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Goalkeeper Premier Soccer Game 1.09
Goalkeeper Premier is one of the top goalkeeper football gamesever! It brings you the opportunity to try walking in football(soccer) goalkeeper's shoes for a while. The whole stadium'slooking at you, goalie - you are the last line of defense. Be readyto warm-up your hands, stay cool and stop opponents' shots fromreaching your net! Pick your favorite football nation or club andlead them to the title of the FIFA World Cup champions orinternational cup for clubs! Let the ultimate soccer magicbegin!This game is long-awaited sequel of FlashFooty's famous freesoccer game from desktop computers, played over 40 millions oftimes with great ratings on hundreds of gaming portals. It's a musthave if you like football games! -------------------------How toplay: tap the screen where you want to defend (watch out for themarker!), and your gloves will appear there. That's it, now, go -win them over, champion!-------------------------Gamefeatures:-------------------------★ 200 soccer nations to pick(yes, even Brazil and Germany are included!)★ 8 national cups withmore than 250 football clubs included!★ Various actions - headers,volleys, distant shots, overhead kicks★ Easy game play - even smallkids can play it!★ Realistic physics (getting more real with everygame update!)★ Free football fun - no in-app purchases, this is acomplete version!★ Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devicesGoalkeeperPremier is an elite football game, specially made for professionalathletes wannabes :) Download this app now!★★★ Made byhttp://www.FlashFooty.com - we were making soccer games before youwere born! ★★★
PenaltyShooters Football Games 1.0.5
★★★ This game is made only for pure football games fans, frommakers of famous Penalty Fever. Simple, 100% free, addictive soccershootout. ★★★It's time for some penalty shootout, most nervy partof any football game. The stadium is full, and you can feel thepressure of the crowd while you concentrate. Is it going to be agoal or not? Are you calm and skillful enough to kick your team allthe way to the finals? Check out this great, spiced with humor,football game. How to play? Easy! To shoot, touch and hold the thescreen on your device to aim. Release to make a kick. To save -press and hold (your goalie will start moving towards the pointer)and release when you're ready to dive.Tip 1: Don't shoot always inthe same direction - opponent's goalkeeper is smart enough to readit! Just like in real penalty shootouts- stay cool and kick like areal soccer pro!Product features:- Free football fun- 256 fantasysoccer teams divided into 8 competitions- Humorous team names andnewspaper headlines- Easy game play - small kids can do it!If youlove best free football games, you will love this app. It's one ofthose sports games that will keep you playing over and over.Download it, now! :)*** ON SOME DEVICES, AFTER INSTALLATION, WHENTHE APP IS STARTED FOR THE FIRST TIME, BLACK SCREEN CAN REMAIN FOR10 SECONDS OR A BIT MORE. PLEASE, BE PATIENT. ***★★★ Made byhttp://www.FlashFooty.com - we were making soccer games before youwere born! ★★★
Football Headz Cup - Free! 0.0.4
Football heads game like no other. Play 1-on-1 or 2-on-2mode!Barca, ​​Real, Manchester Devils, Munich Bay ... All the bestEuropean fantasy football clubs are here! Chris Rolland, Lion ElMess, Thomas Millioner ... all of the world's top fictional playersare involved, and we use this opportunity to thank them! You can bethe part of this league of champions, too.'Football Headz Cup' isone of those awesome soccer games that push the boundaries. It's ahilarious head football action that will keep you for a long time.Select one of the 32 offered fantasy teams (64 players) and go towin the big cup!Options in the game:- You can play with one or twoplayers per team (one is a goalkeeper, one is a striker)- Selectyour touch commands- Completely free to play - no in-apppurchases!Football Headz Cup - the best football heads game in theworld! Have fun!*** ON SOME DEVICES, AFTER INSTALLATION, WHEN THEGAME IS STARTED FOR THE FIRST TIME, BLACK SCREEN CAN REMAIN FOR 10SECONDS OR A BIT MORE. PLEASE, BE PATIENT. ***★★★ Made byhttp://www.FlashFooty.com - we were making soccer games before youwere born! ★★★
Top 10: Soccer Managers 0.0.3
If you like football management games, but don't want to beoverwhelmed with statistics and complicated layouts - this game isfor you. Made not to be too serious, but to be fun.Simple, so thatchild can enjoy it, with cute cartoony graphics and interestingaction part. However, the core functions of football managers arestill there - buy and sell players, improve your stadium andassets, sign sponsorship contracts, hire (and fire) your club'sstaff... Clubs have different goals in each season, depending ofclub's strength (board of directors will be watching you!). Improvefacilities of your youth team to get free talented players.Made byfootball gamers, for football gamers. Have fun with our soccermanagers!What you get:★ Free football game - no in-app purchases!★Simple gameplay - no complicated and long tutorials. Get into thematch right away!★ 6 countries with 240 fantasy teams.*** ON SOMEDEVICES, AFTER INSTALLATION, WHEN THE APP IS STARTED FOR THE FIRSTTIME, BLACK SCREEN CAN REMAIN FOR 10 SECONDS OR A BIT MORE. PLEASE,BE PATIENT. ***★★★ Made by http://www.FlashFooty.com - we weremaking soccer games before you were born! ★★★
Hidden Objects Pirate Treasure 0.0.3
Ahoy, me Hearties! Come along and help the pirate captainAngrybeard and his crew to find the pirate treasure hidden on themysterious Cave island. *** No In-App Purchases! 'Pirate Treasure'is completely FREE game. ***Can you solve the puzzle and find allthe hidden objects?This is a free, kids friendly, 'hidden Objects'game in which your seek and find items within the given time. Donot worry - this game doesn't punish mistakes: time is onlyimportant to get better result, that is - more 'stars' on eachlevel. It's relaxing, fun and light hearted. Items are fairlylarge, clearly visible, although well placed. Game is dedicated topeople who seek relaxation, not stress, when playing games.The gameplay is simple: on each level, find a series of 20 hidden objectsin a scene! Seek only objects that are shown in the bottom of thescreen - otherwise, with every mistake, you'll lose some time. Soif you like this kind of games, this new FlashFooty app is made foryou!Come, try it now and share it with your friends!Game features:*Free hidden objects fun* 7 interesting puzzle levels* Funny piratestory with a twist* Original graphics+ My kids love it!
One Touch Football 1.0.3
Addictive and annoying little football game! Pass the ball to yourteammates and try to score the goal in shortest time. Main obstacleis presence of opponent players - if they touch the ball, you lost.But don't worry - there are no limited lives or energy in thisgame, and your progress is saved.It's very easy to play this game(but, it's not easy to complete it!). Just tap the screen at theright moment to kick the ball straight. If you press the screen andmove right or left, you can adjust swerve (it's often needed toavoid the opponent). And - that's it!Game features:- Simple and fungameplay- 20 levels
Hell Footy 0.0.4
Your hero went for a short football shootout training, but what hewill be faced with goes beyond his worst nightmares! Suddenly, outof nowhere, creatures from hell appear. They crawl to our player,dressed in torn football jerseys, but they don't want to take theball - they want his life.Your task is to survive 20 levels byscoring goals and defending from enemies (skeletons, zombies,vampires...)Move your footballer to the left and right, press andhold to increase shot strength (go to the maximum to knock-downenemies!). Score as many goals as you can, since they bring mostpoints and you need to reach certain amount of points to pass thelevel.Game features:-20 levels with lovely cartoony graphics-14different enemies- 4 languages- Great hell football fun!*** ON SOMEDEVICES, AFTER INSTALLATION, WHEN THE APP IS STARTED FOR THE FIRSTTIME, BLACK SCREEN CAN REMAIN FOR 10 SECONDS OR A BIT MORE. PLEASE,BE PATIENT. ***★★★ Made by http://www.FlashFooty.com - we weremaking soccer games before you were born! ★★★
Penalty Shootout EURO football 1.0.2
This free penalty shootout game, from FlashFooty's factory offantasy football (and other sports) games, brings you the fever ofthe European championship. Choose your favorite football nation,grab that trophy and become the hero. The stadium is full andeverybody's eager to see who will win the dramatic penalty kicksshow. In order to shoot, click anywhere to determine direction,height and strength of the shot. With combination of these, you canperform powerful kicks, but also gentle lob shots. In the role ofgoalkeeper, watch out for the target which will appear on your goaljust before the opponent's kick, and tap on it. The competition hastwo parts - group and knockout phase. To qualify for the 1/8finals, you need to be either 1st or 2nd in your group. After that,no mistakes are allowed if you want to win the Euro cup. Youconsider yourself football games fan ? Then, don't lose your time -get this free football game and start scoring penalties! ★★★ Madeby http://www.FlashFooty.com - we were making soccer games beforeyou were born! ★★★
Penalty Shooters 2 (Football)
Sequel to the classic football penalty shootout game brings moreleagues and improved competition system. Pick one of 360 footballteams from 12 leagues (World cup, Euro cup, England, Germany,Spain...)! Cup is played in two phases - group stage and knockout.During the group stage you need to rank 1st or 2nd to go to theknockout phase. Game play remained the same - to shoot, press thescreen anywhere and hold to aim. Release to make a kick. To save -press and hold (your goalkeeper will start moving towards thepointer) and release when you're ready to dive. Tip: Don't shootalways in the same direction - opponent's goalkeeper is smartenough to read it! Just like in real penalty shootouts- stay cooland kick like a real soccer pro! When defending - a target willappear a moment before the opponent footballer kicks, showing thedirection of the shot. Can you feel the fever? Great fun for allsoccer fans! Kick your way to the final match and get that trophy,champ! ★★★ Made by http://www.FlashFooty.com - we were makingsoccer games before you were born! ★★★
Football Headz Cup 2 0.0.3
Advanced sequel of the classic football heads game. Pick one ofEuropean fantasy teams, select 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 mode and get intothe arena. Win air duels, defy physics, make long distance kicks,push the opponent towards his goal - there are no fouls, soeverything is allowed! One of those football games that make youwant to play more and more!This game also brings improved,intuitive, touch controls - press the left or right side of thescreen to move your footballer, swipe up to jump, make a quick tapto kick. When facing head to head with the opponent, do not try tokick the ball - just push him to the right and wait for him tojump.If you're into heads sports games, especially soccer ones,this is the game for you!Check out our appshere:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8670109171997482479
Soccer KnockDown Physics Game 1.0.1
Interesting physics puzzle game with 18uniqueand fun levels. For kids and adults!The point is to knock down all the boxes (with images ofsoccerplayers) with slingshot and soccer balls. When all boxes falldown,level is complete. To throw the ball press the screen neartheslingshot, drag it to aim and - release. Simple and addictive,justdon't get 'angry' if you don't make it from the firstattempt.There is one similar, famous game, I'm sure you'llrecognizeit!In each level there is certain number of balls and limitedtime.If you run out of balls or time - you're failed.If you like physics puzzle games, Soccer Knockdown is thegamefor you.
Flash Dribbler 2 0.0.6
Flash Dribbler 2 is a simple but challenging 'one-touch' footballgame. The point is to keep the ball in your possession as long asyou can by avoiding any contact with opponent players. The redopponent is smarter than blue ones, since he runs towards the balland occasionally makes slides trying to touch you. Each time youavoid him, you get one point. You also get 5 points for every cointhat you pick (they also appear from time to time).Productfeatures:-Simple but challenging soccer game-Infinite gameplay!Game gets harder as you play longer!-Great fun for all!
Dkicker Football Game 1.0.1
FlashFooty's beloved free football gamefromdesktop computers now made for Android. It's an excitingfootballshootout game in which the goal is to beat the goalkeeperwithvolleys and headers and win the cup. In each round ofthecompetition you will have to score a certain number ofgoals,depending of yours and opponent's team strength. Choose from10competitions and 320 teams - World cup, national cups - theyareall there. This is the game for real football gamers!This app was inspired with old football games from 80s and90s,so don't expect fancy graphics - expect relaxing and fungameinstead. Once you start, you can't stop kicking!Features:- Free football fun- Easy game play - just move the player to the left and rightandkick at the right moment. It's simple!- Submit points from your device and help your team rank betterinthe weekly championship.- Choose from more than 300 soccer teamsIf you experience any problems with game's performance,pleasedrop us an email.★★★ Made by FlashFooty.com - we have been making soccergamesbefore you were born! ★★★
Penalty Shootout: Multi League 1.2.0
Penalty shootout football game. Choose your favorite team, from 12offered leagues, grab that trophy and become the hero. The stadiumis full and everybody's eager to see who will win the dramaticpenalty kicks show. In order to shoot, click anywhere to determinedirection, height and strength of the shot. With combination ofthese, you can perform powerful kicks, but also gentle lob shots.In the role of goalkeeper, watch out for the target which willappear on your goal just before the opponent's kick, and tap on it.The competition has two parts - group and knockout phase. Toqualify for the 1/8 finals, you need to be either 1st or 2nd inyour group. After that, no mistakes are allowed if you want to winthe cup.
Basket Monsterz (Basketball Game) 1.0.0
Monsters have gathered to decide who's the best basketball player!Fun basketball game with original gameplay.Choose your monster andtry to win the basketball cup. Rules of the match are simple -whoever reaches 11 points first, wins.★ 32 characters to choose★Original game-play - you and the opponent shoot at the same timewhich brings extra excitement into the game.★ Skip group phase ifyou want, or play the full tournament★ Pure basketball fun★★★ Madeby http://www.FlashFooty.com ★★★
Deep Breathing Exercises
Improve your health, reduce anxiety and pain with this simpletool.Choose one of breathing techniques (square, 4-7-8, pursedlipsbreathing...) and follow the simple guidance. With this app,yourbreathing will become natural and intuitive, as it shouldbe.'Deepbreathing exercises' is an app developedbyhttps://DeepBreathingExercises.com.
Drop Kick: World Champs 2018 1.0.1
Another World Cup in football, another challenge for ourplayers.Your task is to score as many goals as possible with yoursmashingvolley shots. To move: press and hold left or right side ofthedisplay. To shoot - tap anywhere.★ 32 World Cup teams tochoose★Simple but annoying (but in good way!) gameplay.★ Skip groupphaseif you want, or play the full tournament★ Pure football fun★★★Madeby http://www.FlashFooty.com ★★★
Goalkeeper Champ 1.0.2
Football game where you take the role of the goalkeeper. You arethe last line of defense. Save your goal and lead your team to thetrophy. Keep your eyes on the ball and move gloves to deflect, oreven catch the ball. Tap on the screen to move gloves quickly or -drag them around. As a help, you will see the 'target' showingwhere the ball goes to. You can turn off this option. For everysave, you'll get one glove on the scoreboard. Catch the ball to gettwo gloves at once. Collect 3 gloves in a row to score a goal. Ifopponent scores, you lose your collected gloves :(