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Jumping Fish 1.15
Jumping Fish is now available! To play this Jumping Fish game youjust need to Navigate the little fish with tapping your finger onthe screen and avoid the obstacles.Our Jumping Fish is just likeNemo, a fish that wants to return home with his family and friendsbut has a long way in front of him, full of obstacles, full ofenemies. To achieve your goal you need to jump and run, escapingall the dangers. Jump like a bird!This is not a fishing game,although if you love these sea animals you will enjoy it. This is astrategy, action and arcade game at the same time, and it'scompletely free. Designed for all the family, both kids and adults.It's a lot of fun for everyone. If you like mobile games, thisJumping Fish game is for you.Use your rythm to tap our JumpingFlappy Fish between the pipes! You don't want to be a bird, or abee, or a cat anymore. This Jumping Fish game is great. Make thebest score and write your name in the Hall of Fame!
Dog Breeds Pictures 1.00
Dog breeds is an app for all people interested in buying oradopting a dog and don't know which race to choose. Currently,there are many breeds of dogs different, that's why we have made alist of the 10 breeds of dogs more popular: - German shepherd,golden retriever, pomeranian, English bulldog, bulldog French,beagle, siberian husky, poodle, labrador retriever, and finally ayorkshire terrier. Here you'll find images of all kinds of breedsof dogs listed above: - Photos of puppies of each breed. - Funnypictures of dogs playing. - Dogs dressed with clothes for dogs. -Pictures of the dogs most beautiful of each race of dogs. Downloadour free app and start enjoying the best breeds of dogs.
Face Painting Ideas
Welcome to the App of ideas for face painting! In this applicationyou will find ideas of how to face painting for halloween costumes,camouflage or costume parties. Here you will learn everything youneed to know about the art of face painting. From painting a faceof a clown for birthday parties to make a complicated design offace painting for a costume. This is a summary of what you willfind in this application: - Terrifying painted face for halloween.- Designs for face painting for children. - Instructions for facepainting easy: clowns, animals... - Images of the best designs offace painting. Download our free App of ideas for face painting andcreate art with your own face.
Hipster Style 1.00
What is a hipster? Here you will find everything about hipsterstyle. Learn how to dress like a hipster with our pictures ofhipster fashion for men and women. Also you learn how to do yourown hipster haircut with our examples. Learn all about the hipstermusic with our videos of the most popular hipster songs. Downloadthe Hipster style App and learn how to be a hipster for free.
Braided Hairstyles 1.00
Welcome to our app Braided Hairstyles! In this App you will learnhow to make hairstyles with all types of braids like French braids,braids african, or goddess braids . Learn all about the art of thebraided hair with our videos that will teach you step by step howto make the best braided hairstyles for kids, boys and girls. Inthis application you will learn: - How to make all kinds ofhairstyles braids for girl: French braids, african braids, goddessbraids and Dutch braids. - Ideas of how to do hairstyles withbraids for men. - Ideas of how to do easy hairstyles braids forkids. - All the different type of braided hairstyles like microbraids.- How to braid all the different type of hairs ( long hair,short hair, curly hair ) .Download our App Braided Hairstyles andlearn how to make simple and beautiful hairstyles with braids.
Clases de padel
Clases de Padel es una aplicación gratuita para aprender a jugar apadel como un verdadero jugador profesional. Tanto si estásempezando en el mundo del padel o ya eres un jugador experimentado,en esta aplicación encontrarás consejos y ejercicios deentrenamiento para mejorar tus golpes y tácticas en el padel. Conesta aplicación podrás preparar tus entrenamientos con nuestrosejercicios recomendados para mejorar tu condición física y tuhabilidad con la raqueta. En esta aplicación podrás encontrar: -Ejercicios para mejorar tus golpes: Saque, revés, derecho, liftado,volea, bandeja, vibora y muchos más. - Ejercicios básicos yavanzados para preparar un entrenamiento de padel. - Tácticas yestrategias para mejorar tu nivel de juego en el padel. - Consejosútiles para ayudarte a ganar. - Análisis de partidos completos depadel de jugadores profesionales para aprender de los mejores.Descarga nuestra aplicación Clases de padel y conviértete en unverdadero jugador profesional de padel. Padel classes is a freeapplication to learn how to play paddle like a real professionalplayer. Whether you're just starting out in the world of paddle orare already an experienced player in this application you will findadvice and training exercises to improve your moves and tactics inthe paddle. With this application you can prepare your workoutswith our recommended to improve your fitness and your skill withthe racket exercises. In this application you will find: -Exercises to improve your shots: Remove, reverse, right, topspin,volleys, tray, snake and many more. - Basic and advanced trainingto prepare paddle exercises. - Tactics and strategies to improveyour game on the paddle. - Useful tips to help you win. - Analysisof full games paddle of professional players to learn from thebest. Download our application classes paddle and become a trueprofessional paddle player.
Welcome to our Application to learn how to model balloons and makeanimal figures, decorations for birthday parties and much more!Here you'll find simple instructions for art with balloons to suitall tastes. From making a simple dog by twisting balloons to makefantastic balloon decorations for birthday parties or weddings. Ifyou need ideas to make a design with balloons, here you will findeverything you need: - Balloon decorations for birthday parties. -Figures of animals by twisting balloons. - Decorations with archesof balloons. - Balloon decorations for halloween and christmas. -Many more ideas of how to use balloons to make a true art. Downloadnow our free app art with balloons and learn how to model balloonsfor parties and decorations.
Bridal Hairstyles 1.00
Bridal hairstyles is the perfect app to get ideas of the besthairstyles for weddings. In this application you will be able tofind the inspiration needed to decide which hairstyle to wear inyour wedding. You can choose from many styles: hair up, curly hair,straight hair, braided... In addition you will also find tutorialson how to make your own hairstyle for bride or bridesmaid and a fewmakeup lessons for weddings. In this application you will find: -Beautiful bridal hairstyles for all types of hairs: short hair,long hair, curly hair... - The best ideas of bridal hairstyles andfor weddings: updos, braids, buns and tails. - Pretty hairstylesbridesmaid. - Ideas for add-ins, hair for weddings such as flowers,veils, tiaras... - The best bridal hairstyles for indian weddings.- Tutorials of how to make your own wedding hairstyle. - Tutorialsmakeup for weddings.. Download our App hairstyles wedding for freeand make your hairstyle shine at your next wedding.
Welcome to Chess Strategy App! Learn how to play chess like aprofessional player for free. Here you will learn the best chessopenings, the middle game strategies and the end game chess moves.No matter if you're a beginner in chess, we will teach you therules of chess and tactics to win your games. Download ChessStrategy for free and learn with videos of recorded games of thebest professional chess players.
Prom Hairstyles 1.00
Prom Hairstyles is an application in which you will be able to findthe inspiration to do hairstyles fresh to attend parties orweddings. In this application you will find the best ideas to makeyour own original hairstyle to be the most popular of the party. Weteach you to do all types of hairstyles (braids, tails, hair buns,updos) for all type of hair (curly hair, long hair, short hair,straight hair). We also have tutorials to learn how to do thelatest hairstyles from fashion both for boy as for girl. With ourvideos you will learn how to do all kinds of easy and beautifulhairstyles. To finish, you will also find some ideas of the stylesof beard and moustaches more popular to be able to improve yourimage. Download our free app Prom Hairstyles and you will learn howto do simple and cute hairstyles for go to party or wedding.
Halloween Pet Costumes 1.00
Halloween costumes for pets is the application with the best ideasof costumes for cats and dogs for costume parties like halloween orcarnivals. If you want your pet to also enjoy costume parties, hereyou will find ideas and tutorials on how to make fun and easycostumes for your dog or your cat. This application contains: -Ideas of halloween costumes for small and large dogs. - Ideas ofhalloween costumes for cats. - Funny pictures animals with costumesand dresses. - Tutorials how to make costumes for your pets.Download our free app of halloween costumes for pets and dress yourcat or dog with adorable costumes.
Taekwondo Training 1.00
You like martial arts? In this mobile application, you will learneverything you need to train taekwondo in your home. Taekwondo is amartial art other than karate, judo or kickboxing. It is an artbased on kicks and in the elasticity, it is ideal for self-defense,body-toning, weight loss and many other health benefits. Taekwondois a sport good for children because it helps them to improveconcentration, confidence, respect and education. This is a summaryof the lessons and tips of Taekwondo that you will find in our Appto be a black belt: - Warmup exercises for arms, legs and body. -Tutorials on the basic movements and pumses of taekwondo. -Training of techniques, kicks and punches basic. - A taekwondoclass for beginners and for children. - Lessons of taekwondo,advanced for experts. - Fighting taekwondo practitioners in theworld competitions. Test our App totally free to have fun andexercise with our taekwondo classes.
Karate Lessons 1.00
If you like martial arts you'll love our App of lessons of Karatetraining. Which martial art should you learn? Taekwondo? Kung fu?Judo? Karate! Karate is a martial art ideal as well as forself-defense, body-toning, weight loss and many other healthbenefits.It is also perfect for kids because it teaches moralvalues and helps to improve the concentration and confidence. Inthis application you will find all the material necessary to becomea karate black belt: - Warm-up exercises for arms and legs. -Tutorials on the basic movements and stances of shotokan karate andkyokushin - Training of techniques, kicks and punches basic. -Tutorials easy-karate for beginners and for children. - Lessons ofkarate advanced for experts. - Fighting karate professionals inworld competitions. Download our App from the Lessons of Karate tobecome a true Karate Kid!
Easy Piano Lessons 1.00
You are a music lover and you want to learn to play musicalinstruments? With this mobile application you will be able to learnto play the piano from 0 with our lessons for piano. Learn to playall kinds of songs, choruses, and chords with the piano with ourvideo tutorials for piano. Suitable for all audiences: children,adults, beginners or professionals. Search for your favorite songand learn to play easily. Forget the piano lessons particular, withthis app you will learn beautiful songs and lyrics from home andcompletely for free. We have piano lessons easy for beginners whereyou can learn the basic lessons of music and piano. We also havepiano lessons advanced for those who want to perfect their level ofpiano with tips and tricks for professionals. Download our apppiano lessons and teach your friends how to play the piano withstyle.
Bowling Lessons 1.05
Lessons of Bowling is a free application to learn how toplaybowling like a real professional player. No matter if you arenewin the world of bowling or if you're already an advanced player,inthis application you will find tips and exercises to improveyourskill and your strikes. With this application you can prepareyourworkouts with our recommended exercises to know everythingaboutthe art of playing bowling and improve your position andyourshots. We have a section for beginners where you can learntherules and basic moves, as well as to know that ball and thatoutfitis the ideal for each one. We then have a section foradvancedplayers where you can find several tips and tricks toimprove yourperformance as a player of bowling and getting to bereal pros towin all your games of bowling. In addition to all this,you will beable to find tricks and spins bowling spectacular madebyprofessional players, also a large collection of balls of abowlingalley and a large number of videos of the competitionmostimportant of bowling (PBA). If this outside little, also youwillbe able to learn other modalities are not as well known asthebowling ten pin (candlepin and duckping). - Download our freeapp"Bowling Lessons" and become a true professional player bowling.
Ukulele Lessons 1.00
You want to learn to play musical instruments? With thismobileapplication you can learn to play the instrument of fashion:theukulele. We will show you how to play the ukulele from 0 withourfree lessons of ukulele. Learn to play all kinds ofsongs,choruses, and chords on the ukulele with our video tutorialsforukulele. No matter if you are a child, adult, beginnerorprofessional. Search for your favorite song and learn toplayeasily. We have classes for ukulele easy for beginners whereyoucan learn the basic lessons of music and ukulele. We alsohaveclasses ukulele advanced for those who want to perfect theirlevelof ukulele with tips and tricks for professionals. I had neverbeenso easy to learn to play an instrument. Download our app fromthelessons of ukulele and teach your friends how to play theukulelewith style.
Spanish Karaoke 1.00
You like to sing with your friends at parties and karaoke bars?Nowyou can do it from your house with this App of Karaoke inSpanish.Perfect for livening up a birthday party or a dinner withfriends,with this fun karaoke around the world are going to sing.This is aselection of the best songs in Spanish to sing in karaoke.Onlyfind the instrumental part of the song and the lyrics, thevoiceyou have to put it you. The list of songs is divided intoseveralcategories, this is a summary of what you can find: -Romanticsongs for couples as well as Pablo Alboran, or AlejandroSanz. -Fun songs for parties, like King Africa, or Raphael. -Classics ofthe Rock as Roadblock or by Fito and Fitipaldis. - Thebest greatsongs of reggaeton as the Maluma or Nicky Jam. - Songs ofthe bestmovies and tv series. - Songs of your series of cartoonsofchildhood. - Openings and Endings of your series, anime favorite.-Classics in English to improve our level of English. As youcansee, we have songs and fun for children as well as adults.Inaddition, we have a search engine where you can search for thesongyou want at that moment and ready. Already you can download ourAppKaraoke in Spanish, completely free, and to sing!
Drumming Lessons 1.00
You like the musical instruments of percussion? You want to learntoplay the drums from your own home completely free? With thismobileapplication you can get. Learn to drumming with our freeclasses. Ifyou are still a beginner, do not worry, in thisapplication you willbe able to learn from 0. In the first placevisit our section onrudiments of percussion and our drum lessonsfor beginners. When youhave learned the rhythms and basic notes,you will be able topractice with our easy songs for drums. If youare already anadvanced student you will be able to enjoy our drumclasses foradvanced students where you will be able to learntechniques morecomplicated, tips and tricks to improve your levelwith drums. Youwill be able to demonstrate your skills with ourcomplicated songsfor drums. If what you seek is to learn to playsongs with the drumswe also have the solution. We have a searchengine where you justhave to write the name of the song that youwant to play and youwill find a video with a detailed guide toplay it with the drums. Ihad never been so easy to learn to playan instrument, perfect forkids and adults. Learn to play easilythe drums from home andcompletely for free.
Saxophone Lessons 1.00
If you are a lover of music and of musical instruments of windyouwill love this app for learning to play the saxophone. Withourfree lessons you can learn to play the sax from 0. Formostbeginners we have videos to learn all the basics of thesaxophone:- Parts and assembly of a saxophone. - Fingerings forchords andbasic notes of the saxophone. - First steps with eachtype ofsaxophone: Tenor, Alto and Baritone. - Songs that are easyto playwith the sax step-by-step. We also have classes moreadvanced toimprove your level of saxophone with tips, tricks, andsheet musicwith lyrics of the songs are the most popular blues andjazz. Thisapplication is perfect for children and adults and veryeasy touse, you can find that song you want to play with thesaxophone andyou will see a tutorial video for touch it step bystep. Take theopportunity to learn to play the sax with our freelessons fromyour home. The only thing you need is a saxophone andeager tolearn.
Origami Lessons 1.00
You want to learn origami? In this App we teach you to do allsortsof creations with paper such as airplanes, animals, ordecorationsfor parties and weddings. Here you'll find simpleinstructions formaking figures out of paper step by step. From makea simple paperflower to make fun toys for children with paper.Origami is an artthat is ideal for children and adults because itdevelops theimagination, concentration, manual dexterity andcoordination itcan also be relaxing and fun. If you need ideas tomake designs oforigami, these are the categories that you'll findin our App: -Paper airplanes. - Flowers and paper animals. - Boxesandcontainers of paper. - Stars and hearts for Valentine's day.-Paper toys to entertain children. - Decorations of paperforweddings and parties. Download now our free app from the lessonsoforigami to learn how to make all kinds of figures out of paper.
Nail Art Designs 1.00
Do you love make up and nail art? This App is for you! Here youcanfind the coolest finger nail art designs for free.Thepossibilities of a manicure are endless! Whether you likestripes,florals, animals, elegant or funny designs, you will findwhat areyou looking for in our nail art pictures. We have hundredsof nailart ideas for hands and feet, inspire your next nailcreations anddecorations with our easy nail designs. Follow ourmake uptutorials to learn the nail art techniques: nail polish,nailpainting, nail stamping and french manicure. Donwload our NailArtDesigns App and impress your friends with the best ideas forgelnails and acrylic nails. For free!
Tattoo Designs 1.05
Are you thinking about getting a new tattoo and you did not findabeautiful design? In this application you can find the bestideasand images of tattoos for all tastes. Are you looking for atattoowith a minimalist style? or maybe something more realistic?Don'tworry, here you will find designs, styles and topics are themostpopular. These are just a few examples of tattoo designs thatwehave: - Small tattoos watercolor. - Great mandalas to the back.-Tattoo-style tribal for arms and legs. - Tattoos of japanesestylefor women. - Tattoo designs old school and new school men. -Ideasfor tattoos naturalistic flowers and animals. - Designs oftattoos,kind lettering ideal for couples. - Tattoo designs of hennatoforget about the elimination. Download our application oftattoodesigns and discover your next tattoo in an easy way and forfree!