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Line Loops - Logic Puzzles 1.2
Line Loops is a relaxing and challenging logic game, where youtryto form a single continuous loop to solve a logic puzzle. Usethenumbers as clues to loop through thousands of brain teasinglogicpuzzles. Can you solve them all? Features: - 1000s of uniquelogicpuzzles to solve - Gradual difficulty curve for asatisfyingexperience - Hint system to help you out if you get stuck-Achievements and a global leaderboard - A simple and serenevisualstyle - Soothing, dynamic background music - Optimized forbothtablets and phones Line Loops is loosely based on theclassicJapanese game Slitherlink ( by Nikoli, the creators ofsudoku ).Slitherlink has also been called Takegaki, Suriza, Loopthe Loopand Loopy
AuroraBound - Pattern Puzzles 2.5
AuroraBound is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game, where youmatchpuzzle blocks together to discover beautiful hidden patterns.Canyou solve them all? Features: - Easy for anyone to pick up andplay- 1000s of unique puzzles to explore - A beautiful and serenevisualstyle - Soothing, dynamic background music - Gradualdifficultycurve for a satisfying experience - Hint system to helpyou out ifyou get stuck - Optimized for both tablets and phones -Translatedinto 16 languages
Aurora Hex - Pattern Puzzles 1.7
Aurora Hex - Pattern Puzzles is a relaxing and soothing puzzlegame,where you match puzzle pieces together to discover beautifulhiddenpatterns. Can you solve them all? Features: - Easy foranyone topick up and play - 1000s of beautiful patterns todiscover - Apeaceful and relaxing visual style - Gradualdifficulty curve for asatisfying and relaxing experience - Hintsystem to help you out ifyou get stuck