FireCow Entertainment Apps

Farm Craft Ville 1.3
Manage your very own pocket wizards village!Build and upgrade houses for your citizens. Protect your villagefrom monsters. Finish various challenges and tasks to fill uptreasury! Craft different items and artifacts!More updates coming soon!FEATURES:★ Cute and colorful design★ Lots of challenges★ Build, manage, upgrade★ XP and leveling system★ Fun to play
Counter Sniper Strike: Android 1.7
Are You ready to become most advanced sniper in armed forces!Testyour skill, enhance them, evolve. Under Your finger is decisionLive Or Die.Counter Sniper Strike aka CSS is special force armysent into battle against guerrillas deep into foggy centralAmerica, use Your skill to beat the enemy, survive and rescue thehostages.FEATURES:✪ Advanced Physics engine✪ Bullet Time✪ Kill Shotaction cameras✪ HD graphics
Angry Shooter NextGen 1.2
Are You Ready!Its time to Crush Some Balloons.Tackle Yourself over40 levels of hardcore crushing , smashing, pushing.FEATURING:✿ 45challenging levels✿ HD graphics✿ Addictive gameplay✿ Best soundeffects available
The Heist - Crossy Ninja 1.2
Quick little game about stealing money. You are master thief! Thisis your final job! Get the money from the vault. But be careful,where is treasure there are people who guarding it. Sneak aroundthe quards, find all the keys, steal the money andescape!FEATURES:★ Fun for all ages★ Simple controls★ Quicktimesurfer
Flight Simulator - Modern War 1.0
Strap in and prepare yourself, because this is going to be ride ofyour life.FireCow presents all new Flight Simulator - ModernWar.Reppel the attacks, keep your crew together. ATTACK to keepworld freedom.FEATRUES:*HQ Modern military aircrafts*Loads ofweapons*HD graphics*High Altitude low oversight action