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Smurfette's Magic Match 1.3.0
A mysterious power has descended upon the happy Smurf village,stealing the memories of all our blue friends save for innocentSmurfette. Help sweet, little Smurfette uncover the mystery thatlooms over Smurf village as you traverse 160 smurftacular puzzlefilled levels, mix, match and swap smurfy objects that sparkle,unleash magical potions to blast away rubble that stands in theway, earn coins to dress up Smurfette in sweet new clothes andaccessories. Hey, a girl can look good, while she's saving the day.------------------------ What's New• 30 new Smurftastic levels (131– 160) • 5 new outfits for Smurfette • Bug fixes and lots ofperformance improvements------------------------ FEATURESSWEETSMURFETTE - Help Smurfette uncover the source of the puzzlingmystery that has stolen the Smurfs' memories and save thevillage!GEM FILLED PUZZLES - Mix, match, and swap smurfy objectsthat sparkle to match three or more at a time to clear thoseobjects and complete levels. BLAST AWAY - Line up four or moreSmurfy objects in a row to unlock and unleash powerups andmagic.CHALLENGING LEVELS - Make your way through 160 Smurftacularlevels. GIRL POWER - Use powerful boosters featuring your favoritefriendly Smurfs like: Greedy, Brainy, Jokey and more to breezethrough levels.SMURF STYLE - Make a heroine look fashionable as shesaves the day by earning coins and buying new clothes to dress upSmurfette. Who says a girl can't sparkle while saving the day?SHARE& COMPETE WITH FRIENDS - Sync with Facebook to track yourprogress against your friends------------------------ Follow us onTwitter: @FlashmanLLCFollow us on Facebook:www.facebook.com/FlashmanLLCFollow us on Youtube:http://ow.ly/ryH1305uoho------------------------ PLEASE NOTE:Smurfette's Magic Match is free to play, but charges real money foradditional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchasein-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.
Stickwars 3 Free 1.1.3
Evil is back and this time YOU control evil King Maelnik along withhis mostly undead army!___________________________________________________________ Preparefor Battle & Defend Your Walls! Dabble in your inner evil, playas Dark Lord King Maelnik in Stickwars™ 3, the follow up sequel tothe original castle defense game on iOS that started it all. Wherewe last left off, King Maelnik’s invading army was defeated, makingMaelnik sad (and a little dead inside). With his invading army inruins, what is a newly not dead Evil Overlord to do? Roll up hiscowl, raise some bow-toting zombies, cheer up the necromancers andfly his castle right up to King Otto’s door….THAT’S WHAT! Let’s getto the EVIL stuff shall we? FEATURES FINGER FLICKING ACTION ISBACK! Fling, flick and evil your way to victory. MOSTLY UNDEAD ARMYCommand Zombie archers and their acid vomit attack NECROMANCERUNLEASHED 12 available spells like Bone Wall, Necro Bolt, Plague& more 60 CASTLE UPGRADES Deadly defenses like the Rock Giantand Flaming Wall SUMMON THE GRIM REAPER Call upon the Reaperhimself to ravage the battlefield. The WHEEL OF DESPAIR Spin to winpowers like Soul Harvest or Archer Bombs BATTLE POWERFUL FOESBattle Flamer Throwers, Wizards, Mech Bigsticks and moreUPDATES ALLTHE TIME!Warm up those fingertips, command the ranks of the darklord Maelnik and flick King Otto’s forces up and down “HumiliationStreet.”
Big Buck Hunter 1.5.2
Play FREE!THE ACTION ARCADE, HUNTING HIT TAKES ON A NEW ADVENTUREEmbark on an All New Adventure with the arcade action, deer huntinghit game. Gear up with a stockpile of high-powered scoped huntingrifles & shotguns, complete challenging skill based quests,become the predator and hunt deer, elk, and other prey across funhunting locales like Bootlegger’s Hollow and Fort Polk Wilderness.Along your journey to taking down the elusive Monster Buck, don’tforget to visit ole Uncle Pappy’s mini-games and challenge andreload the fun with your friends on the leader boards. Your HunterHero Adventure Awaits! BIG BUCK HUNTER ACTION – All the Big BuckHunter Action from the arcades, now at your finger tips. Test yourskill as you aim your barrel at a variety of game including: Deer,Elk, Racoons, Rabbits, and other prey, while you progress throughaction filled hunts. GUN SHOP - Progress on your journey to HunterHero and purchase new guns like the Havok Shotgun, Hunt Masterrifle, the scope equipped MSG and more! KILL STREAK - Become theapex predator, take your rifle and Chain 3 flawless shots toactivate your Kill Streak and watch the your points rack up andyour trophies. MONSTER BUCK - In your travels, look out for theelusive Monster Buck and Monster Elk that has been said to roamthroughout the Gunner's Peak region. FRIENDLY COMPETITION - Reloadon fun as you Challenge your friends to see who is the best BuckHunter of them all on the leader boards in shooting filled action.CHALLENGING QUESTS – Utilize your patience and skill to completechallenging quests that will test your aim as a hunter.
Sochi 2014: Ski Slopestyle 1.02
Go for Gold against the world in theOfficialMobile Game of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.Find your Line, Hit the Jumps & Grind the Rails3 rail sections, and 3 jumps are all that stand between youandOlympic glory.Focus, find your line, adjust your speed, stomp your tricksandput together the perfect run on the official SkiSlopestyle course from the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Sochi2014:Ski Slopestyle Challenge puts you in the skis of the newestsportfor the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Pull off 720 spins,switchleftside double corks, 270 grinds and more just like the2014Olympic Winter Games' athletes to compete for gold againstfriends,family, and the world.Post your best runs and scores for the world to see!Features• Global and National Competition - Worldwide and Nationalleaderboards will display your score as you go for the gold orcompeteagainst friends!• Go Big - Pull off the sickest tricks including: 720spins,rightside triple corks, tailpress boxes and more.• Choose Your Country – Align yourself with 1 of the 62competingnations from the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and representyourcountry in on going global competitions.• Compete & Share - Compare your best runs with friendsandbe notified when they have beaten your score.• Earn achievements – Unlock fantastic tricks for huge scorethatwill help you rank in the global competition or beatyourfriends.
Rio 2016: Diving Champions 1.50
SOMERSAULT, TWIST AND DIVE INTO THEOFFICIAL MOBILE GAME OF THE RIO 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES.Crazy, fun Olympic glory awaits in this endless high divingaction game, the Official Mobile Game of the Rio 2016 OlympicGames. Nail your dives, progress higher and higher to moredifficult dives and levels, post your best scores on worldwideleader boards, unlock new diving tricks as you compete your way tothe top of the world wide diving ranks.FEATURESDIVING CHAMPIONS - Splash down and unlock a team of crazy aquaticathletes, representing countries from around the world, each withtheir own unique power ups and abilities.HIGH DIVING TRICKS - Become a Diving Champion by nailing yourdive attempts and unlocking new dive styles like the Pike, Straightand Tuck!COMPETE & TAKE HOME THE GOLD - Worldwide leader boards willdisplay your score against the world, while you contribute to yournation's score to decide which nation takes home gold medal.NATIONAL PRIDE - Align yourself with 1 of the 205 competing nationsfrom the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and represent your country inon-going global competitions.Discover all the Official Mobile Games of the Rio 2016 OlympicGames.Vinicius RunQuizRio 2016 Olympic Games