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SubTap 1.0
Files Studio
Sub Tap's an addictive and 2D cartoonvideogame with so many levels that you can’t stop playing. It’s funandit's free. Embark on this under water journey where there'sgoldtreasure and oh mines and torpedo traps, if they touch you,theykill you! Your submarine is lost in the deep sea. You arethecaptain! Tap to save your submarine from enemy missile andcollectthe treasure. Form a strategy to collect all coins and fuelupbefore your submarine explodes. Enjoy the best sea adventuregamewith Sub Tap.FEATURESTap to floatCollect gold coinsCollect fuel box before your submarine runs outExplore many difficulty levelsUncover hidden treasure chestsLots of exciting new levels everyday2D cartoon video gameColorful and vivid video graphics with smoothphysicsstimulationFun background musicLike us at facebook and stay updated for all our new gamesandupdates. is a registered trademark of Files Studio Ltd. Allrightsreserved.
City Criminal Shooter 1.2
Files Studio
Let’s go to finish criminals from the streets of city. Be vigilantto target terrorists and vanish them from your homeland. CityCriminal Shooter is a multi-level sniper game. The game offers thesnipper game play and lets you to target terrorists. The snipergames mainly provides the stationary sniper whereas city criminalshooter lets the sniper to walk around the city streets and findthe terrorists.City Criminal Shooter provides the lethal ammunitionfor terrorists. You are on the mission to shoot every terrorist onthe street. The ammunition is kept with you and you are on the wayto be the godfather of the city. Never surrender either die orshoot the terrorist is the mission of every sniper assassin.Therefore, being a sniper you are made to be the defender of yourhomeland. City Criminal Shooter offers the game play which isenough to run adrenaline in your blood. Chase every terrorist andshoot him at his place. To walk on the street and shoot is the newtrend introduced by the city sniper shooter. How to Play CityCriminal Shooter is an excellent game that offers the best gameplay for every sniper. Tap play to start shooting as a sniper.Tap to select level. Select telescope and target the terrorist.Shoot the terrorist as a sniper. Move to next level for moresniper missions. Features City Criminal Shooter provides theexisting features for every sniper game shooter. AdrenalineBooster Game Play. Cool Graphics and easy Controls. Easy totarget and shoot the terrorist.To be a sniper download and practiceto sharpen your sniper skills.