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AppLock 1.1.9
AppLock, your smarter privacy guard, applocker and app protector,can lock the most private apps, hide and encrypt sensitive &private photos and videos with PIN lock and pattern lock. AppLockis a free app lock and privacy guard keep intruders or snoopersaway from your most private data on your Android device, lockprivate apps, hide sensitive photos and videos by locking Gallery,prevent kids from messing up system settings, deleting importantdata, buying unwanted apps/game, protect privacy security with thissmall yet powerful app lock!AppLock, best privacy guard, appprotector and smarter applocker app, protects your privacy, giveyour phone all around protection. AppLock can lock any apps youchoose, including: -Lock social network apps: AppLock lockFacebook, WhatsApps, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Twitter, Messenger,Wechat and any social apps you choose. No more worry intruders maypeep your private chat with other! Ensure privacy security!-Locksystem apps: AppLock can lock system apps like Contacts, Calls,SMS, SNS, Email, and Play Store and so on. No one can mess up yoursystem apps anymore!-Lock Android pay apps: AppLock can lockandroid pay apps like Paypal, Android Pay, Amazon Payments, andGoogle Wallet. No one can use these apps to buy anything withoutyour permission!-Lock incoming calls: AppLock lock incoming callsto prevent girlfriend/boyfriend pick up private phone calls-Locknew apps-Lock other apps: AppLock can lock third-party apps likeGmail, Vine, YouTube, game and so on. Giving your phone 360°privacy protection!AppLock hide & encrypt photos and videos.Applock lock your private photos and sensitive videos. Preventintruders from peeping your privacy. AppLock protect privacy withPIN & Pattern Lock. AppLock has PIN code lock and pattern lock.PIN code lock has random keyboard. Much safer to lock apps. Patternlock is easier and faster to unlock apps. Hide pattern draw pathand make pattern invisible. Unlock more secure!AppLock OtherImportant Features:►Intruder Selfie: Secretly take a picture ofthose who try to unlock your private apps with wrong passwords.Find out who is curious about your phone private data.►App FakeCover: Disguise applock icon with Calculator, Music, and Notepadand so on. Prevent snoopers from breaking in your phoneprivacy.►Customize applock settings: New app reminder, applock lockfrequency, and reset password and so on. Customize these settingsin order to satisfy your need.►Security Question: Set securityquestion in case you forget applock password.AppLock usesAccessibility Services. Please enable it to save more batterypower!Feel free to send us your feedback via gwcljne@gmail.com
Booster Cleaner - Clean, Boost & Space Cleaner 1.2.2
Is your phone becoming slow and lag? Are there many junk files inyour phone? Is your phone batter draining faster than before?Booster Cleaner – Clean, Boost & Space Cleaner, a reliablememory and speed booster, Android optimizer and battery saver,helps you clean junk files, boost mobile phone, and extend batterylife. Only 5MB, Booster Cleaner-Clean, Boost & Space Cleaner issmall yet effective booster and cleaner app for Android. Withintuitive interface, it can clean junk file, cache, ads, andunnecessary background apps and boost mobile phone memory to makeyour phone faster. Even Android phones with slow processor and lowmemory to can have a better performance after clean and boost.KeyFeatures of Booster Cleaner – Clean, Boost & Space Cleaner:Phone BoostBy phone boost, this free Android memory (RAM) boosterwill clean unnecessary background apps to clean more free memoryand make your phone faster. The one-tap boost optimize your Androidphone and make it faster by 50% on home-screen. And what makes thismemory booster special is its durable boost effect, which preventapps from auto start.Junk File & Cache CleanThis cache and junkfile cleaner has intelligently and accurately analyzed thousands ofapps and how junk files created. Therefore it can clean junk filesand other residuals to free up more storage space.Phone CoolDownDetect and clean apps that cause overheating. By phone boostand clean, this phone booster and cleaner cool down phone inseconds.Manage Redundant APK FilesIntelligently show all the appsto you that lets you know the storage space your apps are taking.By phone boost and clean, this booster cleaner to uninstall rarelyused apps to save more space.Boost Game PerformanceChoose the gameyou want to boost. Manage your games and accelerate loading speedof games when launching.This speed booster for Android can boostphone and clean cache effectively and efficiently. BoosterCleaner-Clean, Boost & Space Cleaner uses the AccessibilityServices, please find and enable it!Contact us: gwcljne@gmail.com