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Forces Run 1.0.1
Forces Mutual
Can you endure the course?The brand new assault course game created for the militaryfamilyby Forces Mutual.Support your ForcePlay as a male or female character from the Army, RAF,Navy,Royal Marines or even as a Civilian, and score points foryourforce to claim the top spot on the leader board!Run the courseJump, roll, move left and right to avoid on-comingobstacles,collect medals and progress as far as you possibly canalong thecourse. Are you tough enough?After launching online in June 2016, Forces Run has beenamassive hit with the Military community and we are very pleasedtonow make this exciting game available on Google Play/AppleStore.Challenge your friends, support your Force and see if youhave whatit takes to work your way to the top of the leader board!Downloadnow to join in the fun.