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Real Gladiators 1.0.1
A thrilling, pulsating, free to play arcade action gladiatorialcombat game. Real Gladiators provides a unique and realisticgladiatorial combat experience on your very own mobile/tabletdevices. The combat system has been designed from ground up formobile/tablet touch screen devices with the vision of providingfluid and intuitive game play experience. Real Gladiators game playis a highly addictive and rewarding experience while being fun andchallenging. The graphical fidelity of Real Gladiators is of thehighest standards for any mobile devices game. From the armor tothe weapons you will feel the heat of metal against metal when youface off against the very best in the arena. And of course there iswarrior leveling up system. The leveling up system is based upon 4attributes ,namely - health, stamina, strength and armor. Whilebeing simple it provides enough upgrades that result in interestingcharacter progression. But the upgrades aren't just interesting,they are crucial for pitting your gladiator against the strongerfoes. You'll need all your skills and all your upgrades the defeatthe very best. The game-play modes features a "Quick match" modeand a "Tournament" mode. Quick match mode allows you to randomlypick up any opponent from a list and have fun in the arena. Whilethe tournaments offer bigger challenges and rewards. So, are youready to step into the coliseum? Are you prepared to stare death inthe face.