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FishAngler - Fishing Maps, Forecast & Logbook App
Download the #1 FREE Fishing App for anglers. With FishAngler youget instant access to fishing hot spots, nearby catches andreal-time fishing forecast. FishAngler is always 100% FREE to use,with no hidden charges or subscription fees! MAIN FEATURES •Explore GPS maps with millions of data points. • Find the besttimes to catch fish with our robust Fishing Forecast. • Log &track your catches with over 45 catch attributes including realtime weather conditions. • Connect with other Anglers, get fishingtips, track & share your catches. • Best of all, the FishAnglerapp is 100% FREE with no hidden charges or additional fees. GPSFISHING MAPS • Explore fishing maps that show locations, fishspecies & detailed catch information. • Access fishing spots,fishing reports, photos, marine buoys and more. • Save GPScoordinates as waypoints with the ability to add photos anddescriptions. • Search millions of bodies of water such as lakes,rivers, oceans, streams and ponds. FISHING FORECAST • Find the besttimes to fish with hourly fishing forecasts. • Real time 7-daymarine weather forecasts with wind, wave, tide and watertemperatures. • NOAA Marine Buoy & USGS Inland stationmonitoring with fully automated tide tables, charts, predictionsand river flow rates. • Know when the fish are active & readyto bite based on the Solunar fishing forecast. FISHING LOGBOOK •Track & organize your fishing trips & catches with over 45catch attributes. • Automatically log a catch with date, time,weather conditions, water temps, sun & moon phases & more.• Keep track of the most commonly used bait, lures, flies andhooks. • Complete control over your privacy settings. You can shareyour catches or keep them private! CONNECT & SHARE WITH ANGLERS• Share your catches and connect with anglers like you. • Get tips& tricks, join conversations and get local fishing intel. •Discover anglers based on geographic location and the types of fishspecies being caught. • Find anglers based on fishing technique orinterests (fly fishing, bass, saltwater etc.) SOCIAL NEWS FEED •Multiple news feeds including ‘global’, ‘local ‘and ‘following’. •Easily filter your feeds to see the activity that is most importantto you! • Filter activity by anglers, fish species and bodies ofwater. • Only interested in seeing fishing spots or catches nearyou? You can set your fishing region from 10-500 miles from yourspecific location. FISHING CLUBS & GROUPS • Create or joinfishing groups with other anglers who share the same fishinginterests. • Organize local fishing trips, keep track of anglersand show off your catches. • Perfect for fishing clubs,organizations or your closest fishing friends. FISH SPECIES • Wehave over 33,000 fish species in our database incl. all variationsof bass, trout, walleye, carp, catfish etc. • Track and follow anytype of fish in any body of water from your local lake to theocean. • Interested in catching Mahi, Tuna or Wahoo on an upcomingfishing trip? Just follow those fish species to get local knowledgeand fishing intel. TACKLE BOX • Personalized tackle box to trackyour commonly used baits and fishing lures. • Add your customtackle with description and photo. • Quickly tag a logged catchwith the bait you used. BUSINESS PAGES • Connect your business,brand or organization on the world's most robust fishing platformall for FREE! • Add your description, website, social profiles,location and business hours. • List your services and getdiscovered by a global community of anglers. Get out and go fishwith the FishAngler app! Join us in building the largest fishingcommunity in the world! Questions, comments or suggestions, pleasesend us a note to Want to see FishAngler inaction? Check out these quick tip videos that showcase the majorfeatures of the app:
Fishing Spots - Local Fishing Maps & Forecast
Fishing Spots app - The ultimate fishing guide! With hundreds ofthousands of users, this app is the fastest and easiest way to finda fishing spot near you! 100% FREE to use with no hidden charges.Main Features • Explore fishing maps that show locations, photosand catch details. • Find the best times to fish with our fishingforecast. • Create your personal logbook and capture the details ofevery trip. • Connect with anglers in your area, share your catcheswith other anglers or keep it private. We leave that up to you! GPSFishing Maps • Discover new fishing spots and where fish are beingcaught. • Save fishing hotspots and way points as locations and logGPS coordinates, photos and descriptions. • Advanced map filteringby catches, fishing spots, reports, photos, buoys and streamgauges. • Search millions of bodies of water such as; lakes,rivers, oceans, streams and ponds. Fishing Forecast • 7-day marine& land weather with hourly forecasts. • Water temperature,precipitation, humidity and barometric pressure • Real-Time NOAAMarine Buoy & USGS Inland station monitoring with wind, wave,tide and water level flow rates. • Global tide data and predictioncharts with high tides and low tides Solunar Forecast • Find thebest times to fish based on the "Solunar Theory" with major andminor activity times. • Sun & moon forecast which includesunrise, sunset, moon positions and astronomical phases. • Hourlycharts to predict the best fishing times. Personal Logbook • Createa fishing log and capture all the details of every catch. • 45+logbook attributes that can be tagged to a single catch. •Automatically tag a catch with weather conditions, watertemperature, sun & moon phases & more. • You have completecontrol over your privacy settings. Choose to share your fishingexperiences or keep it private. Connect with other Anglers •Connect with anglers both locally or around the globe. • Find otheranglers through discovery & fishing searches • Share fishingphotos, reports, and engage in conversation with other anglers. •Get fishing tips, tricks and more from the Fishing Spots community.Social News Feed • We offer multiple news feeds including; Global,Local and Following. • The "Global" news feed includes posts fromall anglers on the platform • The "Local" news feed can becustomized to a radius of 10-500 miles around you. • The"Following" news feed can be tailored by following specific fishspecies, anglers and bodies of water. Virtual Tackle Box •Personalized tackle box to track your commonly used baits and lures• Add your custom tackle with description and photo • Quickly tag alogged catch with the bait you used Fishing Groups • Create or joinfishing groups with other anglers who share the same fishinginterests. Perfect for fishing clubs, organizations or your closestfishing buddies. • Interested in bass, fly, or saltwater fishing?We have a group for you! Fish Species • We have over 33,000 fishspecies in our database incl. all variations of bass, trout,walleye, carp, pike, catfish, etc. • Track and follow any type offish in any body of water from your local lake to the ocean. •Interested in catching Mahi, Tuna or Sailfish on your next bigfishing trip? Just follow those fish species to get localknowledge, fishing tips and tricks. Go fish and get hooked with thelargest fishing community in the industry! Fishing Spots is poweredby the FishAngler platform.