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Atom Run Premium 1.3.0
Enjoy Atom Run with no ads !!!Atom Run is an action-packedretro-futuristic platform game."In 2264, an unprecedented disasterput an end to all living things. Only the robots survived - butwhen exposed to radiation, they become uncontrollable!With oneexception..."You control Elgo, a sophisticated robot prototype withsimple, intuitive commands. Your mission is to find all the atomsand molecules that are critical to creating new life. Jump, push,run and avoid the many dangers you'll encounter. Act fast, becauseyour time is short! Don't worry about dying - you have infinitelives. You'll be hooked!Features & Highlights✔ Action-adventurefast paced platformer game✔ 2D game engine, 3D graphic✔ Precise andintuitive commands✔ Original music composed by french electronicartist King Q4✔ Complete Game! Free of ads and does not featureadditional purchases ✔ We do not collect any personal information.✔ Atom Run is available in: English, French, Italian, Chinese,German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Russian.The Fingerlab Team
Multiponk 1.0.15
The HD graphic designs and the ultra-realistic physical engine willmake you feel like playing on an real wooden board. A classicalready ! Up to 4 players on tablet and up to 2 players onsmartphone.One finger to control your paddle. Give your ball smootheffects and thwart the traps to win the game ! In Multiplayer mode,catch the bonuses, use the bumpers and beat your opponents. In Solomode, try to beat A.I computer and defeat Mr Monster.Don't losecontrol of the ball ! Features: -Immersive HD design -Realisticphysical engine -7 game modes : A.I. revenge, classic, baby, crazy,flash, dual, death ball -11 bonuses: Multiball, Power, Big ball,Gravity, Autopilot, Time warp... -5 ball sizes -Paddle slice effect-14 Original music themes by KingQ4(Ex: Multipong, Multibong)WATCHUS :​fingerlab VISIT US : FOLLOW US​fingerlab CONTACT US : [email protected] Thanksfor all your comments. Powered by Fingerlab.
Atom Run 1.3.0
Action-packed retro-futuristic platform game"In 2264, anunprecedented disaster put an end to all living things. Only therobots survived - but when exposed to radiation, they becomeuncontrollable!With one exception..."You control Elgo, asophisticated robot prototype with simple, intuitive commands. Yourmission is to find all the atoms and molecules that are critical tocreating new life. Jump, push, run and avoid the many dangersyou'll encounter. Act fast, because your time is short! Don't worryabout dying - you have infinite lives. You'll be hooked!Features& Highlights✔ Free Game✔ Action-adventure fast paced platformergame✔ 2D game engine, 3D graphics✔ Precise and intuitive commands✔Original music composed by french electronic artist King Q4✔ AtomRun is available in: English, French, Italian, Chinese, German,Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Russian.The Fingerlab Team