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Brightest Flash LED Lights 2.2.5
🔦Brightest Flash LED Lights, the fastest way to turn your deviceinto a bright flash touch by accessing your camera led flash light.Light your way in the dark whenever need! 💡 This brightest ledflash instantly turn your phone into the brightest led torch andstrongest flash led lights. Free flash LED lights up your night andhelp you in emergency. Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supported andit is fast to open, smart with multi-LED functions and provides LEDFlash Alert with colorful call screen themes for incoming calls!Come and download this wonderful super brightest flash LED Lightsfor FREE! 💡Highlight Features for Brightest Flash LED Lights: -Brightest Flash LED. Brightest Flashlight stronger than normalflashlight & torch light. - Fast to use. Instantly turn yourdevice into a bright torch light that control with 1 tap.No Need1s. - Easy to use. Flashlight app with Fast Startup and SmoothOperation. - LED flash for calls,messages and notification. Whenyour phone receives some messages or calls including other apps,the LED will flash. You will never miss anything. - Various callscreen themes give you surprises for every incoming call! All forFREE; just enjoy the fun! - LED Flashlight. Switch On/Off the powerlight just like using a real torch light conveniently. -Strobe/Blink Mode. 5 blink/strobe modes in addition to SOSfunction. Flashlight can be used for party, emergency &location track, like using led laser torchlight & militaryflashing; used like SOS LED light for emergency. - Various Themes.Personalize your flashligh with your own cool style. 💡 WithBrightest Flashlight LED, you can: - Light up your night when poweroutage. - Light the way when camping and hiking. - Read booksbefore bedtime with flashlight multi LED. - Find your keys in darkwith strong light. - Flashlight Free lights your room in the dark.- Ask for help when you get lost; - Add more fun to your phone; -Light your way ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! 💡Brightest Flash LED Lights isthe best and brightest flash multi led in the world. The intuitiveand elegant UI design makes it just like wonderful flashlight witha power button to click. This always available lamp and powerfulflashlight is designed to be at hand whenever needed. It’s a veryuseful multi led flashlight. You can use power flashlight as LEDlight torch widget while walking in darkness and light up strobelight for help. Our Flash Light will accompany you any timewhenever you need light! Download this Flashlight Free now! ❤️Comeand join us!
com.video.live.wall.paper.background.free 1.3.7
Vallpaper- Video Live Wallpapers, HD backgrounds is a free &fast App offers you tons of cool HD videos and dynamic wallpapers.At the same time, you can set videos as your live wallpaper easilyby this App. Download to get moving wallpapers for you phonescreen! In addition to the above, you can also get: 💖Personalizedvideo: tons of HD dynamic themes and popular videos to personalizeyour own phone screen, you can also upload your local video. 💖Phonecaller screen: you can set not only live wallpapers, but alsodynamic phone caller screen and contact themes. 💖Smart & easyto use: simple interface and interaction, you can watch videos andapply them by just one click, since then, your wallpaper could alsobe your video player. 【Key Features】 🔥Find Video You can findvideos which are well selected by us to watch, download or set toyour wallpaper. (The videos including but not limited to Landscape,animation, popular online short video...many types for you tochoose.) 🔥Add local video If the videos we offered are not touchyou, you could also upload your local videos and set them aswallpaper, turn your desktop into a video player right away.🔥Download history All the download history will be well saved, thevideos you’ve downloaded are not needed to download again. 🔥PhoneCaller Screen Dazzling & dynamic caller screen provided, youcan decorate your phone caller screen, including stylish color dial& call themes, popular ringtone and other call personalizesettings. Easily set your screen flash for calls in just one tap.With Vallpaper, you can get rid of boring old wallpaper and themenow, you can customize your personalized wallpapers and callerscreens with amazing dynamic effects and style. 【Step to Use】 1️⃣Select or upload the video 2️⃣ One tap to apply 3️⃣ Enjoy your coolwallpaper with good mood
com.call.flash.color.phone 2.0.9
Without ads! Come and get more various phone flash caller screenand diy it right now! Tired of the boring call color, the ringtoneand the call screen themes on your phone? Get color call to findstylish call flash & screen themes. Try to make answering thephone a cool thing—— Color phone caller you deserve to have! Colorphone caller is colorful call reminder.The best free call screencolor phone for incoming call screen with call phone flash themes.This phone color screen app allows you to customize caller screenwith beautiful and stylish call flash themes . Color phone callerapp offers a variety of background options to achieve yourpersonality and personal style. Make your phone call screen have avariety of special effects, so that you can become the focus ofeveryone Features 1.DIY your call screen at anytime 2.Without ads,always updated and add features! 3.color call screen, used forincoming calls, color effects 4.A variety of mobile phone screenthemes to choose from, make your call screen answering calls morefashionable. 5.Call screen themes and caller ID - Identify callersand make your phone stand out.There are 6.Flashes and alarms duringthe call, and flashing alerts for all incoming calls, don't missany calls. If you have better suggestions or any questions andcomments, please feel free to contact us——feedbackcpc001@gmail.com.