Founding Minds Inc Apps

Jiffy 1.0.5
Process automation mobile application for managing bots, tasks andaccounts. The application will be used by customers to view allbots, their status, tasks being processed and utilization. Userswill be able to stop and start bots, get notifications and changetasks priorities. The application dashboard comprises of visualgraphs and meters to provide a snapshot of the user's automationplatform.
MAO AddressBook 1.2.95
Started in Ottawa, Canada in 1971, the Malayali AssociationofOttawa (M.A.O.) is a non-profit cultural organization ofpeoplefrom Kerala, the southern state of India. This mobile appserves asa platform to bring together its members.
Socially360 2.20
Socially360 is a social influencer platform that makesyouremployees your social media influencers and brand ambassadors.Ithelps your organisation harness the social media reach ofyourmillennial employees to create authentic social media brandingandengagements.