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Food City Pharmacy Mobile App 2.0.2
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The Food City Mobile App lets you find pharmacies, manage yourfamily's medications, refill prescriptions, and transferprescriptions from one pharmacy to another using your mobiledevice. Features include: • Refill your prescriptions by enteringthe Rx number or scanning the bottle using your camera phone •Manage the prescriptions of your entire family with a securebiometric login • See your prescription history • Transferprescriptions from any pharmacy to your preferred Food Citylocation • Use the GPS on your phone to find the nearest Food Citylocation • Filter your Food City location search by servicesoffered • Find information on a variety of health topics andmedications
Food City 2.1.18
Food City
WELCOME TO OUR NEWLY REDESIGNED FOOD CITY APPLICATION! Our new FoodCity app is the first grocery app to offer helpful experience modesfor both in-store and online shopping. Your favorite grocery appfeatures are still present, such as money saving digital coupons,weekly ads, and shopping lists, but we’ve enhanced the shoppingexperience with updated product details and images. We’ve alsoadded curbside pickup and delivery options for your busy days.While using our grocery app, we’ll suggest recipes based on yourfavorite ingredients -- which can be added directly to your list orcart. NEW AND ENHANCED FEATURES: WEEKLY ADS: Our now clickableweekly ad allows you to easily shop the latest special savings andeveryday values -- all in one place. Shop the ad by list or printview. DIGITAL COUPONS: With our Digital Coupons, we are able tosave you time and money! Simply click to add them to your ValuCard.Redeem coupons instantly at the checkout with the purchase ofqualifying items. Coupons can be sorted by your preference.SHOPPING LISTS: Stay organized with mobile access to all of yourgrocery shopping lists. While shopping, you can also use yourlist(s) to find item locations by aisle in the grocery store.BARCODE SCAN: The Barcode Scan feature lets you scan products toinstantly add them to your list or cart. With this feature, youwill also be able to see relevant digital coupons, offers, andnutritional facts. MY FAVORITES & PAST PURCHASES: You can nowfavorite products you love or buy frequently. In addition, you canview your previously purchased items to build your store orcurbside shopping order quickly. This is all now located in oneconvenient screen. STORE MATE: This is our new favorite featurebecause it allows you to sort your shopping list by aisle and swipeitems off as you shop the grocery store. You can easily findcoupons or offers associated with items on your list. PICK-UP TIMESLOT RESERVATIONS: For your curbside pickup orders, we’ve added aTimeslot reservation feature that displays your pickup reservationtime from the moment you start shopping. SHOPPABLE RECIPES: Recipesare integrated throughout the app. Under Recipes, you can searchfor any recipe and even get suggestions based on what you like.Every recipe is shoppable making it a breeze to get theingredients. MEAL PLANNER: The new meal planner gives you theability to plan meals for up to seven days per plan. Using our hugeselection of recipes, you can easily create a plan for holidays,special events, specific dietary plans, etc. Start planning yourmeals and save with Food City. DIGITAL VALUCARD: There’s no need tocarry around another card -- your ValuCard is now digital. Scanyour ValuCard barcode at the register, right from your phone! Plus,keeping track of your Fuel Bucks is easier than ever. ABOUT FOODCITY: Shop your local Food City grocery for fresh, high-qualityitems at a great price! We’ll even shop for you with our convenientcurbside pickup and delivery services. How Does Curbside PickupWork? Shop from anywhere, at any time with all of the conveniencesof shopping in-store, including great selections, specials,coupons, and ValuCard rewards. To make ordering even easier, usethe Past Purchases option to shop from a list of the items you havepreviously purchased. Our GoCart curbside pickup shoppers will shopyour order like you would, selecting items based on yourpreferences. Once your order is complete, use your credit or debitcard to pay online or at curbside when you pick up your order orpay at pickup. No minimum ordered required and same day pickup inas little as 3 hours. We will have your order ready to load intoyour car when you arrive. No need to get out of your vehicle. Nowthat’s convenient! Is Pickup Available to Me? On the app, you willbe able to search for participating GoCart curbside pickuplocations by your zip code. Problems downloading or installing theapp? Email: