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Color Switch 1.0.1
Fooly Studio
Color Switch - Free GameTap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball willswitch color! The ball will switch colors when passing through theColor Switcher. Jump into the wrong Color and you'll have to startover. Very Addictive Color Switch game!New Patterns Added DailyOffers tablet-optimized UI and great features for tablet usersGame Features:- Ranking online- Simple and addictive gameplay- Lovely Graphics
Crushy Road 1.02
Fooly Studio
Crushy RoadYou are WANTED by police! Take the ROAD and put your driving to newheights! Smash and Crush Crossy walkers. Smash and Crush obstacleson the road. Don't hit cars or trees.Crush and Smash the Road! see if you can beat your friendshighscore in the online leaderboards!Don't CrashFEATURES- unlockable vehicles- Random generated environment- Great visuals and sound
Swinging Game 1.0.3
Fooly Studio
Swing - Free GameSwing through platforms. Simply tap the screen to swing up. Howlong can you survive?Swing and collect gems to unlock characters. Swing against friendsand family, compare scoresin the Swing Leaderboard.
Color Switch ! 1. 0.1
Fooly Studio
Follow color pattern to cross multi coloredobstacle in this paced action game! Colour Switch is a challengingaction game that is fun for all ages.The objective of Color Switch is quite simple; you need to get theball from one end of the action to the other. However, it can’t bethat easy, and it isn’t. In between the start and end points, thereare many different types of obstacles that the ball needs to passthrough. These obstacles are colour coded, which means that theball can only pass through the part of the obstacle where the colorof the ball matches the Color of the obstacle. If the ball tries topass through at any other Color point it will explode, and you’llhave to start over again. You need to successfully pass the finishline in order to finish the level.The game has two gameplay modes: one is Challenge and the otheris Race. In challenge mode, there are hundreds of levels to beat.The objective is the same, get through the obstacles and cross thefinish line. In the race mode, you need to do the same thing, butin the fastest time possible so that you beat the other balls.You can also collect stars on each level. These stars can beused to purchase new shapes for your ball, such as a star, a squareor even a smiley face. Collect as many shapes as you can and showthem off. You can also show off your high scores in theleaderboards and compete with your friends and family, as well ascollect as many achievements as you can.Color Switch is a fun and challenging colour puzzle game. It isone of those games where you get frustrated if you get stuck, yetyou will continue to play for hours until you beat the level. Thenthe cycle starts all over again on the next level. Resistance isfutile!
Thot Run 1.2.1
Fooly Studio
Join a couple Thots, help them Run andescapefrom Jarvis and the Crooked Police after stealing hair fromtheThot Beauty Supply. Compete with other Thots on the Thot Board.RunThot Run !- RUN as fast as you can- Compete for High Scores on The Thot Board- Running Action GameFEATURES:• Free Game• Amazing 2D Graphics• Smooth Gameplay• Tablet Support• "Google Play Games" Achievements and Leaderboards• Weekly UpdatesFacebook Page: Jarvis: