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Color Flash Light Alert Call second 4.8887
Get our flash on call apps to have all notifications with flash oncall for all apps with light phone, flashlight app for phone to getnotified in upcoming call or sms also with this feature apps you beable to get alert for all notification by mobile torch app andflash notification , then the alerts on call and sms forflashlight app for my phone to get a flashlight on and flash alerts3, it’s the best flash on call for android phone! Set on multipleflash colors options and light phone for many apps by using 8 lightphone, a best flashlight app to set Yellow, green, blue, red,white, purple, pink color flash by choosing the color you get nextnotified with flash alerts 3 on call on messages and calling to getamazing phone effects flash alerts second. How to use: 1-Star theapplication. 2-Manage the app to get light phone flashing youwant!  light phone free to get now easily to impress yourfamily with color flash. Recent changes: new icon flash alerts 3blinking precision bug fixed more devices supported Color flashcoming soon, Flat Design, Battery Friendly, Color LED NotificationSoon, Fix Major Bugs Features: -Flashlight on Incoming Call -Flashlight on Incoming SMS -Flashlight on Incoming Call withoutringtones -Flashlight on other test notifications like Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, etc -Test flash alert from app DESCLAIMAR ThisApp works only with mobiles that have LED Light notifications,Enjoy! Color Flash Light Alert Call 2
Smart flash on call and sms:smart LED Phone light 25.0.1
Get a Brightest smart flashlight for every SMS alert with a coloralert for Facebook, Messenger, SMS, Gmail and any application ofyour choice. With this smart flash alert app, receive a flash textnotification and smart flash alerts for calls with smart LEDs,receive a flash smart alert notification for calls and SMS or SMS.With our app, you can be alerted of all notifications from otherapps. When you get an incoming call, sms, mms or any othernotification smart flashlight gives you amazing smart led torchflash alerts. Turn your phone into a versatile flashlight with thesmart Flashlight application, smart led torch smart light is freeand amazing flashy alert. Also call alerts and sms for android withflashing fast and flashlight alert. CHARACTERISTICS 1. Flash oncall alert 2. Change the smart of the flash light 3. Low powerconsumption, battery friendly 4. Change the smart of the flashalert 5. Fast flashers for flashlight alerts 6. Choose smart for aspecific application 7. Make your incoming calls more visible withthe Cool Flash on Call screen 8. Flashlight alert for allnotifications 9. smart flash alert 10. Set a frequency and blinksmart for other applications. ★ beautiful effects - Normal flash: -Flashlight smart of the screen - Camera Flash: - LED flashlight forcamera - Emergency light effects: - Strobe light, police lamp,emergency lamp - Useful light effects (LED Electronic Sign): -Text, scroll, slide, LED sign - Funny Flashlight Effects: - CandleLight, Disco Light, Rainbow, Flashing Light, Spiral - Charmingeffect: - Heart, I love you - smart flash on call and sms, torchsmart , a smart flash arduino on call and text - smart flashlauncher & smart flash screen, smart flashlight & smart ledlight sms alerts - Ultimate flash alert2 timings adjustment on sms,LED torch on call, rapid smart flash blinking - LED flashlightalert on call or sms & led flash alerts while you on exercisingor walking - Super flashlight on call & sms while you arelistening loud music smart flashlight alerts you - smart Flashlight on call & text while you are driving car - smart flasharduino, smart flashlight, smart flash ringer Stuck outside withouta lamppost? The smart flashlight helps you in the darkest moments.Use smart Flashlight to find the perfect seat in a dark theater orfind your way when the power is off at home. Light when you needit, where you need it Turn your phone into a smarted flashlight! Inthe theater, it is useful to keep walking. Dance with strobe lightin a club. Find your keys in the dark. If you are fed-up to useyour old android’s style flash, ring tone or LED flash hero light,you’ll find our smart flash app not just a brightest smartflashlight? Led torch flash makes your phone a versatile brightestsmart flashlight alerts with best flashlight smart night visiononcall and sms, the led torch app that light your phone and torchsmart flash smart your life. Never be caught in the dark without asmart light again. 👉 ★ Permissions ➣ Camera, flashlight: This isfor the camera flash only, the LED flashlight, the LED lamp ➣Internet, access network state: only for Admob ads ➣BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: - Only to receive alerts notificationsfor other installed apps
Color Flash Light Alert Calls, SMS 1.3
Did you look before how to know a notification by color flashlightalerts comes from with application without touch the phone and savebattery and ignore notifications alerts you don’t like and getflash light alert on call and sms whatsapp. Use our colorflashlight apps to get all notifications with color flashlight forall apps with flash alerts second, to have notified in upcomingcall or sms, you will have alert for all notification, now you cando that, just install color flashlight Notification flash alertssecond !! it’s the best color flashlight for android phone! Set onmultiple flash alerts second options and color lights for many appsby using 8 color lights to set : Yellow, green, blue, red, white,purple, pink by choosing the color you get next notified withcolorful flash alerts second on messages and calling to get amazingphone effects. All you need to do is install color flashlightNotification Color app and select flash light alert on call and smswhatsapp an app to enable color flashlight for, All apps aresupported!! How to use: 1-Star the application. 2-Manage the app toget color lights flashing you want by flash alerts second! Phone color alert free to get now easily to impress your familywith color flash alerts second. Features of color flashlightNotification Color app: - color flashlight for all your apps,WhatsApp, messenger, facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, imo, ...- Color blinking alert on call, flash alerts second for all yourincoming calls. - color flashlight alert when you get a textmessage. - Inside phone alert lights, for all you systemnotifications. - color flashlight Notification Color app can be setto work in different phone modes. - Call and text messages colorflashlight without the internet,flash light alert on call and smswhatsapp install color flashlight Notification Color app. New andexclusive in color flashlight Notification Color app: - You can setthe number of LED color flashlight per message. - You can regulateblinking frequency for your LED color flashlight per application. -You can switch flash alerts OFF and ON on your locked devices tosave battery life. Disclaimer: this color flashlight NotificationColor app does not change your phone back flash light color, itgave you front LED color notifications
free Android Alert Flash Light Notification app
Get a free Android Alert Flash Light Notification app for everytext message and call, an alert with a flash light alert forFacebook messenger lite imo sms gmail snapchat tiktok tinderwhatsapp or whatsapp business telegram or even pinterestnotification or any app you like to use , it’s already works inother stores, now flash alert available for android Get flash alertto be sure that any incoming notification on your device phone youcan get it and know it without touch your phone only by flash youwill know what happing in your phone applications, specially if youare in a dark place or you don't like to check your phone HOW ITWORKS 1 - Open the app, 2 - Choose the app you want to getflashlight alert , 3 -enjoy with your friends! Get our free androidalert flash light notification ! and impress your friends with.DESCLAIMAR This App works only with mobiles that have LED Lightnotifications,
Color Flash Light Alert Notification Calls 3.0
color flash for phones is easy and amazing app to use , you cancustomize color flash notification app for android with color flash.  you can now get a call color flash notified each time youreceive a call or sms flash notify flash notification plus is veryuseful in the dark or if you do not want to hear ringtones Characteristics: 1- color flash notification app for all apps forandroid 2- color flash notifications for android 3- notificationflash alert for all apps  4- battery friendly 5- set a blinkfrequency and color for each contact  6- text color flashalert 7- choose a color flash notification 8- you can control theintensity of flash alerts on calls and sms
LED Flashlight Torche HD 1.0
Best free flashlight a torch flashlight and a brightest LED torchflash light,Turn your phone into a torch flashlight, it is the mostfeatured rich light and only torch flashlight you will ever need,police light, disco light, candle and led banner.Get the brightesttorch, fastest, a most feature rich front light with video camerazoom for torch phones & tablets flashlight, to use your phone'sscreen or LED as a torch beacon of light,You can also use yourcamera zoom flash light when the area is dim. There are many waysyou can use the torch flash light! Turn your flashlight phone intoa versatile flashlight with torch light app, Never be caught in thedark without a flashlight again with torch LED.Torch light apphelps you out in the darkest of occasions. Get led torches the bestmagnifying glass in the market today torch light ! Downloadfor free now, Use torch light to find the perfect seat in a darktheater, or find your way around when the power goes out at home.*Features :- Flip Device On/Off Control- Maximize screenbrightness - Torch Light Activates Instantly- Flashlight appby color note developer- Set Custom Light Timing- Use camera LED asa torch (LED Torch Light)- Energy Saving Light- Change color offlashlight- Clap For Light On/Off Control- Multiple Tap LightOn/Off- Battery Indicator