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Smart Compass digital 1.0.1
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Smart Compass digital is easy to use; just use it like a realcompass. Compass app is more than just showing degrees and north,south, east and west. I have designed Compass with user experiencein mind, large numbers and easy to read design. Compass also allowsyou to set your directions by rotating the bezel for easier andprofessional navigation.How to use:" the smart phone has amagnetometer" Simple to use, use it like a real compass" Keep yourphone parallel to the ground and turned toward the red arrow thatyou want to define" Compass will display on-screen directions anddegrees." Keep the device away from metal objects, machinery andwhere high magnetic field to avoid false resultsApplications SmartCompass digital, digital compass to help you determine thedirection quickly and accurately. note:- Professional design- Thedampened compass card, which swings naturally, orientates you withjust one glance.- A decimal bearing provides detailed direction.- Acardinal bearing gives you a quick way of expressing generaldirection to others.- Magnetic and true north are available, theapp automatically takes care of variation.- Incredibly smoothmovements- No internet connection required.- Support manylanguagIMPORTANT: The device must be internal magnetic sensor toread the magnetic field of the Earth. If your device does not havea magnetic compass sensor request will not work. PLEASE DO NOTPLEASE MAKE PICTURES BAD, SO ON IT IS TIME TO UPDATE THE PENZARTEAM. *
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With this application you can control most TV worked by IR oroptional wireless remote and Apple TV if you can not work oursupport contact us.Enjoy with application "DISH/DTH TV REMOTEUNIVERSAL" and see how to program remote directv tv.*****************************************************************************************************Someof the Supported DTH/DISH connections Dish TV,TataSky,Airtel,SunDirect,DD Free Dish,Videocon,Reliance,BigTv,PittsburghInternational Telecommunications,DirecTV,DISHNetwork,Comcast,Glorystar,Spiritcast,Sky Angel,GlobeCast WorldTV,Home2US,AT &T U-Verse,Verizon FiOS,Indovision ,CanalDigital,Viasat,ABSat,CanalSat,TPS,BIS TV,FRANSAT,TNTSAT,CanalDigital,Viasat,MagtiCom,Sky Deutschland,NOVA Greece,OTE TVGreece,Digi TV,UPC Direct,T-home,Hello HD,AustriaSatMagyarország,Sky,Saorsat,Sky Italia,TéléSATLuxembourg,CanalDigitaal,Canal Digital,Viasat,CyfrowyPolsat,nc+,Portugal[edit],ZON TV Cabo,MEO Satélite,Orange TV,DigiTV,Dolce,D-Smart,Sky,Freesat,iSat LTD,VirginMedia,Ukraine[edit],NTV Plus Ukraine,Viasat Ukraine,ВОЛЯ(Cable),Максимум ТВ (MITRIS),Xtra TV,Bell TV,ShawDirect,Spiritcast,Glorystar,Telus TV,DirecTV,Antina,Tuves HD,InterSatelital Bolivia,SKY Brasil,Vivo TV,Claro TV,Oi TV,GVTTV,Telefónica TV Digital,DirecTV,Claro TV,Movistar TVHogar,DirecTV,Tuves HD,DirecTV,Peru[edit],Cable MágicoSatelital,DirecTV Latin America,Tuves HD,TuvesHD,DirecTV,DirecTV,Movistar Venezuela,SKY México,DishMéxico,Cablevisión México, TransVision,Aora TV satelit,Skynindo,BigTV,Orange,K-Vision,Topas TV,IRIB,yes,SKY PerfecTV!,Astro,DDishTVLLC,UNITEL DTH,Dish Home,Dream Satellite TV,G Sat,Cignal DigitalTV,Skylife,Dialog TV,Peo TV,Dish Lanka,TrueVisions,GMM Z,CTH,TOTIPTV,Sky Net DTH,Austar,Foxtel,SelecTV,UBI WorldTV,VAST,SKY,Freeview,Euro1080,Digit-Alb,SkyÖsterreich,ORF,Austriasat,TV Vlaanderen Digitaal,TéléSATNumérique,Belgium Satellite Services,Vivacom TV,Bulsatcom,MTel,DigiTV,SEEMORE,NOVA Cyprus,SkyLink,CSLink,Digi TV,UPC Direct,FocusSat,Kosmos TV,NTV Plus,Orion Express,RIKOR TV,Russian TVTime,Tricolor TV Sibir,NTV Plus Vostok,TricolorTV,Serbia[edit],Digi TV,TotalTV,Digi TV,Magio Sat,Skylink,CSLink,UPC Direct,Digital+,Canal Digital,Viasat,Satellite MediaSwitzerland,GLOBCOS Switzerland,Digiturk
Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Videos 1.2
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An application to recover deleted photos from your phone storage orfrom external storage, and restore them to your gallery.A simple touse Video Recovery application. Video Files Recovered include: FLV,AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP ect..Recover All My Deleted File is a verypowerful application that can backup or restore all applicationsand a few other things on your phone installed. Biggest issue foruse is recover deleted data on android! Now resolve this issue byPhone Recovery App which will recover photos of your phone if it isreset.Our unique and exclusive Smart Recover Android apps completesthose impossible data recovery tasks that other apps cannot touch-- this data recovery app quickly locates and restores files thatother recovery apps could never find.Ever deleted media byaccident? This app attempts to recover all lost or deleted photoson your device. No root required.Photo Recovery application allowyou to Recover your deleted photos now with this simple androiddeleted photo recovery for free!That's all!Deep scan heuristicallyscans for and recovers the following types of files: BMP, JPEG/JPG,PNG, MNG, JNG, GIF, MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, OGG, OGM, WAV, FLAC, AMR,MP4A, PDF, SXD, SXI, SXC, SXW, ODT,ODG, ODS, ODP, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX,ZIP, JAR, APK, EPUB. restore them.Feature★ easy to use★ recoveryphoto★ backup and restore photos★ best data recovery software ★Super easy image data recovery!★ Need not the knowledge!★ Need notthe PC!★ Need not rooting!★ Need not recovery data!★ BackupContacts & Photos & Videos to SD card.★ Restore Contacts& Photos & Videos from SD card.★ Share your back upmethods. ★ Recover all file which you want.★ Backup: save a copy ofinstalled applications on the device.★ Restore Photos & Videosand All other files.★You can restore the image from the Device orfrom the SD card!NotIf dosen't work add the name of your phone hisapp may show some pictures even if they are not deleted yet. That’sbecause there is already an occurrence of this files in hiddenfolders scanned by this app. If you Love Recover delete file:Restore photos & videos so download it and share!Thank you foryour Support...!!!
Sms Citations Amour 2.25
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Meilleurs SMS & Citations d'Amour On vous proposecetteapplication qui vous permettre d'écrire des mot d'amour pourvotreamoureux(se) il suffit d'ouvrir l'application et choisissezvotremessage pour exprimer votre sentiment. ★ ★ ★ MOTS TOUCHANTSLECOEUR Les meilleurs Images et Citations sur l'amour , Homme,Motivation , LA vie , Relations entre les Hommes . *Text voeux2018SMS Bonne Année Meilleurs vœux 2018 *bonne année 2018 / Nouvelan *SMS d'amoureux rencontre d'amour * SMS tu me manques /dialogueamour * MESSAGE pour ta chérie / message mariage amour /etrencontre chat amour * SMS pour ton chéri tchatche dialogue amour*MESSAGE bisous * SMS je t'aime tchatche dialogue amour * SMSBonnenuit message mariage amour / et rencontre chat amour *MESSAGEdamour rencontre d'amour * SMS d'amoureux * SMS tu memanquesdialogue amour * SMS pour ta chérie * SMS pour ton chérimessagemariage amour / et rencontre chat amour * SMS bisousdialogue amour* SMS je t'aime message mariage amour / et rencontrechat amour *SMS Bonne nuit dialogue amour * Love notes * Loveletters dialogueamour rencontre d'amour * Amour dialogue amour *Citation d amourmessage mariage amour / et rencontre chat amour *mots damourdialogue amour rencontre d'amour ★★ ★ MOTS SPECIAL AMOURET LOVEmots touchants le coeur .mots touchants le coeur HD .citationstouchants le coeur .citation touchants le coeur .motstouchant lecoeur .mots touchant le coeur HD .citations touchants lecoeur HD.citation touchant le coeur .citations touchant le coeurHD.citation touchants le coeur .images coeur .Coeur images.Citationssur amour .Les Plus .Belles Citations .Citations suramour.Citations sur la vie .Citations philosophique .motd'amour.citation sur l'homme.mots de couple .love words .love world.amourcouple .mots touchent les sentiments .mots touchent le cœur.motsde amour sans internet . histoire .d'amour . histoire de lavie .l'amour . couple . amitié . ame soeur . drague poeme amour.sérieux . amour . proverbe amitié . proverbe sur l amitié.proverbe .proverbe amour . proverbe d amour . proverbesetcitations . citations et proverbes . les beaux proverbescitationcourte . belle citation . citation bonheur . citation dujour .citation de la vie citation drole . citation en anglais .citationcourte . citation famille . citation amitié romantisme .poèmes .dictons . cœur . fleurs . Saint Valentin Best SMS &Love QuotesWe offer this application that allow you to write lovenote to yourlover (is) just open the app and choose your message toexpressyour feelings. ★ ★ ★ WORDS touching HEART Best Images andQuotes onlove, Man, Motivation, LA life, relations between people.* TextSMS Greetings 2018 Happy New Year Greetings 2018 * Happy NewYear2018 / New Year * SMS loving encounter of love * SMS I miss you/love dialogue * MESSAGE for your girl / post marriage love /chatand dating love * SMS to your darling chat dialogue love *KissesMESSAGE * SMS chat dialogue I love you love * SMS messagesGoodnight love marriage / love meeting and chat * MESSAGE ofloveencounter of love * Lover SMS * SMS I miss you love dialogue *SMSto your dear * SMS messages for your cherished wedding love /chatand dating love * SMS dialogue kisses love * SMS I love youlovelove message / chat and dating love * SMS Goodnight dialoguelove *Love Notes * Love letters dialogue love love encounter * Lovelovedialogue * Quote of love note marriage love / chat and datinglove* Dialogue of love words love love encounter ★★ ★ SPECIALWORDSLOVE AND LOVE words touching the heart .mots touching the HDcore.quotes touching the heart .citation .mots touching thehearttouching .mots heart touching heart HD .citations touchingtheheart HD .citation touching the heart .citations involvingtheheart HD .citation touching the heart .images heart .Coeurpictures.Citations More on love .The .Belles .Citations Quotes onlove.Citations on philosophical .Citations life .mot love .citationthecouple homme.mots .love words .love world .love torque .motsaffectfeelings. .mots words touch the heart of love withoutinternet.love story . life story. love. torque. friendship. soulmate .dredge love poem. seriously. love. proverb friendship.proverb onfriendship. proverb .proverbe love. proverb of love.Sayings andQuotes . quotes and sayings . beautiful proverbs shortquote.beautiful quote . happiness quote. Quote of the Day. lifequotefunny quote. quote in English. short quote. Familyquote.friendship quote romanticism. poems. sayings. heart.flowers.Valentine's Day