Fire Rainbow Studio Apps

Pixel Pirates - World Plunder 1.2
Download now for free to explore and plunder a randomly generatedworld full of adventure! Use tactics in a fast paced, unique combatsystem! Control both your crew on land and your ship at sea! Battlecountless enemies and steal their gems to upgrade your ship ordragon! FEATURES: -RANDOMLY generated worlds! -UNIQUE combat!-UPGRADE your ship or DRAGON! -FIND powerups and gems! -CHOOSE yourcrew! Join the adventure!
Helicopter Wars 1.0
Demolish tons of enemy choppers in thisexciting new arcade style helicopter game! Shoot down as manyenemies as possible to reach the highscore before you are blown outof the sky! Use rockets, and machine guns to blast your way tovictory!§--Addictive!!!!--§§--Astounding graphics!--§§--HIgh quality Music--§§--Unique, and arcade style gameplay--§
Shark Rage 1.1
Feast on helpless victims in this explosiveaction packed shark attack game! Bite into fleeing swimmers andwatch their intestines go flying! Dodge the shocking tentacles ofjellyfish! Keep your distance from weaponized submarines, andancient spikes! Eat thousands of fish of all different sizes! Avoideating the poisonous ink of the observing octopuses! Satisfy yourhunger with this exciting new shark game!*Addicting Gameplay!*Satisfying kills!*Tons of different types of things to feast on!*Amazing sound effects!*Epic Music!*Smooth high quality graphics!*From the creatures of Mage RPG!
Buffalo Guy 1.0
See a bear chasing you? Well you better turn around and chase himback, cause guess what, you’re on a buffalo! Be the most awesomebuffalo rider in the wild-west where bears, Indians, and such aretrying to kill you and your buffalo for no apparent reason. Maybetrample your enemies to death, who knows, we’ll see. • Crisp pixelgraphics! • Intuitive touch controls! • Simple and addictive! •Buffalos! • Bonus zombies gamemode!Fight off endless waves ofenemies as you compete for the highscore! Aim your rifle and popoff shots as you trample down your enemies in the field.Life istough out in the wild-west, but good thing you’re on a buffalo.Killer critters are all around, not to mention angry Indians andbuffalo hunters. But your buffalo has your back, and is ready tosend those enemies running for the hills. So hunters beware, causeyou’re on a buffalo!
Zombie Sniper Archer 1.0
§-Shoot dozens of arrows through scoresofzombie's brains and reach the new highscore in this newthrilling,addictive, unique survival game! Slay hundreds ofzombies, as youfight for your life!-§§-Addictive Gameplay!-§§-Epic High Quality Music-§§-Highscores!-§§-Tons of zombies, blood, and guts!-§
Zombie Onslaught 1.0
Blast your way through hordes of zombiesinthis thrilling, zombie shooter! Watch as blood and guts goflyingwhen you mow down your enemies with machine guns, protonblasters,and much more! Survive the endless waves and attempt toreach thehighscore!*Thrilling Gameplay!*Satisfying kills!*Extremely addicting!*Great weapons!*Smooth Graphics!*Superb Sound!
Magical Horse 1.0
Gallop threw the land dodging, firerocks,spikes, and fireballs while collecting thousands of gemsandcrystals! Switch from a horse to a unicorn or pegasus inthethrilling, and addicting game! Play for the highscore inthissimple, yet fun to play game!*Simple, and easy to use!*Extremely addicting!*Fun for all ages!*3 different types of magical steeds!*Exciting gameplay!*Amazing sound!*Great graphics!*Highscores!