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Find My Phone: Find Lost Phone 8.4
Find My Phone have over 5 million downloads. Find Lost Phone is oneof best lost phone finder application that uses online GPS Trackingfunctionality to find your stolen/lost/misplaced phone. If you haveever experienced the stress associated with lost or stolen phone orfinding a misplaced silent phone then Find Lost Phone applicationis here to help you. Find My Phone is lifesaving GPS Tracker freeapplication. This is an Anti-theft/Anti-lost free GPS mobile finderapp for finding your lost phone at any time you misplace your phoneor your phone is stolen by thief, find my lost phone is there tohelp you. If you are frustrated that where is your phone, now justrelaxed this app is here to get lost phone location with just asingle command using GPS Tracker. Find My Phone is always inbackground to protect your phone. Find Lost Phone can do thefollowing for you: Find Stolen Phone: You can find your phoneanytime and can get exact phone location of your lost cell phone onmap or ring your silent phone if it is misplaced somewhere at homeor work place. Track My Phone: Only you can track your lost phonecurrent location in real time using this GPS Tracker and can sharewith friends and family so they can easily locate you on map RingSilent Phone: If your silent mobile is misplaced in home or officeand you are unable to locate it, now you can ring it remotely byjust single tap. Get lost mobile location: This app can help youfind lost phone location anytime by just single tap from any othermobile in which you login with your same Gmail id. You will get thelocation coordinates of your mobile phone. Find My Phone is alsoGPS Tracker which store your phone location history. Antitheftsolution: The key feature of this application is finding yourstolen phone. You have to just set your trusted friend or familycontact number in Last Hope settings and set your customNotification. In Lost Hope settings you can send a free messagenotification to your lost or stolen phone with your contact numberwhere you can be contacted. Trusted persons will get followingdetails of your stolen phone 1. Your mobile phone current locationcoordinates, 2. Mobile phone IMEI 3. Current Battery Status. GPSRoute Finder You can find the best route to any place nearby youand the app will guide you in real time to reach to yourdestination. Just click on any nearby places like nearby ATM,Nearby Petrol pumps etc. and this app will help you on drawingnearest routes to your destination. Save Your Favorite Places: Youcan easily save your favorite places like home, office, gym or anynew place etc. Which can help you finding best route to yourdestination anytime from anywhere by single tap. Set Notificationfor your Favorite Places: You can easily set notification time foryour places like office, gym, home and other places. This app willnotify you for your time to go to that place and you will find bestroute by just taping on your location. *** Saved Places and PlaceNotification: These are your favorite places, where you go dailylike office, gym, tuition center etc. You can set your alarmnotification for that place. Like you go to gym daily at 11:00 AM,so this app will notify you for your gym time and available bestroute to the gym. You can also navigate to your favorite savedplace from anywhere. It will help you find best route to yourplace. You can also share your favorite places with your friends.So, it will be easy for them to locate you. Note: No one can locateyou unless you share your places or current location with them.