game. Use heavysuperpowercombos and move quickly like a spider and sudden attackon animeshadow warriors. Quick & unpredictable attack on animemartialart & kung Fu rivals will unlock the next animesuperhero.Unleash your rage in epic & futuristic final battle.Enjoyaction packed anime fighting games is mortal X battlesagainstanime supervillains. Anime Fighters Final X Battle: EpicFightingGames Features: • Fight against universe anime fighters andwinglorious last battle • Use superhero ninja powers toknockdownrivals’ energy rapidly • Anime kung Fu warrior &karate kingchallenge with big rewards • Play with your super animehero inkung fu king shadow fighting match • Defeat anime kung Fufighters& get rewarded points to unlock next level • Backgroundmusic& sound effects will upgrade your energy in shadow karate•Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls • Beautiful 3dcosmosenvironment will increase your fighting passion
Prison Lockdown 2020: Jail Escape Fighting Games 2.2
The epic story of a martial art champion, he is imprisoned inworldmost notorious jail as he will fight for his freedom. Liamwronglyconvicted and gets imprisoned after an accident, now heescapedfrom lockup for his freedom, if he beat the prison inmatefighters.After seven years prison a former Muay Thai champion hadno choiceto escape from jail that will allows him freedom. Liammust survivein a prison where hardened criminals fighting for thelife. Inlockup; prisoners are forced to fight each other, for suredeath ispart of this beat em up fighting game, other side it’simpossibleto break the death cell for safe escape, there is onlyway out tofight hard with martial art champions in this lockupescape beat emup fighting game. Fight hard against lockup fightingrivals toclear your way and win freedom from jail security walls.This mixedmartial arts game will teach you a variety of karate,Muay Thai,wrestling, judo, boxing and other martial art forms thatwillexperience you a wide range of skills and kung fu training.Amazingvariants of quick moves are very realistic in a differentfightingsituation. Game Play Modes Play different modes like quickplaymode, Prison beat em up fighting game enables you to trydifferentmodes and all modes are designed in different environmentslikeIndoor Lockup fights, Outdoor Lockup fights and SewerLockupfighting. After each level, you have to face a new opponentin nextmode opponents will be more fit, athletic, faster andstronger thanprevious. So be prepared for real martial arts fightsand a realtest of your jail escape fighting skills. Quick PlayMode: In quickplay mode, you will face real kung fu fighters inthis beat em upmartial art and punch boxing game. Prepare yourselfand knockoutmultiple prisoner rivals in this quick fightingchallenge mode.Enjoy the real fighting battles to defeat all kungfu rivals. FreeMode: Play unlimited martial art fighting challengesin “FreeFighting Mode”. To unlock the free mode, you have to win1st fivematches in quick play mode. How to Play & Jail PrisonEscape:Unleash your mixed martial art skill in this Jail EscapeFightingGames. Unlock new fighters featuring with immortal martialart,kung fu and karate skills. Use amazing combos and combat attackonkarate jail prisoners. Quickly & unpredictable attack willwinmatch and unlock the next level. Use combo attacks to eliminateallprison warriors in this latest prison beat em up fightinggames.Prison Lockdown 2020: Jail Escape Fighting Games Features: •Playwith heroic kung fu king shadow fighter • Win Prisoner kungfuwarrior & karate king challenge with big rewards • Usesupercombos’ power to knockdown opponent energy rapidly • Defeatkung fufighters & get rewarded points to unlock next level •Fightagainst dangerous prison fighters to escape from jail lockup •Getpromoted by defeating jail legend fighters • Intuitive andsmoothtouching screen controls • Beautiful 3d environment toincreaseyour fighting passion • Background music & soundeffects willupgrade your energy in shadow karate
Beat Em Up Fighting Games: Kung Fu Karate Game 3.3
Are you ready for an ultimate Kickboxing Brawl? Beat em up karatefighting games is a complete package of kung fu and boxing game.Beat 'em up karate game designed in a story mode that you will haveto fight against the rivals of the city streets by applying yourkung fu karate & kickboxing skills. The kung fu fighting gamesadvanced type of brawl. Beat 'em up rivals are in wait for you.Download karate & boxing games, and help Sam defeat his karaterivals. This season does not miss extreme action. This provides areal karate fighting games of a martial arts training club whereyou have to defend yourself from multiple fighters and beat themall at once. Defeat all the kung fu fighters and become a martialarts fighting games champion. Journey to the Beat em up Karatefighter: Sam lived in a small town and was known as an angry youngman. He used to wander around in the streets with his friends andfight the local thief gang. Sam loved action-packed activities likekarate and Kung fu fights and brawl. He used to call his friends“the fam gang”. A few weeks later, a mafia owned the town where helived and they recruited people for their illegal businesses. Samdecided to teach them a lesson, and the time has now come for Samto face the biggest brawl of his life called beat em up karatefighting. Let’s play kung fu karate fighting games as Sam andtakedown mafia martial arts and brawl warriors. Win all the beat'em up karate fighting games and boxing to get coins and unlockmore levels. Get rewards after completion of each fight level.Double your free rewards by watching a video. This game offersmultiple environment modes like deserts and beaches. Each modecontains 10 levels. New modes could be unlocked by gems, whichcould be earned as a reward after completing certain levels. Watchvideos to get free coins, you can also buy additional gems andcoins through in-app purchases. Choose your favorite skin for yourbeat em up kung fu fighting games hero, unlock new skins, andincrease stamina through coins. We offer free games for boys. Thisgame offers easy and smooth controls. Fight against the toughestkarate warriors and their boss to win challenges in offline games.The kickboxing game offers the choice between your liking of heroskin and you can modify the strengths you need to beat them all.Multiple fights levels and environment modes are available. Beat emup karate fighting game has awesome background music to enhancestrength during a brawl action match. Real kung fu games simulationto experience a fight club action brawl, with realistic graphics.Earn free rewards by watching videos. Play through all levels andbecome a martial arts fighting games champion. Beat Em Up FightingGames: Kung Fu Karate Game Features: • Select and modify your beatem up fighting hero’s skin and his strengths • Get promoted to thenext level by defeating all the rivals in the previous level •Battle against toughest warriors and become kung fu champion •Multiple karate fighting levels and environment modes • Smoothgameplay with easy controls • Earn free rewards after completion oflevels and watching rewarded videos • Background music & soundeffects will increase your energy in the game • Awesome andrealistic graphics will increase your beat em up fighting gameexperience
Martial Arts Karate Combat: Cage Fighting Games 1.0.10
Get ready & wait for bell ringing, the crowd is shouting&Thai punch boxing lovers from around the world are waiting foryourfight against world boxing champions. Fight againstpowerfulfighting rivals, win over them and earn points to unlocknew ranksof your progression. Upgrade your power, speed, andaccuracy withnew strikes and MMA fighting styles getting points foreach winningmatch. Quickness is key to win the hand-to-hand fight.Play martialarts karate combat & cage fighting games and learnhow to fightface to face, unarmed, with your punches and kicks howto useyourself with amazing skill to block the enemy kicks andpunches isalso an essential part of martial arts. The real boxingexperiencein your hand, make jab, hook, and uppercut feel naturaland fun. Gotoe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushing boxers fromBangkok, LasVegas, London, Montreal, and Washington. Use quickreflexes andclever moves, unleash ferocious punches and combos,defeat allrivals and become the king of the boxing ring. Martialarts is anMMA fighting sport that needs a competitor to have avariety ofskills that can include grappling, kicking, punching, anddefense.This martial arts game will teach you a variety of karate,JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, boxing, aikido and otherartsforms that will give you a wide range of skills and awide-rangefighting lessons. Amazing variants of quick moves can berealisticin a variety of situations in a fight, this is anintroduction foryou to these positions and allows you to learncorrect practice& technique. Ultimate martial arts karatecombat & cagefighting is an exciting action game. It is theadventures 3d gamesto enjoy martial arts & world kung fu kingplay, animations,special 3d effects, thrilling sounds and realfighting styles. In amartial arts karate combat & cage fightinggames earn pointsfor each wining against opponent, fight againstpowerful rivals andlevel up your martial arts & karate skillsto get top levelranking. Prove your skills as the powerful kingfighter againstkung fu karate rivals. Your rivals use diversestyles to competeincluding taekwondo, Muay Thai, kung fu, boxing,and other, showyour top-level fighting skills to overcome all ofthe opponentswith the power of kung fu karate tiger claw style. Ina worldfighting champions & punch boxing pro game, you canselect alegendary martial arts battle fighter all over the worldand stepinto the wrestling cage. Try your finest hits to defeatyourmartial art combat opponents. Use all your games skillslikepunching, kicking, blocking, and superkicks to get youropponentdown in the ring. Performs special and striking martialarts. Fightwith the other remarkable heroes with their differentupsets andskills. Let’s become the world extreme kung fu fighterlike battleagainst kung fu fighters & wrestling superstars inthisaction-packed game martial arts karate combat & cageoffersfreestyle fighting to fans an adrenaline-pumping world ofkarate& boxing action. Martial Arts Battle King & CageFightingGames Features: • Fight against toughest martial artsfighters andbecome world champion • World professional punch boxersin fightingtournament • Ultimate world action-packed Muay Thaipunch boxinggame • Face different karate & kickboxing rivalswith profighting techniques • Fanatical heavyweight champions fightagainstyour Muay Thai punch boxer • Win fighting matches &getrewarded points to unlock next tournament • Background music&sound effects will increase your energy in tag team karatering