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Fitness Trainer FitProSport FULL 4.82 FULL
Your workout sessions will be fully effective with a professionalfitness trainer «FitProSport»! Main differences from the freeversion: - More than 450 simple and effective exercises for men andwomen - Stretching for men and women - Workout plans for men andwomen to perform the exercises at home or at a gym - No ads -Graphs by results of workout sessions - Graphs by results of bodymeasurement - Built-in timer with notifications and stopwatch -Data synchronization from the free version into the full versionThe fitness tracker for the gym and home the exercises presented: -With your body weight (pull up bars, parallel bars, push ups, witha fitball, burpees, etc.) - With dumbbells, kettle bells andbarbells - On the exercise machines - With a fitball and pulleyweights - With TRX And all this is at the price of a hamburger.Always with you, «FitProSport» team
Fitness Trainer FitProSport 4.82 FREE
The professional fitness trainer «FitProSport» includes: - Morethan 200 simple and effective exercises for men and women -Description and animation for each exercise - Video for someexercises (the list of exercises is being enlarged) - Opportunityto add as many exercises of your own as you wish - Workout plansfor men and women to perform the exercises at home or at a gym -Opportunity to add as many workout plans of your own as you wish -Opportunity to add the results of the exercise performed -Opportunity to add the results of measurement of your body -Calendar of workouts - Player of workout sessions - Opportunity towork with supersets and circuit workout sessions - Datasynchronization - Opportunity to set a training goal or add amotivation phrase - Opportunity to attach a photo or an image formotivation - User support - Regular application update - Simple anduser-friendly interface The fitness tracker for the gym and homethe exercises presented: - With your body weight (pull up bars,parallel bars, push ups, with a fitball, burpees, etc.) - Withdumbbells and barbells - On the exercise machines - With TRX -Swimming Always with you, «FitProSport» team
Goals & Dreams: Goal Tracker, Motivator, Assistant 1.12
Main features of "Goals & Dreams" tracker: - setting aspecificgoal or a dream - adding motivations - adding photos orimages toyour goal (those to inspire you and give strength) -settingtemporary limitations to reach the goal (to learn not to putoffactions for later) - adding results and attaching photos-calculation and display of the reached results statistics -graphicdisplay of progress and load per days of the week -flexibleperiods for addition of results (display of statistics peractiveuse days, days of the week, weeks, months or for all time) -easygoal editing and quick statistics reevaluation for new goalperiods- sharing goals and reached results with friends - advicesforfastest reaching of the set goal Which goals can youadd?Absolutely any! Do something useful during the day, save up foracar, learn foreign words, cheer up your loved one, achievesomesports results (for example, do 100 push-ups or 50 chin-ups aday),put aside money for a vacation, stop smoking, drink therequiredamount of fluid during the day or anything else you canthink of.It's time to reach the goals and make the dreams cometrue!