Flughafen Wien AG Apps

ViennaAirport 1.5.9
Do you need to catch a flight yourself, or perhaps fetch someonefrom Vienna Airport? The Vienna Airport app gives you all thelatest information and updates about your own flight or animportant arrival on your Android phone. This means you are alwaysinformed about the current status of the flight and can enjoy yourdeparture or meet a flight without stress. Simply enter the flightyou wish to catch/meet, and the latest status reports are sent toyou directly and displayed in the app. Please note that you requirea data/Wifi connection for this app. Have fun with the ViennaAirport app! Features offered by the Vienna Airport app: • Store aflight by scanning the QR/barcode, selecting from the currentdeparture/arrival list or entering the flight number, as far inadvance as you want • Verification of desired flight approx. 24hours ahead of time • Information of departure/ arrival time,check-in area, Check-in counter, airline and gate • Pushnotification of desired flight (information 24 h and 6 h ahead,gate open, boarding) • Push notification of desired arrival(expected arrival time, approach, landing) • Push notification ofspecial flight events (gate change, delay, cancellation, diversion)• Information about the parking facilities and the currentavailability • Information about the public transport to an fromthe airport incl. schedule • Shop & Restaurant-Finder • Airportmap • Direct link to mobile website and relevant information aboutVienna Airport New features in v1.5.0: • New design of the App userinterface. • Navigation was improved further to give you moreaccess to your flight data. • A full-text search for flights is nowenabled. • The Shopnavigation got an overhaul and provides easierand better informations now. • More precise information on flightdata. • Systemstability was further improved.