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FingerTap Call Blocker 2016 1.0
If somebody disturb you from strangenumbersand you want to block it.But you don't know how you could blocked that number.DOn't worry now you could block all unwanted numbers from bestCallblocker app. With this best call blocker and spamssms bloCker app you can block all private and unwanted phonenumbersjust on one click.--- Feature :- Free to use- calls blacklist for blacklist numbers- Whitelist for numbers of your choice- spams sms bloCkerThis app is easy to use & you can add all unwanted numberincalls blacklist and blocked it in just one click.Add all the number you never want to block to a Whitelist. It'soneof the best call blocker app having multipleblocking modes with your choice. The master call blocker uselowpower and Cpu Consumption. Additionally you can viewallhistoryof blocked number and calls blacklist without disarrange yourphonehistory. This master call blocker supports allandroidversions& having user friendly interface and for all maturitylevelswith very simple usage.Note :FingerTap Call Blocker supports ads according to google termsandconditions. Just Download this beautiful application of2016and give us feedback.
Butterfly Lock Screen Plus 2.0
One of the best and beautiful zipper lock screen. Butterfly loverreally like and love this beautiful lock screen. Butterfly ZipperLock Screen is a free android application available on google playstore. Butterfly Zipper Lock Screen contain beautiful Butterflywallpaper. If you want to decorate your Android mobile devicescreen more gorgeous and attractive with cute Butterfly. Thendownload butterfly locker application for free of charge. Butterflylock screen makes your home screen more attractive. Enjoy thewonderful image of butterfly . --- Features of Butterfly locker : -Free butterfly lock screen application for every one - Adorable andattractive butterfly wallpaper - Easy to unlock the lock - Settingis available for enable and disable the lock screen - Latest andnew application of 2017 - Zipper screen lock unlock animation ---How to use Butterfly lock screen ? - Download and install Butterflyzipper lock screen for free - From setting enable the lock screen -Tap on zip and slide it downward, the butterfly screen lock unlockwith the nice and realistic effect Download and install Butterflylocker the latest free application of 2017. Zipper lock screen isfree and contains ads to support developers. Enjoy using butterflyscreen lock and give your feedback...! Thanks Regards : FingertapSoftware Solution Disclaimer: This zipperlock is simulator app.Zipper lock does not lock home button. This app is just fordecorating the home screen. The lockscreen unlocked by animatingthe zip.
Trone Fingerprint lock prank 1.0.1
Trone Fingerprint Lock Prank is a free application design anddeveloped by fingerTap team.Fingerprint Lock Screen is a prank appfor fun purposes.By using this fingerprint scannerandroid mobilephone can be locked and unlocked by using fingerprint.Fingerprintscreen lock is design using Trone glowing effect.--- How It Works ?---- Place finger on fingerprint scanner- Touch the scanner untilit register your finger.- Unlock your phone by keeping your fingerscanned for few seconds- A move able bar will detect your finger---Features of fingerprint screen lock ---- Stunning and amazing Troneeffect Graphics- Attractive scanning effect- Digital Clock on topwhile it is locked- Simple and attractive interface.- User canenable and disable this screen lock from given settingsactivity.Hope you will enjoy Trone Fingerprint lock screen.Do notforget to give your feedback.
Prisoner Suite Photo Editor 1.0
Prisoner suite photo editor lets you capable of seeing yourselfinto the Prisoner suite. Prisoner suite editor gives you a new wayof looking yourself. You can make fun with your friends using thisphoto editor.Get ready to become the Prisoner of a jail. By usingthis fantastic photo editor application you will look like aPrisoner in few seconds. This photo suit is one of the best andfree android application. It contains the Prisoner suite collectionof different countries. These photo suit are commonly used ispopular prison. This Prisoner Photo Editor is just a Mobile funapplication. It is particularly made for peoples who like to takephotos in Prisoner suite.The photo suit gallery has great varietyof Prisoner suite that will assist you chose your requiredsuit.Prisoner suite photo editor is one of the best androidapplication for peoples to make fun. Try out Prisoner suit with infew seconds.Make fun with friends using dress changerapplication.----- FEATURES ------ High quality Prisoner suite-Rotate, scale , zoom in / zoom out option in Prisoner photo suite-Attractive photo effects- Free Photo suit android application- Youcan select suit of your choice from Prisoner suit - It is Simplerand user friendlyInstall Prisoner suite photo editor and givefeedback. Your feedback is very important for us.This applicationsupport ads following Google policies.
Balloon Crusher Paradise 1.0.1
Everyone likes balloon but popping them is even more FUN not onlyin real life but also in games.If you love balloon games then thisfree ultra balloon game is for you. Balloon Paradise Crusher is asimple yet addictive and challenging air balloon smasher game thatoffers you a lot of addictive excitement. Match and pop endlesslysatisfying combos of bright and squeaky balloons. Easy to play,tricky to master - balloon pop through over 45 crazy challenges in3 twinkly skies. Air balloon smasher puzzle adventure will keep youplaying again and again! Enjoy your balloon popping fun in balloonyland.How to Play Balloon Paradise Crusher !Group up the balloon ofsame colors by pulling cords of balloons and pop/pop up(by simplecliking on them) balloons of the same color as much as you can.Forgeneration of Awesome combos(x2, x3,x5,x7,x8 and x10)try to balloonpop of same colors.A fun and simply addictive puzzle game with bothmissions and infinite play mode!This game contains a cool, colorfuland emotional balloons of different facial expressions(angry,happy, love , romantic ...). --- Features of balloon paradise !*Enjoy balloon paradise game by crushing balloons of differentfacial expressions!* Awesome Sounds effect on balloons crushed!*Special balloons that will help you on this adventure!* Softcoloring scheme for mobile and human!* Over 50+ levels of exciting,fast-paced matching.* Lot of different Power-ups!* Best to killyour free time* Suitable for family, including kids* COLORFUL andvivid HD graphics!* PLUS free updates and levels added on a regularbasisNow download free Balloon Paradise Crusher also give feedbackat ..............
Tic Tac Pattern Lock 1.0
Tic Tac pattern Lock is bestlockerapplication. It's based on tic tac toe game combinationsofdifferent pattern 3x3 .Very easy to this app just download it and set it as bydefaultscreen lock, lock your screen , draw pattern also setsecurity question to recover pattern in case if you forgetPatternof your screen lock. You can customize pattern .Easily decorate front lock screen with this tic tac lock app.This pattern lock use low memory space in your android and alsolowbattery usage. It's quick & smart app. This is themostgorgeous & powerful Screen locker app 2016 so get rid ofboringdefault screen and use this app for as default lockerapp.Currently only supported pattern in future more functionalitywillbe added.Please give feedback us about Tic Tac pattern Lock at
Kids Alphabets And Number 1.0
Kids alphabet & numbers is the greatappfor kids education.Today children interested in mobiles.To teach your kids you can use this app.The simple and cleanuserinterface is designed to bechild friendly,which enable to play without help fromanadult.Kids Alphabets a numbers teaches alphabets and sequential orderofnumbers, counting objects,Tracing numbers,comparing the quantity and the pronunciationofnumbers. This is the way ofthe Learning Math Series. Abc Sound is attached with Kidsabc.Kids abc is easily understandable with attractive view.Numbers for kids 123 are also included with sound.--- FEATURES of kids alphabet & numbers:> learn alphabet from ABC to Z with pronunciation> learn about different things calling fromassociatedalphabets> learn alphabet with sample words.> screen or button to repeat the letter and word> Educational charts> Rhymes> Learn numbers> Counting objects in groups.> Identify alphabets numbers, about objects and associatenumberswith the objects.> Quantity concepts such as fewer, more, the most ortheleastKids Alphabet & number apps are liked by thousandsofparents, teachers and kids from all over the world.Kids abc is simple to learn for little children's.
BlackJack Ultimate 1.0
Blackjack Ultimate is free card game. It is very challenging andsmart card game.Blackjack is also known as Blackjack 21. Blackjack21 is mostly played in casino in all over the world.The card gameis between the dealer and player. It is played with 1 or more deckof cards.The main goal of this game is to get 21 points or get ahigher points than the dealer without exceeding 21. Features ofBlackjack Ultimate :- Easy to play ultimate game- Simple andattractive graphics- Cool sound effects- Beautiful card theme ofblackjackDownload and install Blackjack Ultimate and have fun.
Police Chase Vs Thief Run 1.0
Police Chase Vs Thief Run is a free endless running game. A Thiefescape by prison break. After prison break the Thief starts runningin a Jungle. Police starts chasing the prisoner through Police car.Running deep in jungle Thief face different hurdles.Jail break is acrime and cops chase you until thy got Prisoner.--- GameMission:Keep running away from the police car and collect diamonds.Run forward into the jungle and jump over the wires and woodslogs.Run as long as possible from Police avoiding the obstacles.---Features of Police Chase Vs Thief Run:- Awesome and cool graphics-Different types of obstacles- Cool jungle run environment- FreeEndless game- Attract diamond closer by getting magnet- It is Freeto play for every one--- Game Play:- Swipe up for jump over theobstacles- Swipe left to move left side- Swipe right to move rightside- Swipe down to slide below the obstaclesDownload and installfree endless game. Give your feedback about Police Chase Vs ThiefRun...
Cute Cat Pattern Screen Lock 1.0
Cute Cat Pattern Screen Lock is freePatternScreen Lock for smartphones.Pattern Screen Lock is consists of cat wallpapers. Thereareadorable collectionof cat wallpapers. Cats are beautiful creatures. Cat PatternScreenLock is forshowing love with these little creatures.Cat screen lock is developed for all those people who love themverymuch.The people will able to decorate there screen lock withadorablecat.Cat screen lock is for those peoples who did not want highsecuritytotheir mobile device.Features of Cat Pattern Screen Lock:- High quality cat wallpapers- Security question for password recovery- Set or reset option for pattern- Choose security question- Free cat lock screen for every oneDownload and install Cute Cat Pattern Screen Lock forfree.Hope you like cat lock screen. Share your experience with us.For any issue in Cat Pattern Screen Lock please contact us...
Door Screen Lock 2 Prank 1.0.0
Door Screen Lock 2 prank is free and versatile lock screen. Thisscreen lockgives your smartphone a new and attractive look. This isnew concept forpeoples that wants change in regular system. Webring a new idea of door screen lock in 2016 and in 2017. This isone of the best way to lock you smartphone.There are advancefeatures for customizing the door lock screen.Features of DoorScreen Lock 2 :* It shows battery status* Alert for Call and sms*Show Date and Time* Beautiful and high quality Graphics* Enable /Disable option for the locker in setting menu* Door screen lock iscompatible with almost every Android device* Lock Screen is Freefor all users**** How to Unlock Door Lock Screen ?Download andinstall Door Screen Lock 2.Enable Screen lock from setting menu.While locked touch the door in to the center.The door opens withthe realistic animation.Hope you like this adorable advance DoorLock Screen. Give you feedback forthis advance and new screen lockconcept of 2017...Disclaimer:This is not real lock screen. It issimulator app and does not lock home button.
Solar Battery Charger Prank 1.0.0
Charge your phone through Solar battery Charger using LIGHT OF SUN.Solar battery charger for android mobile is free application of2016.Solar Battery Charger uses the Mobile phone's sensor forBattery Charge. Battery Charger took few minutes to charge battery.On putting it in light the battery level starts increasing.MobileSolar Charger Best simulator app as compared to other solarcharging apps on play Store.Download solar charger app and put itin sun light and watch. The application itself generate values andchange battery level. Solar panel will not work at night and inevening time.Solar charger is a prank app for making fun withfriends. Charging battery through Solar charger is technique toshow level of battery. This simulator application increase batterylevel through code. Battery Charger is working by animating thebattery images.Features of Solar Battery Charger:- Solar charger isa free application- Graphics are like Realistic Solar Panel- FastSolar Charger for Android Mobile- Notification when fully charged.-User friendly charging interface.- Free version of solar batterycharger for android mobileNote: Mobile Charging through throughsolar light is impossible. So do not put your AndroidMobile devicein sunlight. Direct sunlight may damage you android mobile. SolarBattery Charger simulator is a prank application and developed forentertainment purpose only. Prank with your friends and give yourfeedback about free batterycharger.//////////////////////////////////////
Offline English Dictionary - Free English Learning 1.6
Offline English Dictionary is Free English Learning application forall users who want to learn English Language . Free offlinedictionary can be used for learning English to Urdu translation andpronunciation. A complete offline English to Urdu dictionary istotally free and no need of any additional file to download.Offline English to Urdu dictionary is free, easy to use and alsooptimized for tablet. Offline Dictionary also contain Bookmarks andsearch history with option to backup your bookmarks. You can searchword by speaking and also Word pronunciation works(Text-to-speech). No automatic keyboard at startup in thisdictionary app. When you click on search button then keyboardautomatic appear from bottom in English to Urdu dictionary. Latestoffline dictionary contain very latest vocabulary, with latestEnglish words, phrases, meanings, English word pronunciation andgrammar. Free offline Dictionary Ideal for professionals, students,kids and academics, as well as anyone who needs a comprehensivedictionary of current English at work or at home. Free English toUrdu dictionary has embedded Urdu font. No additional Urdu featureof device are required in Free English to Urdu dictionary. Featuresof Offline English Dictionary: >> Free offline dictionary iseasy to use. >> Voice Search >> Search autocomplete>> Keyword lookup (Compound Word Search) >> FuzzyFilter ( Correct Spell) >> Share word definitions >>Favorites (Set list of words favorites) >> Audiopronunciation >> Offline mode >> Recent Search >>History >> Bookmarks feature >> Scrolling Index !!!Offline English Dictionary is Free for everyone !!! Free English toUrdu dictionary will encounter your regular language needs. SoDownload and install English to Urdu dictionary free also givefeedback at fingertap ..............
Reminder Notes Plus 1.4
Notes Reminder Plus makes your life routine easier. It is a goodhelper to manage your daily schedules. Reminder Notes gives you asimple notepad editing experience on writing notes email, message,market shopping list and to do list. It is easier to make a notethan any other notepad and memo apps. You can set reminder for eachand every important note, so that you will not miss any importantmoment of your life. It provide facility of Easy note making andpriority scheduling and check list. You can plan your whole daywork by using notes reminder. Reminder alarm sticky notes ishelpful for quick note taking. Now it is at your hand,what you wantto do or what you don't want to neglect. Reminder alarm stickynotes allows collecting all the necessary information in one place.Reminder alarm for notifying you. FEATURES OF REMINDER NOTES PLUS:- Easy to create note in reminder app - Edit or delete note - Setprioritize to notes - Check list to organize - To do list for tasksetting - Reminder Alarm for note - It is easy and simpler toremember your ideas on notepad. - Free reminder app for every oneDownload and install Reminder Notes Plus FREE application of 2016.Reminder app with alarm supports ads to support developers. That'swhy it is Free so don't worry Use free version of reminder note andgive your feedback....
Pedometer Steps Counts Step Tracker Pedometer Free 2.0
Pedometer Steps Counts is free application to record steps you havewalked. Pedometer Step Count app show record with the calories thatare loses throughout walking and running. Pedometer for walking andrunning is best for weight loss calculation. Use Pedometer forwalking daily for real progress in lose weight. Pedometer StepCount display walking time and speed per hour. This application iseasy to use. When you open the app and press on start button, Thesteps counter start counting the steps. Pedometer step counterrecord steps even it is in bag or pocket. All the informationrecorded and displayed in history with the graph. The graphincludes all the steps and distance covered by you. Pedometer withcalorie burner information help you to maintain your weight. ---How to Use Pedometer Steps Counts? - Download and install Pedometerwith calorie burner application - Open pedometer and select menufor setting - Press play button for starting step count - Thepedometer calculate number of steps, walking time and burnedcalories. - The recorded information will be displayed in a graph -Pedometer also capable you to save history. Note: In some devicesit will not work during sleep mode. This is due to specificationsof smartphone. Exercise daily for weight loss. Hope your likepedometer step count. Step tracker pedometer free for every user.Give your feedback to fingertap team for further improvement inStep tracker pedometer free....
Bridal Dress Editor Fashion 1.6
Bridal dress editor fashion application lets you capable of seeingyourself into the gorgeous and best Bridal suit. Get ready tobecome the most beautiful bride in the world. By using thisfantastic photo editor application you will look like a bride infew seconds. This is one of the best and free android application.It contains the best collection of wedding dress design. Thesedresses are of latest fashion. This Suit Changer Photo Editor isjust a Mobile fun application. It is particularly made for women'swho love to take photos in bridal suit. This Photo suit editoroffers you to boost your personality. It recommend you what bestdress suit on your personality.The bridal dress gallery has greatvariety of wedding bridal dresses that will help you chose yourfavorite bridal dress design. This is one of the best androidapplication for girls to make fun. Try out latest fashion photosuit with in few seconds. Make fun with friends using girls dresschanger application. ----- FEATURES ----- - High quality bridaldress - Rotate, scale , zoom in / zoom out option in photo editor -Gorgeous and attractive photo effects - Photo suit is free to usefor every one - You can select you favorite dress from women bridalsuit - Women Wedding Dress is Simpler and user friendly InstallBridal dress editor fashion and give feedback. Your feedback isvery important for us. This application support ads according tothe Google policies.
Human Body Amazing Facts 1.4
Human Body Amazing Facts is all about human body. It was developedfor those human who want to know about the autonomy. Human explorespace but did not about their body. To explore human body anatomyis useful. Human body facts guide kids and younger in short time.This is best opportunity for them to get knowledge about human bodyscience. Anatomy body facts are presented in simple and clear way.There are categories for different parts for better understanding.Girl facts are also included. There are several Girl facts in whichthey are compared with men. After getting knowledge about anatomybody fact, every one can get better control body. Amazing Facts ofhuman body enhance your knowledge with interesting facts. Theseinteresting and cool facts amaze you how human body works.Categories of human body facts: - The Brain - Hair and nail -Internal organs - Body functions - Reproduction - Sense - Aging anddeath - Disease and injury - Muscle and bones - Microscopic level -Miscellaneous Download and install Human Body Amazing Facts. Getknowledge from human body facts and share it to others. Hope youwould like human body science.
My Photo Zipper Lock 1.6
Have you ever open the screen lock with zip? Have you use your ownselfie or picture as zipper lock screen. If not then we have a newPhoto Lock Screen app for you. My Photo Zipper Lock is latest appof this new year. It is best and secure zipper lock screen. MyPhoto Lock Screen is free to use for everyone. You can use yourselfie or photo from gallery to set as zipper lock. Features ofthis My Photo Lock Screen: - Nice and high quality wallpapers -Safe and secure - You can use your selfie or wallpaper as ScreenLock - Unlock mobile phone with zip. - Multiple theme wallpapers -No pin or password is required to unlock - Date and time shown onmobile home - Show Battery status - free to use app How to use MyPhoto Lock Screen ?: - Install and open the zipperlockscreen - Fromthe setting of photo lock choose picture or browse selfie orwallpaper from gallery - Enable My Photo Zipper Lock Screen - Whenscreen is locked drag the zip hook from top to down to unlock - Thelock screen opens with the nice animation. Download and install MyPhoto Zipper Lock 2018 and give your feedback to fingertap softwaresolution...