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Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker 1.5
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This application is used to edit your Cartoon Avatar Photos, Headportrait Photos,Profile Picture, and there are many Cute and CoolStickers and Adornments are provided here for you to choose. Makeyou avatar more cute and cool though Cartoon Head PortraitAdornments, and the functions inside are totally free!It containsstickers divided in different categories like:- Eyes and glasses:Contains many different types of cartoon fashion glasses andspecial eye types like cartoon, cats, zombie, robots, eyes etc.-Mouth and Nose: presents various cartoon mouth expressions, sharpdentures (bites), mustache, beard, animal noses like the one of amonkey and pigs etc.- Hats and wigs: cute and Cool cartoon hats andvaried hairstyles- Colorful and Lovely Text and Paint featuresWiththis fantastic tool you will be able to create fake pictures tosend per mail, share with what’s app, Twitter, Skype, anotherMessenger Tool or simply upload them to face Cartoon Avatar PhotoMaker Features:◆ Build your avatar like dressing up dolls◆ Use morethan a dozen font types in every colour to write texts on thepicture◆ Save or share the avatar/meme◆ Share it with your friendsvia FACEBOOK, TWITTER, whatsapp,Line,wechat,kakao,bbm,etc.FREEDesign your Exclusive Cartoon Avatar or Profile Picture, build yourmeme with SmartphoneAvatar,Enjoy it !
Super Hero Man Face Changer 1.0.0
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Super Hero Face Changer let you add asuperhero suit to your face,Use those super heroes suit foryourself or edit photos of your friends and share it through socialapps with others,Use it specially on little kids and they'll loveit a lot.Today generation want to become very famous as a super hero. Hewants’ live like super hero. So this application completes his wishto make super hero.This Jacket suit is giving real look for the super hero.You just select your photo from gallery and camera. Set your photoin the suit of super hero.This app gives the different style of Super hero suit. You chooseyour favorites style of suit and set your photo. You also selectyour favorites color or size of suit.You also zoom, move, rotate the picture and save in the gallery.You also make suit photo to your wallpaper.And also share this photo to your friends and family through socialapplication.Super hero Suit Photo app is the user interface user use veryeasily and gracefully and faithfully.Features:-Select directly picture in the super hero suit.This app provides different style suit.Select picture from gallery, camera.Share the photo your friend, family through social app.You set your photo with your favorite’s style of suit.This picture looks a real super hero.Also rotate, move, zoom and save in gallery.User use very easily and gracefully and faithfully.Note:• All super hero suit rights have his respected owner. We have justuse for Entertainment purpose.• It is only entertainment purpose app. You cannot change to superhero using this app.
Dream Football: World Cup 2018 1.1.0
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Are you a football fan? Now, the World Cup 2018 is coming,Lets playthe real football game of 2018 with cool and nifty design! this isa amazing football simulation game of world cup 2018, the World Cup2018 football simulation game masterfully fuses savvy gameplay withthe geeky immersion all fans crave,Play and become the best playingteams in the world football teams. Get your favourite team andbecome the world cup champion of football 2018 by playing thisfootball simulation game. Kick-off from the center of the footballfield, dribble your way to the opponent's goal, and kick the ballin for a score. From realistic passes to powerful shots, thisfootball game has it all. This game will have you hooked for manymatches as you watch your team make it to the world cup 2018finals! So get ready from the point the whistle blows off for kickoff, this is one football world cup 2018 game you'll want to bewith! Download Dream football World Cup 2018 for FREE now!
Tennis Open 2018 1.0
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Tennis Open 2018 offers fast and fluid control mode: swipeyourfinger to hit or slice the ball. The game provides a huge rangeofunique players to choose from and allow you to steer yourfavoriteplayer to success in the four Grand Slam tournaments. Itfeels likeplaying the real tennis game. FEEL THE PASSION NOW!Tennis Open2018,the most realistic 3D tennis game on mobile withunrivaled 3Dgraphics, tactical controls, and realistic gameplay.Tennis Open2018 Feature: PERFECTLY REPRODUCED MOVEMENT • Realisticanimations,carefully reproduced in the game using motion capturetechnology,help you learn all of the shots used in modern tennis:the slice,lob, top spin, etc. EVERY PLAYING SURFACE • 18 types ofcourts:hard, clay, grass, carpet and even hardwood. Each surfaceaffectsthe playing conditions. A COMPLETE CAREER MODE • Create yourplayerand experience a career worthy of a professional:training,tournaments, staff management, equipment purchases, etc.ANUNEQUALLED TACTICAL DIMENSION • Decide what strategy to adoptforeach match and use your skill cards to defeat your opponents.PLAYAGAINST YOUR FRIENDS • Challenge your friends in PVP gamemodeTennis is a racket sport that can be played individuallyagainst asingle opponent (singles) or between two teams of twoplayers each(doubles). Each player uses a tennis racket that isstrung withcord to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with feltover oraround a net and into the opponent's court. The object ofthe gameis to maneuver the ball in such a way that the opponent isnot ableto play a valid return. The player who is unable to returnthe ballwill not gain a point, while the opposite player will.Tennis Open2018 starts with a coin toss to determine which playermust servefirst and which side they want to serve from. The servermust thenserve each point from alternative sides on the base line.At nopoint must the server’s feet move in front of the baseline onthecourt prior to hitting their serve. If the server fails togettheir first serve in they may take advantage of a second serve.Ifthey again fail to get their second serve in then a doublefaultwill be called and the point lost. If the server clips the netbutthe ball goes in the service area still then let is called andtheyget to take that serve again without penalty. If the ball hitsthenet and fails to go in the service area then out is called andtheylose that serve. The receiver may stand where they wishuponreceipt of the serve. If the ball is struck without theservebouncing then the server will receive the point. Once a servehasbeen made the amount of shots between the players can beunlimited.The point is won by hitting the ball so the opponentfails toreturn it in the scoring areas. Points are awarded inscores of 15,30 and 40. 15 represent 1 point, 30 = 2 and 40 = 3.You need 4points to win a game. If a game lands on 40-40 it’s knownas deuce.From deuce a player needs to win 2 consecutive points towin thegame. After winning one point from deuce they player isonadvantage. If the player wins the next point they win the game,ifthey lose it goes back to deuce.To win the set a player must win6games by 2 or more. The opening sets will go to a tie break ifitsends up 6-6 where players play first to 7 points. The finalsetwill not have a tie break and requires players to win by twogameswith no limits. If a player touches the net, distracts hisopponentor impedes in anyway then they automatically lose thepoint.Theball can hit any part of the line for the point to becalled in,outside the line and the ball is out.The balls in atennis matchare changed for new balls every 6 games. A player losesa point ifthey fail to return the ball in either the correct areason thecourt, hits the net and doesn’t go into opponent’s area orfails toreturn the ball before it bounces twice in their half.
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Boxing Fighting Championship is a full-contact combat sportsgamethat allows striking and grappling, both standing and ontheground, using techniques from various combat sports andmartialarts, Boxing Fighting Championship offers fighting game fansanadrenaline pumping world of MMA action. Polished animationandstunning 3D graphics bring the real boxing &MMAfightingexperience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreencontrols makejab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Gotoe-to-toe against30+ bone crushing fighters from Bangkok, LasVegas, London,Montreal and Washington. Use quick reflexes andspecial moves,unleash fierce punches and combos, beat all opponentsand becomethe king of fighting now! Create your dream boxer frommultipledevastating moves and battle for custom championship belts.Destroythe ring, mat and even the referee! Upgrade your boxersstrength toincrease the power of fighting and knockout youropponents so thatthey never fight with you in this sports game offree boxingfighting, in your own boxing fighting styles. Someenemies might bestronger than they look, so train yourself a lot toimprove yourstrength as and boxing fighting power. World BoxingFightingChampionships puts pure iron in your hands, with theultimate 3D,multi-device boxing experience. Train your boxers, growyour gym,and earn glory and money. World Boxing FightingChampionshipsgameplay: -Tactical Action: fight your opponentchoosing the beststrategy in real time; -Be smart and develop yourstrategy to takeadvantage of end-of-the-round bonuses; -Automatedmatch results ifyou prefer a managerial style of gameplay; -Energybars can helpwhen facing the hardest opponents; -When you’re notfighting, youcan bet on other matches played all over the world.