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Make Them Jump 101
FnG Studios
Your brain is he able to do several things at once ? Make Them Jumpis a simple game, addictive and totally free.******************************* Your goal is to make all the menjump over the obstacles. ******************************* You canplay with 5 different levels, each one harder than the last : -Arcade : start with one man and go up to five men to make them jump- Normal : 2 men to make them jump - Nightmare : 3 men to make themjump - Hell : 4 men to make them jump - Inferno : 5 men to makethem jump Who held the longest?
4 in a Row Connect Multiplayer 114
FnG Studios
Come and try the new 4 in a Row (connect in a row 4 discs) onAndroid. With 4 modes you can : - Play alone against a veryintelligent AI - With another player on the same screen - Connectwith another player over the bluetooth - Connect online againstplayers from around the world, fast multiplayer games! Four in aRow (also known as Connect 4, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four andFour in a Line) is a two-player connection game in which theplayers first choose a color and then take turns dropping coloreddiscs from the top into a seven-column, six-row verticallysuspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupying the nextavailable space within the column. The objective of the game is tobe the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line offour of one's own discs. Connect 4 is a solved game. The firstplayer can always win by playing the right moves.
Cleoville 1.9.0
FnG Studios
Cleoville is a fun game of Keno, and it's available on thePlayStore! Cleoville An easy game to understand, as it works likealottery; place a bet, mark 3-10 numbers and hope luck is onyourside as twenty random numbers are selected. If you hit acertainamount then you win. What makes Cleoville so engaging isthat youhave a chance for a Bonus, which if hit, gives you 12 freeplayswith double the payouts! Fun features; Sound Effects,VibrantGraphics, Quick Number Selections and Stats to track yourplay.Cleoville is FREE. Have fun forever!
Mahjong Master 101
FnG Studios
Mahjong Master is a free Mahjong Solitaire game with manylevelswith different difficulties, from easy to expert! TheMahjongMaster game also include cool help options: You can undo,highlightthe tiles you can move, and the tile pairs! The objectiveof theMahjong Master game is to clear the playing area of tilesbymatching pairs of tiles. You can remove only those matchingpairsof tiles where each tile has at least one side (left or right)freeand no other tiles placed on top. Matching pairs musthaveidentical symbols with two exceptions. The seasons andflowerstiles may be matched with any other tile of that particularset. -100 levels ! - Difficulty: easy, medium, hard and expert ! -3tools to help you to win your Mahjong game ! Free game offeredbyDrGames. Mahjong Master.