Fire Cell Apps

Robot Flame Dragon 1.0.0
Fire Cell
This is our FireCell Studio's firstassembledrobot dinosaur game, it is free!Please Robot Flame Dragon part of a reasonable assemblytogether,you will see how Robot Flame Dragon powerful!
Robot Ultimate Dark Dragon - Amazing Toy Fight 1.0.4
Fire Cell
Want see a lot of huge monsters? Want to drive a robot fight?Wantto play with friends? Robot Ultimate Dark Dragon is the bestonefor you! Join us as soon as possible to create your owninvinciblerobot! After you assemble the various components of theRobotUltimate Dark Dragon, you can freely operate it to occupy thecityor to fight with other powerful monsters.... Key Feature: - Getthepieces out of the box and assemble them. - Control the robotdarkdragon move to anywhere. - Show your cool skills defeat allkindsof enemies. - Play mock battles with good friends. Thank youforinstalling our game, hope you and your friends have fun.
Beating Up Thieves 1.0.2
Fire Cell
In the game, a thief steals your car when you don't notice it,andtries to get it back! There are a lot of ways to catch him inthescene. Now let's try it! Game features: 1.Pure handdrawnanimation. 2.The has very cool cartoon style, which is thesame asthat of the Whack Your Boss and the Whack the Lover series.3.Totalof 10 animations, You can find the hidden animation in theend.
Escape From Zombie Road: The Last 3 Bullets 1.1.5
Fire Cell
The streets are overwhelmed by zombies, the world is in crisis!Youwill face countless zombies in the streets of no man's zone.Pleasefight hard to survive! Although you only have 3 bullets, theyareall special ammunition that can bounce 6 times. Please usethispowerful feature and use your wisdom and courage to defeatallkinds of zombies. Game Features: - Rely on bullet reboundingtokill zombies. - Different zombies need to use differentstrategiesto defeat them. - Clever use of street structure to getrid ofenemies. - Your heroic battle will be recorded and scoredwithfriends. - When you defeat a large zombie, you will gain arandomattribute that make your warrior stronger. Although isolatedandhelpless, don't be afraid, believe in yourself, you arethestrongest warrior!