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Update Software 2018 - Update Apps 31.0
new Update software are now being produced tobe able to help people smoother their lives and being able toaccess the virtual world effortlessly.Have you ever had issues with System Update or System SoftwareUpdate? Or have you wanted an easy way for App Update or and AppUninstaller? Apps & System Software Update or App Uninstallerand System Update app is your answer to your issues. Now Update Appor Update System Software and Uninstall App with easy via this Apps& System Software Update or App Uninstaller and System Updateapp.Users can choose the latest software according to user reviews andknow which is the best and suitable for them. Make your androidawesome! Discover the latest android tips, top apps, new features,android updates, accessories and more.The list is divided into installed application, system application& pending updates. The app will also help you to update thephone's android version (OS).These software can be updated on a regular basis and accordinglynew software and be installed. Make your android awesome! Discoverthe latest android tips, top apps, new features, android updates,accessories and more. Join millions of users getting thelatest.The app displays following essential information :- Current version of the app- Update version of the app- Package id of the app- App title- Last modified date of app- Installation date of the app----------FEATURE----------1. App Update.2. App Uninstaller.3. System Software Update.4. Shows the current app version.5. Shows the path of the app.6. Show app name,version,update time,size7. Fast uninstall by one click8. Launch appYou just need to open the application and click on the app you wantto update from the app list. The list is divided into installedapplication and system application.Easy Uninstaller or Apps & System Software Update is an easyway to organize your phone. With user friendly design this app issure to impress you.Thank you for using the app.please give us feedback so that we can make it more efficient touse.
USB File Manager - USB OTG File Browser 5.0
USB File Browser is a Unique and Innovate application which allowsyou to connect your USB Flash drives or USB Pen drives directlyinto your andrioid phones and Do basic operations on USB Files likecopying, Moving, Deleting etc on Your USB Drive files.Now there isno need to find PC for backup your important files pesent in yourphone. You can back up by directly connecting pen drive to yourphone and copy the contents.USB OTG File Manager app lets you toread USB flash drives as well as card readers from your phone ortablets. All you have to do is connect the flash drive to an OTG(On-the-go) cable then open this app you will see all files in USBdrive and you can open them.USB OTG File Manager app is a Uniqueand Innovate application which allows you to connect your USB Flashdrives or USB Pen drives directly into your android phones and Dobasic operations on USB Files like copying, Moving, Deleting etc onYour USB Drive files.Features of the application:• Works on allAndroid devices.• Doesn't need to root your Nexus.• Process managergives you the chance to kill running processes and monitor theavailable RAM memory.• Quick access icons for you SD card, Camerafolder, Bluetooth folder, Downloads and Music folder.• Recognizesall common file formats.• Cut/Copy/Paste options.• Rename or createfiles/folders.• Organize your folders - Search, Sort and Createnew.• Change the visualization of files and folders - list orgrid.• Select multiple files. Automatically shows the size of theselected files. • Properties that give you a detailed informationabout every file or folder - Type, Path, Number of files, Size,Last modified, Total available space and Available space.• Sharefiles.• Delete.File Browser:- USB OTG File Explorer helps youmanage all your files efficiently! With an intuitive interface,File Manager allows you to handle any file or folder whether theyare stored in your device, microSD card, or cloud storage accounts.also provided amazing differant folder display view.ApplicationList:- OTG File Explorer support application management likeUninstall applications, delete application and manage applicationlike system app and user install app. also provide facility to makeapk of appliaction.File Transfer:- OTG File Manager support connectto Computer and You can access remote or shared storage like NASand FTP server.Audios:- You can manage all music and sound relatedfiles. (Supported file formats: mp3, ogg, flac, m4p, wav, wma andetc).Videos:- You can manage all video files in your device.(Supported file formats: asf, avi, flv, mp4, mpeg, wmv andetc).Images:- You can manage image and picture files in yourstorage. Image preview is available. (Supported file formats: bmp,gif, jpg, png and etc).Documents:- You can manage all documentfiles in your device. (Supported file formats: doc, ppt, pdf, andetc).Other Feature :- Other Functionality of Fila managerappliaction lke delete, Share, Copy, Cut & many more.