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Flywire Pay - Your most important payments 2.12.1
At Flywire, we believe in empowering opportunities—globally andlocally. That’s why we work with thousands of educationinstitutions to help them provide a simplified, secure, andtransparent payment solution for students and their families. Ourunique platform allows payers like you to use your favorite paymentmethods and your local currency to pay for education atinstitutions all over the globe. Start enjoying our secure andseamless payment experience no matter where you are with theFlywire mobile app. Download the Flywire mobile app today to: •Create a new Flywire account right in the app. • Access and updateyour Flywire account information across all of your devices. • Makenew payments from anywhere. • Track the status of your currentpayments and know when your funds will be delivered. • Configurepush notifications to receive clear and timely updates about yourpayments. • Cancel payments when you need to. • View details aboutyour previous payments. • Select additional layers of security toprotect your information. • Chat in real time with Flywire’saround-the-clock support professionals. • Set up your appexperience in one of seven languages.
Invoicing by Flywire 1.2.2
The Flywire Invoicing app changes the way you manageyourinternational business invoices. Quick and convenient,FlywireInvoicing lets you send professional invoices on the go,trackpayment statuses, automatically reconcile payments, andgainvaluable insights on your business performance via reports —alldirectly from your smartphone. INTERNATIONAL INVOICING ON THEGOSend invoices in multiple currencies and set flexiblepaymentmethods. Apply discounts and set custom late fees topreventpayment delays. Send friendly payment reminders to customersandget paid on time. Receive instant notification when an invoiceisviewed and paid. Schedule installment plans, manage customers,andset up customer groups. TRANSPARENT ONLINE PAYMENTS Trackthesource and status of your payments in real time. Leverageourpayment platform to reduce collection time.AUTOMATICRECONCILIATION Eliminate manual reconciliation forindividualpayments, and avoid currency uncertainties andunpredictable wirefees for international receivables. Receive fundsfrom Flywiredaily via batch disbursements. Have your paymentinformationautomatically updated for easy reconciliation with yourbankaccounts. INSIGHTFUL REPORTING Gain valuable insights onaccountsreceivables. Generate customer statements. Run reports ondeliveredpayments and outstanding revenue. This applicationrequires anexisting Flywire Invoicing account. If you are not anexistingFlywire user, please go through the enrollment process andactivateyour account.