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Air Gunship Battle 3D 1.07
Military Intelligence and the CIA has indicated large formations ofenemy positions on the outskirts of a fallen allied stronghold. Theenemy seems to be amassing their capabilities to make a major pushto overrun allied territory. A full scale war is on the cards andyou have been assigned to a strike package deep within enemyterritory to destroy their operations and their build up.You arethe pilot of a gunship helicopter who is directed by FAC's intoposition for a close air support mission. Your targets will bemarked and you will be required to destroy them with your machineguns and powerful hellfire rockets. You must use your radareffectively to neutralize all enemy targets as they come online anddestroy the enemy bases.More than 10 battle helicopters with a highvariety of weapons and equipment.Highly customizable gunship withmachine guns, guided missiles, heat traps, camouflage and decaltypes.If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is theperfect game for you.You'll find yourself whirling through theskies across intense crossfire.Game Features- Realistic 3denvironment- Latest Army Battle Helicopters to select- Variety ofMilitary gears to purchase from the store- A lot of rewards to win-Complex and challenging missions
Speed Moto GP Bike Racer 1.0
This is free racing game for you to feel the power and let go allthe adrenaline in the asphalt, accelerates, drift and leaves yourmark on the world of motorcycle racing.If you like to become a fastand furious bike racer then you must play this game which combinesthe laws of realistic motorcycle physics with smooth controls.MotoGp traffic racer, the fast and the free bike racing game is for thelover of bike racing to fullfil their dream.Game Features:- Choosea moto GP for this bike race. Each superbike has unique features,so choose the best cards to upgrade the bike racing that suits you-Go full speed in this extreme bike race!- Amazing circuits andgraphics during this moto races- Very intuitive to play: You justneed to tap on the speed button and use the joystick!- In this motogame you will not get bored! Time will pass very fast when youplay, as races can be repeated all over again!- Be part of the mostxtreme moto GP competition.- This funny games are appropriate forchildren and adults.
Deer Hunting Kill Shot 1.0
Deer hunting or hunting wild animals is fun and many people arekeen interested in animal hunting, bird hunting and deer hunting;this is the new real deer hunting game with realistic scenarioswhich you might have not been able to experience in real life. Bean ultimate deer hunter of new exotic season of 2017. Those peoplewho are much concerned about the jungle hunting game-s but cannotrisk their lives in wild hunting jungle; this is best huntinggame-s, to enjoyable real hunting adventure of forest. In realworld hunting wild jungle animals is not only entertaining but alsogood for health, which requires a lot of your stamina and physicalfitness. SO, keeping in mind the interest of the deer sniperhunters we are back with this new free deer hunting games 2017,which will not only entertain the game player but also provide areal jungle hunting environment. Mean those who have no access tothese real world wild animals hunting, I.e. deer hunting, red goathunting, duck hunting, birds hunting or any other hunting scenariowill just find this game an amazing entertainer.In this new freehunting game, you have to go to jungle and mountains in search ofwild animals and then hunting down these wild deer and animals byyour real hunting sniper gun. You will have to be careful inmissing the target because if you miss the target animal then youwill be having minimum chances to shoot the same animals for asecond time. All this needs your astonishing hunting skills.Deersniper hunter will definitely like this new free hunting game,because it is especially released for wild deer hunters andmountain sniper shooters. While hunting with your special huntingsniper you will just enjoy the amazing mountain sniper shootinggameplay which is all times favorite. While hunting in jungle therewill be many jungle animals along with jungle trees, which willmake it more challenging to hunt down wild animals in congestedtrees environment.Game Features:- Over 200 immersive huntingmissions to complete- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome soundeffects- Dozens of real world weapons and upgrades
Dead Shooting Gun Strike 1.0
You are a covert special ops soldier ready to play your part indangerous military FPS attacks and silent assassin missions.Withaccess to powerful guns you will rely on your marksman skills tofinish the job. Upgrade your sniper rifle to improve accuracy,damage and range.You are directed from your base for the targets.Enemies are alert, be careful while wasting your time as you aregoing forward for death combat. This is a do or die situation, beready and use your skills to kill the army. Battle starts with theplay button pressed and ends till you kill all the enemies todeath.- Awesome 3D graphics.- Unforgettable bullet cam kill shotmoments.- Multiple challenging levels and missions- Actual militarycommando mission game- Realistic animations of soldiers andenvironment- Smooth control and different camera angles- Goldenchance to become a real soldier
Bus Driver Parking Mania 1.0
Bus Driver Parking Mania has everything a bus simulator needs tohave. it has realistic controls as well as great dynamic game play.Control your bus in a real parking lot with an on-screen steeringwheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Shift your gear forwards orbackwards whenever you want to! You can change the angle of yourcamera by simply touching your screen and experience 3D parkingchallenge. There are 100 different levels for testing your skillsin parking! Do you like parking games? Do you want to have funwhile parking? do you like 3D cars and environment? Do you want totry something different than regular boring parking games? If youranswer is yes than this one is just for you! Don't waste any time,try it right now!
Escape Room Finding The Clue 1.01
Escape Room Finding The Clue is the hand-picked collections ofthree best amusing escape games of 50 levels. These threemini-games cover the different genres of escape games, which willbe the best choice for the escape game lovers.In this Adventuregame you have to escape from a 50 rooms. You have been trapped inthe 50 rooms and you have to escape from it. Solve the puzzle andfine the Hidden objects to escape from the 50 rooms.Game Features:-Great graphic reaction with various Doors and Rooms- Great RoomEscape sound with numerous gimmicks- So far 50 levels - More levelscoming soon- A simple tutorial at the beginning
Subway Skate Boy 3D 1.0
Enjoy the adventurous run through the mysterious subway and try tobeat high score in this new challenging game for your mobilephone.Help boy to jump all gaps and get all the coins you canYoucan halt and watch the moving obstacles to avoid the fall in thisunique running game.The vigilant rooftop police are always on yourtail in their chopper and will stop at nothing to nab you. Get asfar as you can before they catch you!Finish your race fast andcrazy!Amazing game features with exciting game play.Experience theSmooth controls for running & jumping.Get past all the hurdleson your path and find a way out of the subway...The path is full ofsuspense and unlimited action.Endless Runner with great graphicsand fun animations.Feature:- Collect more coins to achieve highscore- Lovely character with funny emotion- Mind the gap and theobstacles on the road.
3D Car Driver Parking Game 1.0
The most addictive physics real 3d car parking game, 3d car parksimulator.Spectacular real 3D physics-based game park, car parking3D simulator. it is coming.We have prepared for you a real parkinggame physics. There are multi-levels in the game.Levels will get toenjoy a lot playing. You must be careful when parking the car. Becareful to avoid hitting the vehicle barriers.The simulation RealCar Parking Simulator realistic and do not have a car park.-Real-Graphics- more than 100 missions- Realistic environmental andcars- steering wheel, gas and brake with easy control- Realisticcar physics
Mini Truck Rally 2018 1.0
Mini Truck Rally 2018 lets you enjoy the fun of controlling a tinytoy truck.Complete timed obstacle courses or freeroam differentenvironments.Control your truck by tilting your device, or usetouch control for steering. Challenge your friends for dominance,play in Tournaments and win money for charity!The game features 3types of controls to steer the truck:- by tilting your device;-virtual steering wheel;- on screen touch pads.
Deer Hunting Extreme Hunter 3D 1.02
Deer Hunting Extreme Hunter 3D is all about thrill & fun. Thisis an amazing and addictive deer hunter game to take you to anultimate adventure in the most realistic environment with trees,grass, outdoor, river and mountains etc. Those who love huntingwill love this first person sniper shooting game where you don'thave a squad & you need to do it all alone. Deer is a smart andclever animal so to be a professional deer hunter you must havegood aim and shoot skills while holding your breath. You are on aDeer hunting adventure of 2018 in a jungle environment where youhave to hunt deer in a specified time. Grab your gun, test yoursniper skills and don't let the deer escape. In this Deer Huntingencounter your shooting and hunting expertise should be at par towin this immersive challenge while enjoying a best deer huntingexperience in a beautiful and dense forest and flowing riverenvironment.Grab your sniper, test your sniper skills and don't letthe deer escape. Go on and take a head shot to hunt deer; you willbe rewarded handsomely on accurate head shot with sniper shootinggame. Let’s go hunting in the real jungle wilderness environmentand show how to hunt. Aim and Shoot! Deer Hunting Extrme Hunter 3Doffers you the unique game-play with real 3D graphics, sound effectand the environment.You are going to face a real challenge to huntone of the smart and wild animal hunting i.e. deer before it jumpof your sniper gun shot, you should hold breath, line up your gunbarrel and press the sniper gun trigger to take successful shot onthis wild and smart predators for an outstanding and sensationshot. The deer might be unaware of your presence so take your bestshot to become the best hunter of the jungle With access topowerful guns you will rely on your marksman skills to kill andtrap deer’s.Game Features:- 200+ gameplay mission with differenttasks- Advanced sniper shooting adventures- HD graphics- Amazingsounds effects- Action cam of head shot and body shots. - GreatDeer Hunting Experience
Zombie Hunter Last Battle 1.01
Zombie Hunter Last Battle is the best zombie shooting game. Be azombie sniper to shoot down all zombies!You are the last survivorof zombie snipers. Now take up your guns to kill all devil zombiesto stop deadly zombie virus.--Realistic Game ScenesVarious scenesand levels for you to challenge! Silent building, deserted parkinglot and everywhere is crawling with zombies!You will be addicted inthrilling battle against zombies--Powerful Weapon Equipment24weapons for you to select! 7 classic gun types and 4 rare weaponsfor you to switch freely in game!--Various Upgrade SystemsYou canupgrade every part of each weapon for many times according to yourfavor. Select your beloved gun to upgrade!--Perfect SupplySystemBesides various weapons, there are lots of supplies in game,such as medicine, first-aid packet, moon cakes etc.--Real BloodBattleVivid music, realistic sound and bloody zombies! Take up yourgun and join in the battle to kill all horrible zombies!
Heavy Cargo Truck Driver 3D 1.13
Truck driving is a difficult task, do you consider yourself skilledenough to complete all the missions? Then drive, park and deliversthe goods to complete your mission in the heavy truck simulatorgame. This is one of the top truck driving and heavy trucksimulator racing game. In the start move truck out of the storagearea and move it towards your destination. You are a top truck freedriver in this time and enjoy the trucker simulator. You areplaying a moster truck driving grand simulator new game. This dumptruck racing games are interesting. You are a trucker and play thisfree games. Deal with care and attention in order to avoid anygoods loss. This is the best 3D simulator app play this crazy carsvs monter game of the year. This is a grand truck and hiil trucksimulator game. Watch trailers to understand the game. This is notsome dumb truck race or parking game. The truck simulator of 2018.Truck simulator pro is the best game of 2018. Play as transporterof local goods, army stuff and different cargo boxes. You have gotnumber of trucks. Enjoy the truck race games. Your driving careerbegins here, so drive a big cargo truck on massive highways withreal physics and controls. Avoid collision with any racer car,public transport or quarry gabber vehicle. Start trucking. Showyour experience and skills in this challenging game-play. Thisamerican truck simulator new game of your mobile screen. Avoidracing and drifting car as well. Control the steering of 18 wheelergoods transport truck with alertness. The environment of realisticdriving simulator free game. Better than bus simulator 2018.Involves European trucks with lots of customization. Travel acrossdifferent cities like berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris and manymore. Simulation game. Hilly areas to enhance your graphicalexperience. So drive the truck and become a best euro truck driver.Game Features: • Different Truck Models • Trucks customization •Real physics • On screen control buttons • Amazing soundtracks •Excellent graphics • Reverse and forward transmission
The Hunter Animals Hunting 3D 1.0
Just when you thought the sniper hunting series is over and youhavemastered the jungle sniper hunting skills, we bring a wholenewchallenge series to hunt down different wildlife animals inthisjungle animal hunting 3d. The dangerous jungle is filledwithanimals like Deer, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Zebra and manymore.With hunting and sniper shooting on your mind enter the junglewithyour sniper rifle and other gadgets like binoculars to huntdownanimals to be a legend sniper. Stealth sniper missions whereyouneed to search for your prey and hunt them down. You haveplayedmany hunting games with various animals mastering the skillsto bea huntsman. It’s something you have dreamed off. All inoneaction-packed jungle hunting in the most realistic lushgreenforest surrounded by the mountains.Be a modern animal sniperandgear up with your sniper rifle and let’s hunt. Wildlife animalsaredangerous and are somewhere in this valley filled with lushgreengrass, mountains and trees. Winter has just passed and abrightsunny day is what huntsman love while searching for theirprey. Thehunting ground is set for you to enter the forest toagainst theferocious jungle beasts. Lion is know to be the king ofthe jungle.Make them talk to your bullets. Sniper 3d shootingskills should beenough to hunt your prey all alone with your sniperrifles. Planyour hunt well and look for headshots. Kill Lion,Tiger, Deer, Wolfand other wildlife jungle animals. Meanwhile,protect your hut inthe middle of the jungle from these killeranimals.Game features:-Realistic weather conditions and newchallenges to your task-Intense battle scenes and challengingtasks- Each level has adifferent mission accomplished- SWAT forces,elite snipers, armoredvehicles and more enemies Ratings- CHALLENGESsurvival game and youcapture very thrilling sniper headshot- Gathercomponents to expandyour sniper team
Escape Temple Games 1.0
Challenge yourself with the amazing puzzles in manydifferentlocations. Mysterious house with a lot of great puzzlesand popularmini-games. Can you escape from this horror house? MainFeatures :- FANTASTIC graphic!! - Great, challenging and funpuzzles! -Complete utilization of your devices features! - Hiddenobjects,locks & keys and more challenges await! - Addictingminipuzzles! - Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms! - Easyandfun to play! - Different themed floors!
Tunnel Rush Crazy Go 1.0
A physics based simulation game which defies geometry. As asurferyou need to survive through the infinitely changingdirection. Passthrough the tricky obstacles which can be static aswell asdynamic. Obstacles may be sphere shape, cubical ortriangular. Youwill need to be fast to change your strategyaccording to the paceof the game. Pass through the magic portals togo in differentenvironments. Main Features: - Classical Gameplay -Carefullydesigned Levels - Touch or Accelerometer Controls -Localizationfor various countries - Simple but attractive artwork -BeautifulSounds
Car Parking Car Driving Sim 3D 1.0
Car Parking Car Driving Sim 3D is especially designed for real3Dcar parking car driver who enjoy playing 3D car parkinggames2018.Try this car parking to show your marvelous drivingskills andextraordinary stunts on impossible and rough tracks. CarParkingCar Driving Sim 3D is endless fun and pushing your carparkingskills to extreme. Get a grip on your nerves in best parkinggamesever. Car Parking Car Driving Sim 3D is very difficult foralegendary car driver. Show real talent in best bus parking gamesinthe world. Be an epic car driver that is well trained ofdifficulttracks driving in Car Parking Car Driving Sim 3D. CarParking CarDriving Sim 3D as an ultimate garage car park is muchbetter thanother 3d car racing game and 4x4 truck driving 3d gamesoff-road.Have fun with stable and realistic car handling andsteering bestview of the car it will feels you like you are drivinga car inreal life and experience all parking games 2018. If you area stuntlover, we have all new real stunt car racing games 2018withmissions on multiple difficult tracks and garages. EnjoyCarParking Car Driving Sim 3D with courage and passion todisplayamazing driving skills in town. Car Parking Car Driving Sim3D letsyou drive a luxury car and play classic manual crazy ridebecausethis is a new game 2018 car. Game Features: • Smooth andrealisticcar handling • Complete free offline game. • Free Ridemode •Realistic damage system • Real physics engine. • Tiltsteering,buttons and touch steering wheel • High quality 3dstunninggraphics. • 100+ challenging levels • Smooth steeringcontrols andeasy game play. • Amazing sound system. • Differentchallenging carparking places.
Car Drive Me Hard Parking 1.0
Can you successfully park your car without hitting anyobstacles?Ready to drive the higher-class car parking smart old carparking3D game; one of the most new and unique latest parking anddrivinggame, you will drive and park the awesome cars inside plaza,aroundcorners, obstacles, and parking lot boundaries with highspeed andaccuracy. Do you want to test your driving skills withparking?This is the first unique action-packed simulation; in whichshowyou’re riding experience in town road track with oncomingtraffic.Start the engine; burn up the cities and drive luxuriouscar onparking garage. Car parking is easy to play but complicatedtoforemost; parking will test your riding as you try to RightParkwhile avoiding the road blocks and other hurdles. Ride andcontrolyour speedy car with a steering wheel, acceleration andbrakelevers. Change the gear to forward or backward as you need. Inthisdriving you will have enjoy the amazing luxuries cars to rideandPerfect Park at parking mania. Driver responsibility has riddentheupper-class cars to the given parking destination withinspecificlimited time. You have chance to drive many different kindoflatest cars in this addictive game. Game Features: - Bestcarmodels - Realistic car physics - 100 new levels - Real likeSoundEffects - Cool Background music
Real Badminton World Legend Championship 2019 1.0
This challenging badminton sports game is full ofaddictivebadminton gameplay with most realistic 3D badmintonrackets andshuttle cock. Enjoy this crazy league of badminton gamefull ofbadminton stuff including rackets, shuttlecock and nets,where youhave to be a star badminton player and perform some realbadmintonactions like badminton clear shots, badminton driveshots,badminton drop shots, badminton smash shots, badmintonbackhanddrops and many others. In this badminton master games youcan be aprofessional badminton player and compete with tennisinternationalbadminton game player and become a pro badminton superstar oftennis in this real badminton championship, you canexperiencedouble player badminton matches with your friends. Grabyour woodenbadminton rackets or metal badminton rackets in tennishit the realshuttlecock or plastic shuttlecock, hit star badmintonsmashes togive tough time to your badminton opponent with strongbadmintonsmashes tennis championship game, serve and play defensive&offensive tennis like badminton shots, and prove that you aregreatchampion of this badminton sports tennis game. Real BadmintonWorldLegend Championship 2019 Features: - Completely Free to play-Stunning graphics and real badmintons sound - Coolestcharacterskills - Challenge the badminton master - Split Screenmode - Twoplayer mode
Fishing Hooked King 2019 1.01
The most popular hobby now in your pocket! Start catchingfishspecies in Fishing Hooked King 2019. Journey to the world'smostbeautiful destinations and fish for real in paradise! Jumpintoparadise blue and experience the thrilling 3D fishingadventure!Know nothing about fishing? It's okay! You'll be able tocatch theBlue Pointer with just a tap! 1. Fishing Made Easy - Gethooked onfishing with simple, one-touch controls! - Who saysfishing isboring? Just 3 seconds is all it takes beforeheart-poundingaction! - Complete the tutorial and practice in thePractice Roomto master the skills and even get rewards! 2.Jaw-dropping 3DGraphics - Interact with catches so life-like theycould fly offyour screen! - Perfectly recreated physics of fishingmeans you'llbe able to feel the excitement of fishing at yourfingertips! 3. Itdoesn't get any more real than this! - Fishingrods customizablewith fishing lines of varying length and tensionstrength! - Hangin there- tire out the fish through epic struggles!- Fishmovements and characteristics captured with stunning realism!-Complicated mechanisms made easy to bring the mostrealisticfishing experience to mobile gaming!
Dream Home Designer - Design Your Home 3D 1.0
Decorate your dream house with a match 3 makeover puzzlegame!Design your new home decor & furniture by play fun match3puzzle game with matching candy, power-up with levels andrenovateyour entire house, including your room and kitchen. Playthe bestDream Home Design match 3 puzzle game! Be the best designerbyhelping lucky families transform dreams into reality withamazinghome makeovers! Solve fun match 3 puzzles to help design,customizeand decorate your dream home with many different types ofbeautifuldecors. Many free styles and furniture combinations awaityou!Don't forget to stay by your landlord or best friend's housetohave some tea and talk about your dream! Come and downloadnow!Game Features: - Exciting matching levels: Hundreds of levelswithmany awesome boosters. More gameplay means more fun! - Match&swap candy in a fun game to innovatively decorate yourmansion! -Secrets, rewards and an intriguing narrative – piecetogether allthe hidden objects & learn new secrets - Experienceaddictinggameplay with offline mode so you can take the game fromyour hometo the sky! - Be challenged with over 1000 match 3 puzzlesanddozens of game modes for endless relaxing fun
Traffic Moto Rider - Bike Street Racer 3D 1.0
Traffic Moto Rider - Bike Street Racer is the most thrillinghighwayracer available for Android smart phone. Multiple scooterareavailable to drive on endless speedway. In this game, youareliberal. Authentic scenes, new gameplay, and trickytrafficcondition. Dodge the traffic. Once your motor bump others,whichlead to burnout and you will fail. Now, are you ready to showyourmarvelous driving skills? Traffic Moto Rider- Bike StreetRacertakes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by addingafull career mode, first person view perspective, bettergraphicsand real life recorded bike sounds. The essence of smootharcaderacing is still there but in the shell of the nextgeneration. Rideyour bike in the endless highway roads overtakingthe traffic,upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the missions incareer mode. Getthe experience of Traffic Moto Rider - Bike StreetRacer like asprofessional stunts driver. Start your Moto bikeengine and getready for highway driving in the superbike games. Thebest felixMoto game has 3D graphics and high quality sound impactsasoriginal heavy-bike sound. The stunt simulator game has lotsofreal life actions with thrill and amazing adventure. Take partinaziz superbike racing mania; drive motorbike and completealllevels carefully to win championship race. Drive carefully toavoidmotorcycle crashing and safety felix to become aprofessionaltraffic stunt racer. The traffic bike game has ultimateracinglevels and each level increases motorbike stunts. HighwayRacertakes the endless modern generation racing to a whole newlevel byadding three different Environment. You can pop a wheelieas youdrove out of the driveway. Tricky traffic conditions arewaitingfor you to challenge. Drive your scooter liberally onendlessspeedway. Remember, drive carefully and dodge the traffic toavoidburnout. Show your marvelous control skill to your rivals. Iamsure you will be a marvelous race driver! - Tons of AmazingRacingBikes - Amazing 3D Environment - Stadium with fast racingtracks -Challenge your facebook friends - Simple and intuitive bikedrivingcontrols - Fun Unlimited - Realtime Multiplayer mode comingsoon.
Real Football Soccer 2019 - Champions League 3D 1.0
Real Football Soccer 2019 - Champions League 3D is the latestfreekick soccer game of 2019. Choose a team and play againstothersoccer national teams. This Soccer Flick League game has fourgamemodes: Targets, Time Attack, Wall, and Shootout. All fourmodesprovide lots of soccer fun. You can also buy some power-ups togetextra power, extra curve, or a nice score multiplier. PlayRealFootball Soccer 2019 - Champions League 3D now and enjoy thefun ofscoring lots of goals! In this game, you can hit the targetsin afast-paced, time-limited battle for points, or take turns asbothstriker and goalkeeper in the one-on-one Free Kick mode!Customiseyour striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items!Show offyour style or represent your team’s colours! Take on Careermode,travelling through different stadiums around the globe andtakingon unique soccer challenges to unlock medals! Playingfootballshooting game gives the lifelike experience because ofuserfriendly controls enable you to shoot and kick the foot ball.RealFootball Soccer 2019 - Champions League 3D Features: - Takeyourshot and make amazing saves, all with the flick of the finger!-Upgrade your player and equipment and take on the world’s best!-Fast-paced gameplay means there’s always action! - 4 game modes.-Over 14 teams to choose from. - 3 different power-ups. -Intuitivegameplay. - Great graphics. 1.04
Gangster Survival 3D - Crime City 2019 is a thrilling gangster gamein 2019. this is a harsh city where has mafia, cheats, and gangs.Multiple weapons are available to use. Anything can happen in thispopular game. You may be hijacked when you roam in this town. Rowdyneighbors, saucy kids, and crazy district. Accept different tasks,such as rob bank, gunbattle, and hijack car. You can do whateveryou want. But remember, once you were arrested, you lose. You havecomplete Arsenal of weapons Choose from a gun store: Machine Guns,RPGs, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns. Enjoy this Grand Theft Games ingrand City !! This Game is about Shooting your rivals, policeescape, Driving Car & Lots of mission & activities of autotheft games. Grand City Battle : Auto Theft Games is open worldcrime games. Shoot ordinary citizens and steal cars from them. Butbe careful before you shoot a police officer, he will pull thetrigger, chase you in the grand city and kill you. Be a real grandtheft and steel all you can. Take the most extreme arsenal anddefeat the criminal underworld in Grand City Battle : GangstersAuto Theft Game ! Drive any vehicle or take any weapon from arsenalas you investigate the 3D open world. The streets of the city arein chaos. A Gang war between crime gangsters leads the town toself-destruct under violence, killing and revenge. In Grand CityBattle , Sam Wick is an undercover person unofficially working forthe Miami Police Department. He was an ex-underground street racer& he left it after the death of his brother in an accident. TheMiami Police have sent him to infiltrate the underground crimegroup called ‘ The Rods ‘ without revealing his identity . SinceSam knows many underground people , it will be easier for him toearn their trust after taking a number of dirty jobs from them. Youarrive in the town just before the gang war and now it’s youropportunity to get involved in underworld, Steal the cars, andshoot down the mafia godfathers. Beautiful sunny city, steeppolished car and beach girls - all this will wait for you on theway to glory! But to get all this, you must first try and wrestpower and wealth from the hands of unworthy competitors! Are youready to enter the war between gangs with cheats? With the help ofour cheats you will be invincible in this big and hostile world.You are waiting for the seizure of territories, robberies of banks,a fascinating plot and incredible skirmishes on land, water and inthe air! Become the boss of the mafia with our cheats and codes orcontinue to be a worthless hijacker, the choice is yours! Thisthrilling gangster game have realistic city scenes, exciting soundsand high definition graphics. It is worth to involve in this game.Complete different tasks to earn enough money. Upgrade your weaponstimely. Practice more, you will be a notable gangster! The featuresof Gangster Survival 3D - Crime City 2019 included: - Action basedgangsters missions to become super hero - Amazing open world cityenvironment with realistic ghetto lifestyle - Smooth and intuitivecontrols - Epic & High Quality 3D Graphics - Outstanding reallife weapons and gangster cars - Real life sound effects - Engaginggame play