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Penny Can Free
*** AD FREE ****** You asked, we delivered. Now with predictivetrajectory! ***Penny Can is the ultimate street game of the pastand it's now on your device! Want to try before you buy? Play 15levels of the most challenging and addictive game yet for FREE!Canyou Penny Can every level? Will you find the bonus points? TIME TOFLY! As you progress through each level you'll need to decide howbest to reach the ultimate Penny Can. Will you sacrifice a penny ortwo to open up your access, or will you be precise enough to threadyour penny through the smallest of gaps. POINTS, POINTS and MOREPOINTS. Getting your penny in the can isn't the only way to scorepoints. Sometimes it's not even the only coin in play. The questionis, do you destroy by penny, or see what you can push in to thecan? COLLECT THE STARS Can you get 3 stars for each level? LOOK TOTHE SKIES There's something happening to the sky. Play long enoughand you'll notice quickly. Play occasionally and it might take sometime. IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE... Could that plane be worthpoints?Get the full version here: more information or support, visit
Lunch Munch 1.8
We spent hours making this game. Weeks even. Months. And we thinkit's not the worst game on the app store. We're not saying it's thebest. But it's fun and it's free so what do you have to lose! Feedyour monster as much as you can, but be careful, each bite makesyou fatter and fatter and whatever you do, don't eat a bomb! Fun,challenging and highly addictive! Can you beat your high score? Wedon't think you'll be able to get past 100. Choose from 5 differentmonster characters and discover power ups and penalties that keepthis game interesting every time you play.
Hipstify 2.2
## A Note About Reviews If you experience a problem with this app,there is no way for me to contact you and provide support if youonly leave a bad review on the App Store. By contacting me directlywe can build a better app together, with a new version often readyfor app store review within a few hours. Don't be a jerk. Great appfor creating amazing pictures with ease! 9 out of 10 hipsters ratethis app 5 moustaches...well they would if they weren't too cool torate stuff. "Even if you aren’t a hipster, there’s plenty to enjoyabout this app" - "Hipstify your photos intosomething unique with this fun photo editing app" - iOSRumor.comCreate stylish and vintage looking pictures. Show your friends howcreative you can be choosing from an ever-growing number ofeffects, textures, shapes, slogans, frames and many more. Features:• Typography - Easily express yourself from a collection of one ofthe most creative and inspiring slogans, already made for you. -Resize and position your choice in a intuitive way. • Photo effectsand textures - Add textures and stunning effects just with a touch.- Vignetting your pics has never been easer. Control the vignetteopacity with a simple slider control. • Picture Frames - Choosefrom an assortment of vintage frames that make your photos lookstunning. • Social media sharing - Save your photo and theninstantly share to your social media profiles.
Penny Can
*** You asked, we delivered. Now with predictive trajectory!***Penny Can is the ultimate street game of the past and it's nowon your device! Play 45 levels of the most challenging andaddictive game yet. Can you Penny Can every level? Will you findthe bonus points? TIME TO FLY! As you progress through each levelyou'll need to decide how best to reach the ultimate Penny Can.Will you sacrifice a penny or two to open up your access, or willyou be precise enough to thread your penny through the smallest ofgaps. POINTS, POINTS and MORE POINTS. Getting your penny in the canisn't the only way to score points. Sometimes it's not even theonly coin in play. The question is, do you destroy by penny, or seewhat you can push in to the can? COLLECT THE STARS Can you get 3stars for each level? LOOK TO THE SKIES There's something happeningto the sky. Play long enough and you'll notice quickly. Playoccasionally and it might take some time. IT'S A BIRD, IT'S APLANE... Could that plane be worth points? For more information orsupport, visit
Vault Hacker 2.3
Vault Hacker is teaming up with some of the biggest brands you knowand love to give you the chance to win exclusive prizes. It's easy.All you have to do is swipe and tap until you get the rightcombination code. Get the code and you win! The code is eightgestures long and has to be in the right order. View the helpscreen to see what gestures are available for the current game.Ensure your regional country setting is correct to your country tosee prizes available to you. Remember to accept push notificationsso you can receive hints to help you win and be among the first tohear about new prizes. Good luck!
Beachy Ball 1.9
It's super simple stuff... Try and keep the ball in the air andbouncing along the beach umbrellas. Score points for every openbeach umbrella you bounce on and collect stars to give you bonusair time. Need more balls on your menu screen? Just tap the words"Beachy Ball" for all the balls you can handle! Or download someother app, whatevs!
Bookito! Instructors 1.9.2
As a driving instructor, we understand that your diary is the mostimportant element of your business. Bookito! Instructors is acomplete driving school management platform designed to make yourlife easier. Our easy to use app allows you to quickly add newappointments, drag to change an existing appointment or swipe tocancel an appointment if needed. Automated confirmation, rescheduleand reminder notifications are sent to your clients to help reducecancellations and no-shows. Bookito! is for your clients too, sothey can make appointments with you 24/7 (but only if you want themto). Where possible, our algorithm suggests appointment times toyour clients to reduce travel time and awkward breaks in your day.With full control of your schedule and geographic region, Bookito!works to make your driving school more efficient as well as reducethe amount time you spend making and taking phone calls. Bookito!is designed for single vehicle driving instructors as well asmultiple vehicle individual instructors or larger driving schoolswith multiple instructors.