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Surprise Eggs for Kids
For My Kids
Surprise Eggs for Kids is a new game forchildren with chocolate eggs and surprises! They will create thechocolate egg, add the toy, choose a skin and to finish, open thesurprise egg with a toy inside! With this new kids application it'spossible to create a lot of surprise eggs and collect more than 100toys! More than 100 levels in this new game, and tons ofsuperheroes and princesses toys! In this game you will be able tocreate beautiful eggs like spider-man, the green hulk and minionsfor boys & disney frozen elsa, Minnie mouse and princesses forlittle girls!☆☆☆☆ 100% FREE & SAFE FOR KIDS ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ CUSTOMIZE SURPRISE EGG & TOY ☆☆☆How can i play ?Choose the color of the Surprise Box like Green, Blue or Yellow (8colors), choose an Egg skin like Frozen Elsa, Spiderman, mickeymouse... open your surprise egg to discover your new surprisetoy!Now do you know what is the best time? it's when you have to openYOUR customized surprise egg, because you will receive a supersurprise! Music in this game is a nursery rhymes named "Mr Turtle".This kids song is a no copyright song, and we are sure you willenjoy it. But if you want it's possible to mute it. Soon we willadd more nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle, Finger Families &Old MacDonald in this application, so don't forget to keep the gameupdated to receive toys and new surprise eggs!In this game there are a lot of toys, but best toys are : PrincesseAnna and her sister Frozen Elsa the snow queen with spiderman! Ifyou want more toys or have good ideas to improve this game, feelfree to send a comment and rate this application. Thank you!This kids game has no relation to Peppa Pig and Spiderman games,the cartoon or the movie.All toys pictures are from real kinder surprise eggs!Recent Updates:* New Surprise Eggs Skins* New Toys Added* New Kids Songs
Memory Cartoon Game for Kids 1.0.19
For My Kids
Superheroes & Princesses Memory game hassimple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy toplay, specially designed for children. It contains beautiful imagesof spiderman and hulk for boys & frozen elsa, princess sofiathe first and dora the explorer for little girls! This game is forchildren of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children andteens and it has four different levels of game play: very easy (2 x2 puzzles), easy(2 x 3 puzzles), medium (2 x 4 puzzles) & hard(3 x 4 puzzles). There are 18 Superheroes Cards to collect like pawpatrol, spongebob, angry birds and thomas the train especially boyswill love this memory game but for girls there are mickey mouse andfrozen elsa the snow queen with her sister princess anna!!Playing this memory game with your kids will help them improvetheir recognition while having fun, It has been recentlyscientifically proven that regular mental and concentrationexercise can greatly improve memory of kids. This game containscute sounds and colorful HD graphic designed for toddlers!How to play memory game for kids:Player is required to tap the card (super heroes or princesses) andneedto memorize what is behind it in order to match its couple.Players are required to complete a level in order to unlock thenext level.Enjoy this new game!Have fun to play with our memory game for kids!And don't forget to keep the app updated.This children game has no relation to Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig &Frozen Elsa games or the cartoon.All superheroes & princesses pictures are created by ourdesigner team, no picture from google or youtube.
Surprise Eggs Vending Machine
For My Kids
Surprise Eggs Vending Machine is a new gamefor toddlers, children and babies. What is hidden inside the eggs?Open candy surprise eggs to discover a lot of new toys likespiderman and thomas the train for boys, frozen elsa and my littlepony for girl in a funny kids app. Multi-colors eggs with asurprise inside! There are many surprise eggs and many surprisetoys. It is a Surprise Eggs fun! Open an egg until find out whatthe surprise is hidden in egg! If your child likes toys andsurprises, this app is perfect for him!How to Play?Drop a coin into the gumball machine, watch your surprise chocolateegg bounce down like a pinball! Claw up your exciting new candy eggand rip off the foil and eat all that delicious candy chocolate soyour left with your surprise egg, pop it open to reveal like bymagic a brand new toy prize, Jackpot!You will earn how to count your money!In this Surprise Eggs vending Bulk Machine you will be learning howto count your money and buy your own surprise egg in this amazinggame! You start with 12 Coins, open eggs to win more coins! Anddon’t forget to show your parents how good you can count your ownmoney, it's easy and safe for kids!You will receive a surprise eggs!Surprise eggs are awesome, you never know what’s in that littlechocolate egg! It’s always a surprise what’s in the chocolate egg,did you ever got a egg with a surprise in it what you don’t like? Ibet you liked all your little toys you found inside of it!Vending Machine Fun Game Features :➽ 1 Coins in the Gumball machine = 1 Toy➽ Learn how to handle money in a fun way!➽ Choose every drink you want!➽ 300 Toys to collect!➽ High quality gameplay with Vending Machines➽ Don’t forget to rate if you like it!
Princesses and Super Heroes - Puzzle 2.0.177
For My Kids
"Princesses & Super Heroes - Puzzle" is a puzzle gameforchildren with cartoon characters! Puzzles will help childrentobuild and practice cognitive skills, visual spatial skills,shaperecognition, as well as tactile and fine motor skills. Likeallkids games, the game focuses on superheroes likes spiderman&batman for boys and princesses frozen elsa and disneycinderellafor girls, so children and their parents find the gamereallyinviting and distraction-free! ★★★ Game for Kids 100% FREE★★★Characters in Puzzles are: ★ Spiderman & Superman, ★FrozenElsa Puzzle, ★ Princess Anna, ★ Maleficent & Cinderella★Batman & Olaf ★ And more! ★ Lot of Disney characters ★★Superheroes & Princesses ★ This Kids game is 100% free,don'tforget to keep it updated to have more puzzles every month!Thiskids game has no direct relation to Spider-Man and DisneyFrozengames or the kids cartoon.
Super Puzzle - Kids Game 2.0.207
For My Kids
"Super Puzzle - Kids Game" is a funny game for children! Likeallkids games, the game focuses on superheroes likes spidermanforboys and frozen elsa & princesses for girls, so childrenandtheir parents find the game really inviting anddistraction-free.Puzzles will help children build and practicecognitive skills,visual spatial skills, shape recognition, as wellas tactile andfine motor skills. ★ 100% FREE ★ ★ Lot of characters★ ★Superheroes & Princesses ★ Characters in Puzzles are:-Spiderman Puzzle, - Frozen Elsa, - Princess Anna, - DoraTheExplorer - Paw Patrol Dog - And more! This Kids game is 100%free,don't forget to keep it updated to have more puzzles everymonth!This kids game has no direct relation to Spider-Man andDisneyFrozen games or the kids cartoon.