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Hero Battle - Fighting Games
Say no to injustice and battle in " HeroBattle - Fighting Games " !Discover a world full of action and adventure waiting just for you,in this action packed role playing game. Become a Hero for theultimate fighting experience!Set out against the legends and do battle , in the perilous journeyof a lifetime where you have to face your enemies to achieve yourtarget!Make deadly weapon shots to throw the ultimate punch in this fightclub! Play 20 levels full of power packed action and fightingcombo. This game lets you equip your mortal character withcountless real steel , lethal weapons and and features dozens oflifelike-animated fighting kombat techniques! Join the elite teamof fighting mega heroes where the mortal do kombat everyday, asthey set out to be the best fighter!Upgrade your powers, weapons and transform your avatar to be theleading fight machine!No special skills are needed, this game only asks you to have asharp mind and fast fingers!
Hunt Safari : Hunting games
Caution: Action Packed Hunting Safariahead!Let's slip into the forgotten forests of the hunters! Patrol now onfoot, moving vehicles, choppers and motorboats to go to some of theWorld’s most wildest locations & start hunting for big game!Like a real hunter, come of age, stalk your prey, better yourtracking skills, and put your hunting skills to the test in thehunt of real wild animals in this epic hunting game!Enter a vast jungle environment to kill huge animals, and try tohunt them down before they do so to you - This is the only goal ofthis hunter simulator is to become an incredible and most wantedhunter by killing dangerous predators from all over the world.Unlike deer hunting games where you just have to shoot the deerwith your gun or rifles, you actually have to remember that thisgame contains, lion and other wild animal, these animal can attackon you and can kill you.Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beast in thejungle and save yourself from their counter attacks in thissurvival island. Utilize your action, fighting and shooting skillto escape. It really is a mission on deadly shores to survive inthis most awesome hunter simulator!Hunt different wild animals like Tiger, Hyena, Lioness, Cheetah,Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Deer, Gorilla, Zebra, Elephant,Hippopotamus and Buffalo. Simply grab your sniper gun to shootthem. Experience ultimate shooting from helicopter, enjoy thechopper view and become a wild hunter!Achieve your honor and great distinction by receiving Hunt badges,in honor of your hunting skills and your great yearning to hunt andthrive as you adventure through the animals in their wilderness!Kill or be killed, it's just that simple.Take your own picture with hunted animal and share the selfie withyour friends!Game Features:- 30+ real animals with 100+ missions- Upgradable scopes, barrels, magazines etc. for the perfectshot.- Commandeer vehicles, choppers and motorboats to seekheadshots.- Awesome 3D graphics and console quality sound effects.- HD quality graphics- Different view point: sniper and basic- Unlimited ammoLeft side of the screen controls the movement, right side of thescreen controls the rotation.This is the perfect hunter simulator for you to play and it'stotally free! Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuablefor us. Thank You!Thank You!
Big Man Fighting : Hunk Stud
Big Man Fighting is an action game withsurreal fist fights and weapons. Download only if you'restrong!Play as a stud in this fighting game, punch, kick and smash yourway through the gangsters. Check out how you too can be a heftystud. Unleash the giant inside you!Embark on this herculean, journey to emerge as fighting legends.Enjoy 30 action packed levels and mighty missions in this game.It's all about being a hunk with muscle, make your big man show hismoves.Fight with hefty gangsters engage in combat missions with gangs,with your amazing power, muscle and fighter technique. Big Man willprovide nail biting action when you indulge in the role of a realhuge, muscular & angry fighter to break bones in this crimecity.With hercules like mighty efforts, swing massive weapons to causeherculean damage.Be a big Man, be a hunk and stud, the fight begins now!Stay strong and be mighty!
Dog Simulator : Pet Games
Dog Simulator is a battle for survival. Playnow as a real dog and explore huge places and awesome gardens asyou run into them. Adventure playing as your favorite dog breeds inthis awesome new animal simulator. Indulge to Battle enemies andexplore a 3D world!Build your family and pass on your genes to unlock all the dogbreeds in order to become the most powerful dog ever!Dog Simulator : Pet Games Features:CHOOSE YOUR FAMILY* Bring 3D dogs to life with your breed, name it and its gender inthis animal breeding games* You need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy ifwant to survive the harsh life of a wild dog in the streets!* Breed puppies to raise a whole family of dogs* Dynamic weather systems with unique storms, clouds, and celestialmovement. Realistic storms will bring a downpour of rain!* Play as puppies and customize them* Unlock dog breeds and learn amazing facts about dogsDOG PACK AND RPG GAMEPLAY* This is an Animal simulator: Play, Fight and Explore in this RPGanimal simulator. You get to feel exactly what it’s like to be adog!* Form a Dog Pack.* This exciting simulation game comes with multiple dog breeds tochoose from* Engage to fight dangerous new bosses and protect your family andstrengthen your pet dogA REALISTIC 3D WORLD ADVENTURE* Massive adventure awaits in a beautiful large 3D map with 6unique locations* Explore the countryside and city, each with its simulation ofreal weather conditions* Accomplish the task before the time elapse and destroy as manyobjects and do as many interactions as fast as possible.* Pick your favorite breed and live the life of a stray dog!Survive in a massive city filled with dangerous dogs and completethe challenging task.* Navigate the world by using the compass, see unique things!* Your adventure awaits, your dog characters provide continuousgameplay across all of your devices.BEST DOG BREEDS AND DOG PACKS* Build a family and choose from your favorite dog breeds in thisfree animal simulator!* Husky, Dalmatian, Daschund, Doberman, Boxer, German Shepherd ,And more!* Pick up things, search various stuff and find your way tocomplete your objectives, meat your goals. Get ready for some realadventures.* Upgrade your Dogs Strength, Stamina, and Speed!* Use your powerful bite to defend your territory and fight yourenemies!***Download Dog Simulator to experience the exciting life of astray dog surviving on the streets!How to Play:-* Use the joystick to move around the game* Tap right button to jump**Please rate and give your feedback for further improvements inthe game.
Bottle Shooter : Expert Games 1.1
Bottle Shooter : Expert Games: is a new bottle blast game with thatclassical touch gameplay. Enjoy the bottle shoot sound and specialeffects while playing this action game. Have an unlimited funplaying the Bottle shoot game with some expert levels, which wouldbe highly challenge able. The starting levels are easy to play butgradually the game will become difficult to play. Game rules arefairly simple. You have to shoot to break bottles.There is alsocombo to get higher score. The game is highly recommended for funloving shooter and those who are looking for real bottle shootingsimulation game.How to Play- Aim and smash the bottle- Be accuratewhile shooting- Accuracy will be tested in expert levels- Move left& right to shoot more bottles- Shoot to win