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Swing Angel 1.03
Help ninja Lucifer get back up to Heaven. Lul.Non serviam.-- OLD --You are an angel scout from Heaven who was discovered on amission in Hell.Can you escape Hell through the swinging traps?Swing Angel is a Swing Copters clone game made in a couple ofdays.How to play:★ Tap the screen to change the direction of the angel.★ Avoid the swinging maces!Give us FEEDBACK! Email us or leave your feedback in the reviewsection :)Any feedback is appreciated! What features would you like?Tell us how we can make this game more fun for you!FACEBOOK: PLUS:
MathGO! 1.06
MathGO! is a simple and fun math game that canbe played on the go whenever you have a spare minute. Bored intransit? Waiting for a class to start? Waiting at the dentists?Feeling like practicing basic math operations to stay sharp? Thisis the app for you.Now has game modes! So if you want to practice just division,now you can!Game modes:- Classic (all questions: addition, subtraction, multiplication,division)- Addition- Subtraction- Multiplication- DivisionMade this for myself to play something more useful whenever Ihave a spare minute on the go. App takes very little space and it'svery minimalistic. If you like the idea of practicing basic mathoperations for keep your brain working, you'll like this app. Letme know if you would like to see some more features in thefuture.